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    A change of residence is hard and stressful for everyone. Of course, when moving people who have pets tend to bring them into their new home. Having a loved pet around can be the key to a successful transition. Research has shown that pets can reduce stress, and improve lengthen our lives. But moving is also stressful for our pets. Moving long-distance it is not easy for a pet to endure the whole journey. Since you plan to move to a different continent all the way to Austria you will need help from a reliable moving company. Transparent International NYC is a moving company with capacities to help you relocate your pet as well. They may feel insecure about the new environment. This may lead to different behavior issues that your pet did not have before. In this article learn how to Help your pet adjust to your new home.

    help your pet adjust to your new home full of boxes
    Pay attention to your pet during and after the move

    Help your pet adjust to the move when going from the US

    Austria is a great European country with many living opportunities. It is not strange that researches show that more people choose this great country to move to. However, you need to start the research on a reliable moving company that can fulfill your requests.  Therefore, when moving from USA to Austria it is crucial to find the one that has enough experience with international moves.  Pets can absorb your feelings. If you feel anxious all the time this may make them extra sensitive and jumpy. In the chaotic space full of boxes and stuff, your pet might just hide under the bed. We know that you will be more than busy sorting out, packing, and rushing around. But do not neglect your pet. Instead, spend at least an hour every day giving them undivided attention.

    Be consistent with your pet

    It is the same as with children. Pets also love routine. Therefore, when you are consistent and keep this routine your pet will feel more secure. That means following the schedule for feeding, walks, playtime, cuddling, and bedtime. In addition, you will need to, first of all, create a checklist that will include all the regular activities with your pet. When moving from USA to Europe make sure to bring with you your pet’s favorite bed, crate, toys, food and water dishes, treats, and other familiar items. Put them in similar places as in your former home to help your pet adjust to your new home. This is definitely not the time for introducing any new items. Favorites will help your pet feel in control and at home more quickly. As a result, you will make this transition as less overwhelming as possible.

    a cat playing with toys
    Bring their favorite toys to help them cope with the change

    Keep your pet safe during the move to help them adjust to a move to your new home in Austria

    One of the most important things during relocation and after the move is safety. During the packing stage, the actual move, and the transition to the new home, plan for your pet’s safety. Once packing and boxes take over some pets may feel upset. Before the movers come you should also make sure that you get the international moving quotes. It is very important to know exactly what services a moving company can provide and how much it will cost. If you don’t have an airline travel crate for your pet, get one immediately. And as soon as you have it start the process of acclimating them to it. Not all pets will take to their crates right away, so you need to do what you can to create positive associations with it. The crate can be very comforting to your pet.

    Prepare everything necessary in your home

    Once in your new home, make sure that you set up the place so that it fits the needs of your pet as well. Just as you are under pressure so is your pet after the relocation process. Now the whole family needs some time to settle down and adjust to the new environment. Since with the help of international household movers, you finally managed to get to Austria, help your pet adjust to your new home. You will be busy unpacking and setting things up. Try to keep your dog with distractions. It can be their favorite toy, a bone, a puzzle feeder, etc. Anything that can help to distract them from missing you. If you are going to have to feed and walk your dog earlier or later begin to gradually work towards the old schedule.

    a black dog in a box
    Think about the safety of your pet at all times

    Make sure to have all the necessary documents

    One of the most important things when moving internationally with pets is that you have all the necessary documentation. Some countries have stricter pet import rules than others. Regardless of where you’re moving to, it’s crucial that you learn all you can about what your new home country requires in terms of bringing in pets. Certain countries do not allow certain types of animals. Therefore, you need to discover which documents you need to bring your pet. In addition, inform on the type of vaccines that are needed for your pet. Also, inform yourself if your pet needs a microchip.  You certainly do not want to cause any delays at the borders if some documentation is missing. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date information contact the consulate of the country you’ll be moving to. This way you will be at ease and help your pet be calm as well.

    When moving internationally it is very important to help your pet adjust to your new home. Therefore, be patient. Let them sniff around and adjust to the new place. At first, it may happen that they will just keep hiding. But allow them some time.  Let them come out when they are ready. Their behavior may change for a while, including eating and “potty” habits, barking, pacing, or protection behaviors. Just as you do, they need some time to adjust. Soon, together you will be enjoying your new home in Austria.


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