How to avoid damaging furniture during shipping

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Are you moving soon, and you’re looking for ways to avoid damaging furniture during shipping? Moving Transparent will help you move your furniture with no inconveniences. There are some of the tips and tricks that you need to know when you’re preparing your furniture for the shipping, as well as when you’re choosing the company that you let handle the shipping process. Packing everything in the cardboard boxes simply won’t solve all of your problems. When you’re preparing the furniture for shipping, you need to be more specific and invest in the proper materials and tools. That, combined with the knowledge of how to properly pack your furniture, will significantly increase the odds of a successful relocation.

Start preparing on time to avoid damaging furniture during shipping

While packing your furniture might not seem like a big deal, if you don’t want to hire International Furniture Movers, then you should start preparing as early as possible. That way, if any unforeseen things happen, you will have enough time to deal with them and get everything done properly. You don’t want your packing materials arriving a few days later than expected, and having to call movers because you won’t make it in time. Do the research about packing techniques, order your packing materials, and call your friends and family to help you with the packing – on time!  

people sitting on a sofa with a cover
Invest in high-quality packing materials to avoid damaging furniture during shipping

Use high-quality packing materials

There aren’t many people who can pack your items as well as International Household Movers. That’s why you should aim to get high-quality packing materials in order to avoid damaging furniture during shipping. Apart from knowing how to pack your furniture properly, you also must get the appropriate packing tools and supplies.

The materials that are necessary for packing that will help you avoid damaging furniture during shipping:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Glassine
  • Cardboard Sheets
  • Sofa Covers

You’ll also need:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Packing boxes
  • Tape
  • Corner protections
  • Sponge

And possibly some other materials as well. When you’re disassembling furniture, you want to pack each part separately. You’ll need several boxes for the parts that can fit in. You’ll also need boxes of certain dimensions for the items that require special packaging, like the glass tabletop. The boxes need to be slightly bigger than the item that you want to pack so that it doesn’t move during the transport. You want to place the X with the tape overall glass surfaces. Corner protection is necessary as it will protect your glass pieces not only at the corners but as a whole. Fill in the rest of the free space with the packing peanuts but don’t overdo it. It still needs a little bit of space to move.

Friend and family can help you avoid damaging furniture during shipping

When you’re packing furniture that needs to avoid damage during the shipping, you want all hands on deck. Be it professionals or your friends and family, make sure you contact all of them on time. Two weeks or a week in advance should be enough for people to organize themselves. It leaves them enough time to reschedule all of their obligations and make time to help you. Make sure you invite only people that you can communicate clearly with, and that won’t add to your already big pile of stress. Packing and moving furniture should be done with people that you can communicate clearly with because otherwise, someone might misunderstand you while carrying an item and get injured. They might pack it wrongly and the item will get damaged. Those are just some of the problems that you want to avoid during the packing process.

people sitting on a sofa with a cover
Make sure you notify your friend and family that you’ll need help at least a week in advance.

Pack your furniture well

  • Before you start packing your furniture, prepare it for packing. Clean it thoroughly. If you have antique furniture, go over it with a damp cloth. If you clean it before you pack it, you won’t be bringing the dirt and dust into the new space. Make sure that you have removed all of the things that stick out and that can be removed. It may be decoration, it may be knobs – whatever it is, it’s safer for both the part and the furniture if you pack it separately. You can use the drawers to pack other items inside and gain on the packing space. That means that you won’t have to use as many parking materials and you might safe a little bit during the process!
  • The next step is packing the furniture properly. To do so, dismantle all of the furniture pieces carefully. If you can dismantle something into smaller pieces, and you’re sure you can put it back afterward properly – do it. It will make the furniture much easier to carry and to move around. If your furniture is dismantled when you bring it into the new home, you can bring the furniture pieces in the room that you want to assembly it in. That will save you from having to deal with the logistics problems.
  • Place the small items like screws in the plastic bags.
  • Label the boxes with furniture pieces so you know which part is in which box when you arrive.
  • Wrap your furniture in the glassine, bubble wrap, or plastic wrap. It will help you protect the surfaces and prevent scratches. Glassine is appropriate for antique pieces. Cover your beds and similar items with sofa covers.
professional mover
Professional movers can help you pack your furniture perfectly and minimize the risk of damage.

Hire reliable movers

Before you start packing your furniture, consider hiring professional movers. The best way to avoid damaging furniture during shipping is to let the professionals handle the packing and shipping process. This will give you more time to prepare for the move and deal with other moving-related problems. If you’re not sure whether we’re the right fit, give us a call. See for yourself why we should be the ones to handle your furniture packaging and shipping process. Are you ready to book the move of your dreams?

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