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    Relocation is a very serious and complex process. It can be very stressful, especially for families that are moving with kids. Local moves are already hard to handle. Not to mention moving to a different continent and country such as Luxembourg. It is certainly not easy since they must organize everything. In addition, they need to prepare their kids for the whole moving process and for a completely new life. Therefore we recommend hiring professional movers. Transparent International NYC is a moving company with a lot of moving experience. They can help you deal with your international move. The great thing is that you can request a full door-to-door moving service. Skilled movers will take your items and transport them straight to your new home in Luxembourg. Additionally, you may request packing services as well. In this article learn to help your kids cope with moving from US to Luxembourg.

    a family packing for moving
    Moving with children can be very challenging

    Moving to Luxembourg

    You must be very happy and excited as you are moving to this great European country. Recently due to the great living conditions, many people choose Luxembourg as their new home. But moving abroad can often be a very challenging time for parents and their children. Kids have their own routines. When the moving process starts everything changes. No matter the age of your kids, moving to Luxembourg from US is great stress. Therefore, try to prepare them as much as possible. Not just for the moving day, but for the whole process. If your children are old enough, they can also help you with moving preparations. They will feel very important if you give them any task. This will reduce the moving stress and make life easier for everybody. You will have more time and energy to focus.

    Hire professional movers to help kids cope with moving from US to Luxembourg

    This is very important as the truth is that you will not be able to handle the whole process on your own. Your entire home needs transportation over the ocean.

    Therefore, ask people who have experience in doing this to help you out. If you let professionals handle the hardest part of the moving process, you will have more time for your kids. Using overseas moving services will help you maintain the routine. Along with getting them to explore and become excited about their new home, it is important that you establish a routine as quickly as possible. This way children may feel they are not leaving a lot behind when they move. In addition, you may enroll your kids in a language school. It is very useful to prepare them for the new surrounding. This way they will easily overcome the language barrier.

    professional packers and movers
    Hire professional packers when moving overseas with kids

    Moving and fun-is it possible?

    Of course, it is. You can turn it into a fun activity even in a situation like this one. We know that it is not easy but first you need to calm down. Remember that hiring a professional moving company will be of great help. When professionals handle difficult tasks such as disassembling and packing large pieces, you can do the fun packing with kids. How to make tedious packing fun? If you have a restless toddler, get moving boxes of all sizes. Children like to get in and out of the boxes. Help them sort out soft toys from the hard plastic ones. Show them how to put the toys into boxes and together wrap them up. If you have older kids, give them the task to separate their clothes. Together you can label boxes with summer and winter clothes. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

    Help kids cope with moving from US to Luxembourg as a single parent

    Believe it or not, but moving as a single parent does not have to be necessarily a nightmare. Of course, it is a bit harder than moving with a partner but there are ways to make this easier. The crucial point is a good organization. If your child is old enough, you can go together to get the moving boxes and packing materials. If you have a small child that needs constant care from an older person, you will need additional help as a single parent. In this case, you will need aks maybe a friend or a relative to take daily care of your child. If no one is available, they consider booking a professional babysitter. It is highly important that your child is not around when movers come. At that moment, everybody will be busy taking things out and your child may be hurt if moving around.

    a child i the box
    Make packing fun for your children

    Do not forget important documents

    During the relocation process, it may easily happen that you forget or miss some of the important tasks. When moving with children there are certain very important things to do. For example, before moving do the research and choose a proper kindergarten or school for your kids. Do not forget to find out about the medical care of your children. If still not sure, check the documents you need for an international move. On the list, there should be passports, visas, medical records, additional permits, homeowner documentation, etc. Just in case, shortly before the moving day, make an appointment and visit a doctor to make sure that your children are healthy and ready to travel. Finally, have some medication in a separate bag with you at all times in case your children or you get sick. Kids cope with moving from US to Luxembourg easily when parents are prepared.

    The good news is that if handled correctly, moving abroad can be hugely beneficial to children. But the moving process itself is not easy. Therefore you must take some steps to help kids cope with moving from US to Luxembourg. Studies show that ex-pat children are more likely to develop into confident adults, with more adaptable social skills. Do not be afraid of the moving process. Instead, involve your kids in the process. Start educating them on the upcoming events and your whole family will be in your new home in no time-satisfied and ready for the new start.

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