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Moving is a unique time in a person’s life. There are a lot of things to be done before relocating to a new place. Hiring movers, packing, and finding out about the new location are just some of the things that need to be done. This can be exhausting sometimes, especially if you are moving furniture overseas. It can be difficult to find the perfect overseas movers. The most important thing to do is to choose the best movers. You can compare their rates and what they offer as a way to do that. We will give you some tips on how to compare moving quotes for an overseas move. Hopefully, this will help you choose the perfect overseas movers for you and your needs.

Before you compare moving quotes for an overseas move, check whether the company is legit

There is always a danger when hiring movers as they can be a scam. This is even more of a danger if you are hiring overseas movers. That is why you always need to check whether a moving company is legit. This is a bit harder than with local movers. However, we will list all types of accreditations you can come across.

looking at the sea
When looking at hiring overseas movers you need to be able to compare moving quotes. We are here to give you some tips on how to do that.

Accreditations you can find

  • FMC License
  • C-TPAT Accreditation
  • ISO 90001
  • IAM – International Association of Movers
  • FIDI/FAIM – Federal Association of International Movers
  • LACMA – Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association
  • PAIMA – Pan American International Movers Association
  • AMSA – American Moving and Storage Association

These are just some of the reliable licenses and memberships you can come across when looking at what overseas moving services to hire. If a moving company doesn’t have any of these accreditations, it might be the best idea to hire them.

The next step is to ask them for a moving quote

When asking for a moving quote, don’t just settle down for an online estimate. Those aren’t usually accurate and overcharge you. You will get charged for services you don’t even need to use. That is why you should only do companies who will:

  • send someone over to check your things
  • have a video survey performed if you cannot have someone come over
  • have a verbal survey where they ask you questions about our belongings

They need to know the bulkiness and amount of stuff so they can know how many people they need for the job, what type of equipment, what kind of shipping needs to be done, and the distance shipped.

choosing after you compare moving quotes for an overseas move
Choosing the perfect movers for you and your needs is hard especially when there are many choices. You can narrow it down

After that, check for hidden costs

After getting the estimate, or possibly a contract, check for hidden costs. This is the next step to finding out the exact cost that you will compare with other international moving quotes. You need to check for hidden costs and always read the fine print.

Make sure the contact has the words “Guaranteed Not to Exceed” on it. This means that your final bill is obligated not to exceed 10% of the original estimate. However, this does not include packing fees. So, if you are using packing services that will come at additional costs. This refers to not only international but also local moving services.

When it comes to overseas moving, there is one more thing you need to look for. You need to research Destination Terminal Handling Charges or DTHC for short. This usually refers to cargo moving. DTHC are charges to lift a shipping container on or off of a vessel in port. They are often calculated similarly to moving fees. They take into account the heaviness and bulkiness of things.

Finally, compare moving quotes for an overseas move

After getting moving quotes it is time to compare what they offer and the price of their services. First, you need to check whether you are getting your value for money. Then you need to compare the quotes. Sometimes, the quotes might be in different currencies, so you might need to calculate the exchange rate! Be careful when doing this, as you might make a mistake. Especially if you are not that good at math.

Discuss with your friends or family the moving quotes that were given to you. Moreover, look at reviews online. You can then get an idea of what the company offers, what their movers and services are like, and make sure they are telling the truth in the contract.

So, you need to do 3 things in order to properly compare moving quotes:

  • compare the price and what that price offers
  • compare moving quotes for an overseas move within the moving companies
  • read the online reviews
moving furniture
By following these tips, you will be able to compare moving quotes for an overseas move with ease.

Final thoughts on moving quotes

To sum up, you first need to find the movers that seem like they could be the one. Make sure to check whether they are a legit business. You do that by checking their accreditations and affiliations. After that, request the moving quote and see whether that seems like a reasonable price. Make sure there are no hidden costs, like handling costs, especially because you are moving overseas. Finally, compare the price with other movers, and look at reviews.

Hopefully, by following these tips you will find movers that will make your overseas move feel like a breeze. If you have any questions, you can always contact International removals New York, and we will be glad to help you. One more thing we would like to mention is that you can ask your moving company any questions you have. Don’t be shy to do that, as that is definitely a better solution than worrying about everything. Good luck with finding the perfect movers for your overseas move!

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