How to choose a car shipping company?

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Buying a car is a big investment for almost everyone. Owning a car can be expensive as fuel prices are getting high and maintenance as well. However, there are many more benefits of owning a car than disadvantages. When you are moving to a new home, you will naturally take it with you. But the problem arises when you are moving internationally. Unfortunately, you can’t drive your car when you are moving to France from USA. You will need to find some other way to move your car from one place to another. The best way would be to ship your car with a car shipping company. If you never shipped your car before, you might not know how to choose a car shipping company. For this reason, here are the tips for picking the best shipping company for your car.  

Tip for how to choose a car shipping company  

Preparing for an international relocation is a huge job. Just when you thought you finished all, there is one more problem you need to solve and that is how to move your car. In this case, your only option is to use an international car transportation service. You can’t move your car alone internationally as you will probably take a plane to your new home. As in any business field, there are good and bad shipping companies. Your goal is to find the best one for your car. For this reason, there are signs that show which shipping company is good at its job and which one is not so much. When choosing the best car shipping company, you should pay attention to the following:  

  • Professionalism  
  • Experience  
  • Good customer service  
  • Reputation  
  • The cost  
How to choose a car shipping company for your car
There are many factors that will determine which shipping company to hire

How can you determine the professionalism of a certain shipping company?  

When you are choosing a company to ship your car internationally, you want to hire Transparent International NYC. The best way to judge professionals of a certain company is by their timeliness. You can read other people’s reviews and see if shipping companies respect pick-up and drop-off dates. Of course, traffic is very unpredictable and delays happen very often. Sometimes delays will happen which is not a company’s fault and you can’t hold a shipping company accountable. However, how the shipping company deals with these unexpected delays is important. A good shipping company will contact you immediately and offer you solutions and when you can expect your car to be shipped. On the other hand, a bad shipping company will probably avoid your calls or give you unsatisfactory answers.  

Why is an experience so important?  

Experience is the most valuable tool in the business world. It doesn’t matter if a certain shipping company has the most technologically advanced equipment if they don’t know how to use them properly. For this reason, you should choose a shipping company that is well-known in business and exists for many years. The best way to determine one company’s experience is based on the way they answer your questions or deal with problems. It’s the same as choosing a reliable moving company for your relocation. But in this case, you will be moving your car and not moving boxes overseas. If you have someone to recommend you a good shipping company, that’s the one that should be on the top of your list.   

black car parked before orange container
One of the tips on how to choose a car shipping company is to look for an experienced company

Customer service plays a huge role in the company’s reputation  

Most companies these days have pretty bad customer service. This reflects badly on the company’s overall reputation and professionalism. Customer service representative is a very demanding and hard job that often is not paid enough. Also, it’s not enough to just pick up the phone or answer e-mails with basic answers. Good customer service must have the required knowledge to readily answer all your questions. Also, they should be available, friendly, and polite. Good customer service should know where your car is all the time or contact truckers to see what’s going on the road. For this reason, customer service is important for growing a business and attracting new customers. There is nothing worse than when customer service doesn’t want to pick up the phone or be rude to you.   

You should pick a shipping company based on their services  

What kind of service you should pick will depend on a couple of factors. The first one is on the model of your car. Most cars are transported on an open-air trailer and this is the most affordable option. However, if you own a very expensive or collector car, you should opt for an enclosed trailer which is a safer option. Of course, if you don’t know which one to pick, you can always ask your shipping company for a recommendation. The next factors are the time and location of your shipment. Unfortunately, you can’t pick a shipping company that doesn’t have an available date no matter how good it is. You can either find a new company or choose a different date. In any case, some compromise should happen. The last big factor is your budget. You will have to pick the best shipping company in your budget range.  

shiny new black and white cars parked
More expensive cars should be shipped in an enclosed trailer

You will need to prepare your car for international shipping  

Finding the best shipping company is not all you need to do. You also need to prepare your car for shipping. This means that you should check all fluids levels such as engine oil, battery fluid, brake fluid, etc. Additionally, you should disable the car alarm and the anti-theft system. It’s not advisable to pack any personal belongings in your car during shipping. Don’t forget to check your car for any possible damages and even take pictures before transport. You never know what can happen during transport and it’s better to have pictures as proof of your car’s condition before shipping. You should do all of this after you found a good company based on the tips from how to choose a car shipping company. 

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