Guidelines for importing goods to New Zealand

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Importing goods to New Zealand is a complicated logistics task that requires a good strategy in order to be successful. If you are planning to start doing international trading with New Zealand, you will need to get to know their import laws and regulations. Of course, those that refer to your type of goods. You will need a reliable international shipping company. And you will need to know how to prepare your items for shipping. To help you with this complex and confusing task, Transparent International NYC has prepared these few guidelines. Take a look and see how to approach this task properly.

If you are thinking about importing goods to New Zealand you will need a good plan

Whenever you are thinking about doing something in your life the best way to approach is to think about it well and make some sort of a plan. Of course, the complexity of your plan depends on the complexity of the task you intend to do. But sometimes even, at the first glance, the simplest tasks require complex planning. Take grocery shopping, for instance. However, when we talk about importing goods to New Zealand, it is something that will require a complex plan. A plan that will cover all the steps that you need to take from the moment you make a deal to the moment your goods arrive at their destination in New Zealand.

This means researching the market, planning your expenses, and expected earnings, preparing the goods, hiring international services that will transport your cargo overseas. Naturally, every part of this process has many questions that need to be resolved in order to make a perfect plan. So make sure that you take your time and think this through well.

people sitting by the desk and talking
You will need a good plan

Hire a professional financial advisor to plan your budget

Another important issue that you need to think about before you start importing any kind of goods to New Zealand is the financial part. You need to know that New Zealand is not close. And shipping any kind of cargo that far can be costly. That is why you need to be pretty sure about your figures before you start. That is why we suggest, once you finish your plan do really thorough research on every part of that plan. Find out how much the transport will cost, how much are the taxes, customs fees, permits, certificates, and everything that you will need to cover before the goods are in the customer’s hands.

If you never made a financial plan before we strongly suggest you hire a professional advisor that will do the construction for you. Maybe in the end you find out that moving to New Zealand from US is the better way to approach your business. After all, New Zealand is beautiful at this time of year.

Make sure that you find a good and reliable shipping company

A logistics company that will transport your goods is a big part of this process. It plays a big role in the financial part. But since it will also be in charge of handling your valuable goods across the pacific ocean, you will need to pay special attention when hiring one. Imagine that you are dealing with international car transportation, for example, even the slightest damage there can be rather costly. So we suggest that you do really good research before you decide on the shipping company that will transport your valuable items to New Zealand. And of course, be responsible for the whole process.

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Invest some effort into finding a reliable shipper

The best way to approach this is to look for a shipping company that is specialized in transporting your type of goods. So you will have to do a little research on that. Also, you will have to find a logistics company that is specialized in shipping to New Zealand. Take a look at their history, read some reviews online, and pick a few companies that fit your requirements. Ask for their prices and compare. That is the best way to find a good shipper at affordable prices.

Choose the right type of transport

When it comes to shipping goods there is one more thing that you need to think about and decide. And that is the type of transport that you will use to ship your goods. Of course, when shipping to Middle Earth, you have two options available. Airfreight and sea freight. And every option has its pros and cons so you will need to think this through well before you decide.

Air shipping

Airfreight is the faster and safer way to ship your items to New Zealand. However, shipping via air is a more costly option even though the paperwork required can be simple.

airport cargo
Airfreight is a faster but more expensive way to transport your goods to New Zealand

Sea shipping

Shipping your items to New Zealand on a cargo ship can last for weeks. Even though it is so slow, rough sea conditions can be pretty harmful to items that are being transported. It is not uncommon for items to be damaged during sea freight. For this reason, the packaging techniques and materials applied need to be specifically aimed at preventing damage. So, sea freight is slow and risky is there anything good about it? Well, it is significantly cheaper.

Plan carefully and you will succeed

And that is it. If you planned everything right, managed to find a good shipping company, chosen the best way of transport, importing goods to New Zealand should be a success story that you can exploit for many years to come.

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