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    Storing a boat for a longer period can be quite complex just like storing a car, or a motorcycle. There are different kinds of boats such as fishing boats, sailboats, ski boats, etc. No matter which one you have, it takes certain skills to store it. Furthermore, the better you store it, the easier it would be to take it back on track. How about moving internationally and storing a boat? That is also possible if you have proper help. Not all international relocation companies offer this kind of service. For this reason, it is necessary to ask your movers if they have the proper means and skills to do so. In addition, remember that this is an expensive item that takes a lot of space. It is a must to handle it properly and with utmost care. Therefore, discover about storing your boat long term in this article.

    Why is storing your boat long-term complex?

    If you do not have enough mechanical skills to winterize your boat, you will need some professional help. This is certainly not the time to experiment with such a complex procedure. It will cost you more money to pay a certain moving company to handle this. However, if you try and fail in the process, it will cost you more.  Moving from USA to Germany is a process that needs careful planning. So does store your boat. The main problem regarding storing this item is moisture from rain or snow. In addition, sun and high temperatures can also cause damage to the material of your boat. Finally, many mechanical damages may happen either from not handling it properly. Or out of no usage for a long time. Therefore, you need to plan everything in detail so this process becomes successful.

    a family of three preparing for storing a boat long term
    You have to do all the necessary preparations of your boat

    Where can you store it?

    Boat storage means having enough additional space where you can keep it. Luckily, there are several different options to consider. Naturally, the best storing options mean paying more money. But it is definitely worth the protection. If you have purchased a trailer, this would be the least expensive option. But also, it gives the least protection. Once international moving services deliver a boat to your new home, you should clear the trailer first. In addition, you need to check if your new home city allows keeping such an item in your backyard. If the answer is positive, then remove all the water and dust from the trailer. Make sure to dry off properly so there isn’t a single trait of moisture. If you have never done this before, then having a professional person to take care of your boat is a great idea.

    Outdoor vs. indoor storage options

    Either a self-storage facility or a marina, both options are your next best solution. It is also important if you will keep your boat on the grass, pavement, or gravel. If there is any kind of cover for your self-storage option, this will provide additional protection. If this is the case, then make sure to use a high-quality cover for your boat. You can use moving boxes overseasGuide to storing your boat long term to store some very small parts of your boat. If you go for indoor storage, you can use a self-storage facility. Many storage facilities have a space large enough for storing your boat long-term. This is one of the best ways to store it since it provides great protection. Plus, you will be keeping the boat off your lawn, so you will have more space. Remember that before putting a boat into any type of storage, you need to do regular maintenance.

    a boat on the river
    You need to prepare before storing your boat long term

    Tips to prepare before storing your boat long term

    If you have no experience in boat maintenance, but you would like to go DIY, there are ways to achieve this. First of all, read your user’s manual to get additional information on your boat. The manufacturer will give you advice about winterizing and preparing a boat for a long winter. Look for stress cracks and blisters in the fiberglass gel coat before you decide to cover it. Any dirt or residue, you need to wash with strong water pressure. If you have already done this for shipping preparations, then you will have less work to do. But still, you need to check. During transportation, your boat may have gathered some dirt. Check wires, hoses, and connections in the engine to ensure there are no problems. You will not be using it for months, so it’s important that you provide protection.

    Other steps to pay attention to

    Another important step is to protect your boat from corrosion. Also, freezing and fuel degradation are some of the most dangerous factors for your boat. Therefore, flush the water through your engine until it becomes completely clean. Also, put it in a vertical position until you drain all the water out of it. Now is the time to refill it with antifreeze you can find on Amazon. Turn the engine on again, and spray fogging oil. After some time, you can turn off the engine and let everything dry properly. Once again, you will need to wipe off all the little drops of antifreeze, oil, or water. It is also important to make sure that your cover has good ventilation, so water and moisture do not gather in any part of it. Remove everything you can from your boat.

    a boat on the seawaater
    Your boat needs special care if you will store it next to the water

    It is a complex process of storing your boat long term. There is a lot of difference in whether you will keep it near water, outside, or in a climate-controlled storage unit. Check how much each of these options costs, so you can carefully plan your budget. If this is your first time storing a boat, you can ask for professional help. In that case, you can write down steps or take pictures so you should know what to do next time on your own. Preparations can be time-consuming and expansive, but once you take out our boat for a first spring ride, you would be more than happy to see it well-protected.


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