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Transporting boats and yachts is a complicated question. Even though they are essentially transportation vessels, small private boats and yachts are not really suitable for long-distance travel. So if one day you decide to move abroad, you will need to find a way to relocate your boat as well. Of course, you should do it with the help of a professional moving company. But you should know that international moving quotes for relocating a boat are high. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your boat is worth paying that much.

Research is vital for transporting boats and yachts

There are a few situations where someone would want to ship their boat. International relocation is one of the reasons. But sometimes people decide to transfer their sea vessel to a distant location because of a fishing trip. Of course, the complexity of the process depends on the size of your boat and the distance between the two locations. So you need to do good research before you decide to transport your yacht across the world.

A boat on a sea
Sometimes even a boat needs help to travel

You cannot transport a large boat on your own

Shipping boats and yachts internationally is not something that you can do on your own. It is a difficult process that requires an appropriate workforce and equipment. And only professional shipping companies are able to transfer boats and yachts long distance. So your first goal is to find an international car transportation service or a company specialized in boat transportation that can answer your requirements. Of course, because you are shipping a very expensive item, you need to make sure that your shipping company is reliable and has enough experience in this kind of transport.

Find several companies for transporting boats and yachts and compare their offers

The ideal situation would be to find several moving overseas companies that are capable of shipping boats and yachts. That way, you can get several different quotes and compare their prices. You can find the best price this way, but you will also learn whether moving a boat is worth the cost.  Maybe it would be cheaper to sell your boat and buy a new one once you move. Alternatively, if you are shipping a boat because of a distant fishing trip, maybe it would be better to rent a boat at the location. Of course, it also depends on your wishes, requirements, and the time you plan to spend at the location.

Consider your budget before you decide to hire a moving company for the job

If you are moving to Australia from the USA, for example, this is not going to be cheap. So, when you find out how much does it coast to move a boat internationally, you should calculate your budget. And you need to do your calculations well if you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing. Think about all the aspects, write everything down on the paper, and consult with everyone involved before you decide.

Calculator and money
Do your calculations before you decide for transporting boats and yachts

You can transport your yacht by a cargo ship, truck or a train

When it comes to boat and yacht transport, depending on your situation, you will most probably have two choices. If you are moving overseas, you will transport your vessel by a cargo ship. If it’s possible, you can also transport your boat on a specialized truck trailer or even a train. Of course, the best option depends on the size of your boat, the delivery time, price, and your required destination. If you will be shipping by sea, you need to know that it may take a lot of time for your yacht to arrive. So when you are planning this, make sure that you understand this.

If you are a boat manufacturer and you will be shipping regularly, hire a professional freight forwarder

If you are a boat/yacht manufacturer or retailer, and you are selling your boats and yachts around the world, you need to establish a workflow that will ensure that your business flows without interruptions. Of course, this is a completely different story than when an individual is doing one-time shipping. In this case, you will need to have affordable shipping deals, concrete cooperation with a shipping company, and a good freight forwarder.

A freight forwarder will help you organize your export. They will deal with complicated customs procedures and make sure that your documentation is sorted and complete. If you are a company, a freight forwarder is the best solution to establish a smooth workflow that will give your company an opportunity to grow.

Make sure that the boat is in flawless condition before you transport it across the world

Before your moving company picks up your boat, you need to do some preparations. First, if you are shipping your private boat, you need to make sure that the boat is in perfect condition. This means that you need to check everything. It has to be in an operational mechanical condition. The outer surface needs to be flawless. Make sure that you start your inspection at least a month before the shipping date. If you find some problems, you will need time to correct them.

A man on a boat
Prepare your boat before shipping

Only a professional moving company can transport boats and yachts

Transporting boats and yachts is a complicated process. Luckily, you do not have to do anything physically demanding. Your only job is to find a moving company that can handle your sea vessel and transport it to your destination safely.

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