How do you choose an international moving company?

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How many times have you heard people saying that international moving is stressful and nerve-wracking? Well, probably every time when somebody had to go through this process. What scares people the most when moving across the ocean is how will their goods manage to reach safely their new home. Where and how to find good movers? How much it will cost, will everything be fine, is there a chance to face scams? These and many other numerous questions can give headaches to those who move. Luckily, there are many tips to follow in order to find a reputable moving company. International movers New York City can provide you with their great and useful moving services. But it is crucial to sit down ahead of the planned moving date and start your search for a professional moving company. In this article, learn about how to choose an international moving company.

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Rely on customers’ reviews to choose an international moving company

Never underestimate moving reviews

You know that people say that word-of-mouth is probably the most important tool in every business. The same rules when it comes to choosing a moving company. Probably the easiest would be to ask some of your friends or relatives about their recent moving experience. But if none of them moved recently, or you have different expectations, the best is to sit down and do your own research. Please bear in mind that moving from USA to Austria is a very complex moving process. For this kind of relocation, you need a moving company with experience. Therefore, take your time to read moving reviews. Then you can estimate if a moving company suits you. In addition, do not estimate a moving company only by two or three negative comments. Instead, focus on what exactly people complained about and what is your field of interest.

Choose an international moving company by the price of their services

Apart from reviews, another very important point to think about is the price of transporting services a moving company can offer. More or less, most moving companies offer similar prices for their international packing and transportation services. Overseas transportation is a heavy task and it costs a lot. But if a company offers lower prices for moving furniture overseas, do not discard them only because of that. Yes, it may seem suspicious why would somebody charge you less for such a service. On the other hand, a company may be new on the market. This way they may be trying to attract customers, and even try harder to gain trust and confidence among people. In addition, ask them what kind of packing and transporting containers they plan to use when transporting your valuable furniture. This way you will know your goods are in good hands.

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Compare prices for moving services

Pay attention to communication

Good and open communication is key when it comes to doing any business. Therefore, when you try to choose an international moving company, pay attention to the communication. The way their customer service communicates with you can tell you a lot about the company. Also, the representative should suggest that they arrive at your home and survey your possessions. This is the only proper way to get the moving estimate. International household movers may only provide the estimate on the phone or through e-mail. This definitely is not the proper way. Another important fact to mention is that moving quotes should always be free. So if a moving company asks you to pay for the estimate, you should definitely avoid them. In addition, compare several different quotes. Also, the way they communicate.

Crating services option

When you need to transport your home internationally, think about hiring international crating services. These will provide high security for your items during transportation. Although this is a little bit expensive, on the other hand, your possessions will arrive safely. Also, if any damage happens on the way, a moving company provides insurance that they would pay for the damage. Depending on the type of damage, they can issue a discount, replacement, or a full refund. A moving company has special packing methods as well as materials. Many large pieces of furniture need disassembling before packing. Crating services movers provide will cover this as well. In this way, you will also lower the risk of getting hurt if you try to do it yourself. In addition, special materials will provide secure transportation. So even if the bumping happens, the chances of damage are lower.

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Opt for professional crating services

Choose an international moving company without any scams

Unfortunately, nowadays there are frauds even in the moving business. Some companies may present as reliable, while on the other hand, they are not. It is important to learn how to recognize this on time. First of all, check the way customers wrote their reviews. If they mention any personal names, that seems strange. Cheap prices do not necessarily mean that the company is fraudulent. But if the company often changes its name or the bank account this should be an alert. All the movers should have a license number. You can check on the FMCSA their credibility. If you do not find their USDOT Number, the company most likely does not exist. Here is the list of some key points to think about when choosing a moving company:

  • realistic reviews
  • reasonable prices
  • free moving quotes
  • nice yet professional communication
  • an existing license number
  • social media likes, comments, and reviews

When you need to choose an international moving company it is not an easy thing to do. There are many companies on the market. Many of them offer attractive prices and services. But it takes some time, research, and experience to find a good one. An international move is something that does not happen every day. For this reason, you should have enough time to and not be in a rush. When rushing, you can easily make a mistake. This can later cost you even more. Therefore, read on the Internet and ask around your neighborhood about reliable companies. Finally, be happy about your new life in Europe that is about to start.


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