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When you have to move, you soon realize just how much it all cost. The moving industry is not a cheap one. Sure, you can find moving companies that offer some very cheap services. You might find that having cheap movers will cost you even more once they screw something up. And, let us not fool ourselves here, good work does have its price. If you want something done, you best know that you will have to pay for it. Therefore, what is one to do? How are you to go about lowering your moving expenses, if you don’t want to lower the quality of your movers? Is it possible? Of course, it is more than possible. And if you are ready to learn a thing or two about moving costs and how to offset them, you have come to the right place. Read this article on lowering moving expenses!

First, know how the cost is calculated

The best way to lowering your moving expenses with international moving experts is to, of course, know how the cost is calculated in the first place. You will be happy to hear that the general formula is pretty much the same for most movers around the States and that it is a fairly simple formula at that. However, that does not mean that you will be able to predict the exact price of the move. That goes to the mover who will provide you with a binding or a nonbinding moving estimate. Both are pretty self-explanatory, however, the second one has a caveat. While it would imply that the mover needs not to stay with the price predicted, any licensed mover will not bill you more than 110% of the estimated price, as per industry standard for the protection of the client.

Dollar bills
How much will your move cost?

So, that being said, what will determine the moving quote you are about to receive?

  • Distance to be crossed – The distance that will be crossed will determine if the move is a long-distance or a local one. If it is more than 4 hours of journey, it is the longer version.
  • Time spent – If the move is local, you will be lowering your moving expenses by helping movers do it as fast as possible. This is because work time is the most important variable when it comes to local relocations.
  • Weight to be carried – However, should the relocation be a long-distance one, the weight of items is the king.
  • Additional services took – Of course, additional services you require also count into the expenses.

Pick a good mover

In order to make your move cheaper, try picking out a good mover for their overseas relocation services. In many articles, you can find instructions for picking out good movers. Most include things such as reviews and lines, which are important. Yet, when you take those into account, you are still left with a choice among movers that are left after the selection. Those should be decided by going for the one that offers the lowest estimate. The lowest bidder wins!

Cut down on any additional services

A good way to save on some cash when doing big moves like, for example, moving to Portugal from US is to do whatever you can by yourself. That way you are not only saving the movers from breaking a sweat, which sure is nice, but also saving money.

A man carring boxes
Have a DIY attitude and lower your moving expenses

Things like special furniture packing, loading, etc. These are things you can do with some practice and few helping hands.

Insurance and how it works

Want to save yourself from some rather unforeseen cost when moving from USA to Belgium. Buy insurance! Now, we do understand that when one strives for lowering moving expenses he or she does not necessarily want to hear about having to buy something. And, in all honesty, you can go with only the minimum 0,50$ per ounce of insurance. However, then you are not just lowering the cost, but the quality of the service you are going to be provided. This is because the final result of every move should be possessions and persons successfully relocated. And, obviously, even with the best of circumstances, things can happen. A service that will leave you hanging if something does is not a reliable one. For that reliability, many would say it is worth paying.


Lowering your moving expenses through downsizing

One of the great ways to cut down on cost is to cut down on the number of things you need to move. It is actually a pretty simple and straightforward path to lowering your moving expenses, but it can also be a charitable one. How so? Well, there are really three main things you can do with your possessions you want to downsize, short of throwing them away. You can sell them online or in a garage sale, store them for later use, or, what we argue is the best choice, donate them to some of America’s top charities.

lowering your moving expenses - donating to charities
Donation to a charity is a good way to downsize and do some right to the community at the same time!

Donating is a great way to help both others and yourself. You don’t need it, and they do. It is as simple as that. Most charities will take pretty much anything you offer them, so be sure to contact them about the stuff you would like to give away!

Good luck!

The bottom line is that moving is never easy. It is never truly cheap. However, it is also true, and we hope this article is proof of this, that it can be affordable and durable even on a low budget. Sure, you will still need to spend some money, but it does not have to be too much, and you will definitely feel like the money you did spend is money well spent. Therefore lowering your moving expenses is a good way to get a good move while still saving some money and we are sure that you can do a lot in that direction. Therefore the most important thing is to start planning early in order to address all the things we listed here. Good luck!

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