Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes to try after moving to Australia from the USA

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    Did you relocate half the world away to find your dream job, dream home, or to start your own family? Did you also arrive in Australia just in time for Halloween to start? However, because you are still in chaos from the relocation, you probably do not even know what costume to choose or make. Well, do not worry. Today, we help you create Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes you have leftover from your relocation. After international moving companies, Worldwide Movers, leave your household, you will be left with a lot of packing supplies. Furthermore, once you complete unpacking, you will probably have a pile of these supplies hanging around. But, do not throw them away! Instead, save them for a fun costume idea.

    What Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes can we make?

    Halloween is just around the corner. Many people love dressing up as their favorite characters, or even as personas they envision in their imagination. Now, you are probably new to the country and still did not take the time to go costume shopping. But do not worry as we are going to help you make a costume for this event.

    a lot of cardboard boxes placed one on top of another that a person can use for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes
    Cardboard is great for making costumes because it allows a lot of possibilities and imagination to come through

    Furthermore, if you moved with children, this will be a great opportunity to de-stress from the exhausting relocation process. However, after international movers to Australia leave your household and you unpack, do not dispose of the cardboard boxes. Now, the costumes we are going to make might not be perfect, but they are going to be:

    • Fun
    • Exciting
    • Engaging
    • Creative
    • Inspirational

    Allow your fantasy to take over

    Are you a fan of fantasy movies, books, or video games? If so, then you understand that the sky is the limit to what you can make or be. Luckily, cardboard boxes are a great material to make your “fantasies” a reality. For instance, after you finish with overseas relocation services, you can use the leftover materials to create a nice costume that will reflect someone from a fantasy world. You can make helmets, horns, spikes, etc. Basically, whatever your imagination allows.

    A knight

    Being a knight is a dream for many children, for example. However, this does not mean we should exclude adults as well. If you are a history buff, a knight is easily one of the best Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes you have leftover.

    A small knight figurine in the dark
    Did you know that you can use cardboard to replicate almost every single part of a knight armor?

    Namely, simply use the cardboard to make a shield, make yourself a sword, as well as a helmet. You can also do this with your children. If you need help, here is a guide on making a cardboard knight costume.

    Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes: A pack of anything really

    Do you know what is fun when wanting to go as “a pack” of something? The fact that you can put minimum effort into the project. What do we mean by going as “a pack” of something? Well, we mean going as a pack of candy, a pack of gums, a juice box, a chocolate milk box, etc. Use the moving boxes overseas you were using and simply draw on them. Draw whatever product you like and go as it. There are many ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes, you just need to find the right one for you.

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