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If you are looking forward to learning more about shipping personal items overseas, you came to the right place. Shipping doesn’t have to be difficult or strenuous. All it takes is a general guideline and following some basic tips. At Transparent International NYC, we specialize in moving and shipping services. Our company is a long-term international moving expert, with many happy customers that can testify. You can ask about our services at any time and we will be glad to help.

What is most important when shipping personal items overseas?

Most people wonder how to approach the issue of shipping. It seems scary sometimes, especially if you don’t have much experience. However, you will be happy to know that shipping personal items overseas really isn’t all that it seems to be. If you want to make this process easier, the first step is going to be finding the right assistance. For example, if you are moving from USA to Switzerland, you will need to find a company that does long-distance shipping. Luckily, our team is experienced in both long-distance, local, and interstate moving and shipping. That means we can take on all your moving challenges, no matter how difficult they may seem.

a figure of an airplane on a black chalkboard
At Transparent International NYC, shipping personal items overseas are what we specialize in.

Following a simple guideline

Before you proceed to shipping requirements, you will need to follow some of these steps:

  • Find a moving company that does shipping services – also see if they do shipping to the location of your choice;
  • Ask for the shipping prices¬†– you can ask multiple companies and compare the offered prices as well;
  • See what type of packaging you need – some companies even have their international moving crates;
  • Prepare any legal documentation if needed – ask your shipping company for details if needed.

Shipping is not very complicated. Simply asking for assistance can make it seem extremely easy. You can find the right company by browsing the internet or by recommendations. However, always see if they fit the legal criteria.

How can you be sure you have found the right moving company?

The best way to figure out whether a company is right for you or not is to do your research. Browsing the internet is going to be your first step in doing so. Take a look at their webpage. If you find proof of certifiability, good ratings, and a long working history, these are all signs that a company is legal. For example, our team at Transparent International NYC has 60 years of experience in logistics, meaning that shipping personal items overseas is one of our specialties. On the other hand, a company that offers you a lot of time, answers your questions, and helps you find the best solution is always a good choice.

If you want to find a company that does shipping at a price you are comfortable with, it is important to see what are the standard prices. When you find a company that offers much more or much less for the same services as others do, that can be suspicious. Take your time before deciding, but also bear in mind that any serious company will charge a bit more for their services. Extremely affordable shipping services are usually a sign of some sort of fraud, so be careful. Additional services such as international car transportation are, naturally, more costly as well. They also require some documentation, so expect to prepare some papers.

a man smiling and browsing the internet
A quick browse can uncover the right company for your shipping needs.

Packing before shipping personal items overseas

Packing your items is equally important as finding the right company. Some companies even offer the possibility of packing your personal belongings, others just do the shipping. However, don’t worry, as you can do this by yourself in most cases. Before you proceed to choose the packing materials, ask your company about some special requirements. Sometimes, it is necessary to pack your things into special materials such as bubble wrap. This is because additional safety is needed, and you can expect some delays if not following through with the procedure. It is always imperative to find packing materials that are suitable and safe for the type of items you are packing. Anything that can be spilled should be taken into account, for instance. Our company offers many packing materials suited especially for your needs. No matter the type of packaging, we know exactly what it takes to make it as safe as it can be. If you prefer packing on your own, you can easily find the packing materials online. It is only important that they are quality materials that can last a bit longer, for shipping purposes.

Shipping delays and date expectancy

The past couple of years has seen some shipping delays. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping industry has boomed. People stopped traveling as much as they used to, and they relied fully on shipping services. In some cases, this leads to delays and cargo overloads. People sometimes had to wait for months to get their personal belongings delivered. However, in the year 2022. is bringing some new trends forward. The pandemic is nearing its end and there are some new shipping solutions as well. This means that most of the time, you will be able to expect your items delivered at around a certain date. Ask your company for the date expectancy. Since they know more about the current global shipping situation, they will be able to predict a certain date with more accuracy. It is a good idea to count on a timeframe of a week or two within the set date. This step brings more clarity and less stress.

a boat shipping personal items overseas
The world has seen some shipping delays in the past couple of years, but in 2022. has much better shipping prospects.

Shipping personal belongings overseas are easy with the right assistance

No matter the type and size of your shipment, you can count on a swift procedure with a highly qualified company. In the case of our team at Transparent International NYC, you can find many logistics services. These include import/export solutions, packing and crating, household and corporate moving, car transportation, and much more. As you can see, our priority was to find the best solution for many types of moving challenges. Shipping personal belongings overseas is one of our most sought services, and we can help you do it in the best way possible. Simply ask for a free quote or contact us during working hours, and we will be able to see you through the shipping process. Having help when you need it most is very important.


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I got a job in France and I needed to relocate my things and they did a great job. Also, they kept it real close to the estimated costs. I definitely will use their service in the future and definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.

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