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When you are preparing for an international move, you will surely use some help from an international moving expert. Nevertheless, you will probably carry some of your belongings by yourself when you go. Since it is an international relocation, you need to be aware of what hazardous materials are forbidden on airplanes. In case you are planning to take some of your belongings in your personal luggage, please advise what they can or can not be.

International relocation 

Every relocation is stressful, especially if you don’t have enough time to plan and prepare. When you are moving abroad, for example moving USA to Switzerland, you will surely bring some items with you on a plane.

It is usually a bag or a suitcase of items you will need as soon as you arrive. Since this usually includes toiletries, food, drinks, or change of clothes it might also include some hazardous materials forbidden on airplanes. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t aware of what these items are. Be prepared by learning what you can not bring with you.

pile of batteries
You need to watch out for what are you carrying when you board a plane.

Hazardous materials are forbidden on airplanes

You can find almost anywhere, a list of forbidden items. Pack safely, in order to have a smooth and stress-free relocation. Everything that is flammable is considered dangerous and therefore you cannot carry them in aircraft. Some items you can pack in a carry-on bag but not in a checked bag and vice versa.

  • Medicinal and toiletry articles like hand sanitizers, aerosol, rubbing alcohol, and hairspray – you can pack in both luggage. The total amount must be 2 kg or less, or 2 liters or less. Individual containers up to 0.5 kg or 500 ml
  • Medicinal devices with liquid batteries can be only in a carry on bag
  • Curling irons – carry on baggage
  • Batteries and chargers for phones and laptops – only in a carry on
  • Wheelchairs and mobility devices of normal design – checked-in baggage
  • Alcoholic beverages up to 70% of alcohol, unopened can be carried in both bags. You can take 5 l per person
  • You cannot carry weapons and ammunition  in any type of baggage
  • And you can’t pack animal repellents 

It is always the safest way to pack if you print out the list of hazardous materials forbidden on airplanes and pack accordingly. Be sure that you check with the company you have a booked flight. Although the basic items are the same everywhere, certain aircraft companies have some additional rules.

can of spray
There are many hazardous materials that cannot get near the plane

Chemicals that you can not pack  on airplanes

Items that you can’t pack are fuel, paint, paint thinner, bleach, turpentine, explosives such as fireworks, and spray starch. Also, any kind of flammable liquid or solid, including self-heating meals, can’t be in your checked baggage or carry-on bag. If you are planning to relocate by using international moving crates, it is best to check with your movers before you pack.

Get professional help for international relocation

When you are feeling overwhelmed by relocation, you can hire an international moving company and ask for advice. Having experienced professionals helping you will make your move a lot easier and stress-free. Also, if you are using an international car transportation service, you can check with your movers and see what you can pack in the car. 

When you need to relocate internationally, it is always best to hire professionals. This will allow you to focus on more prior tasks you need to finish. 


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