How to deal with living on two continents

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Here you will find a lot of articles on how it is to move from one place to another. Yet, what are you to do when you have not moved? Or, you know, not all the way. When you are still regularly bouncing between San Francisco and Tokyo, or between New York and London. In other words, how to deal with living on two continents? Well, it is not simple, we are not going to lie. However, it is far from unattainable. You can, and should, aim to streamline the whole thing and get the most out of it. And, in order to do exactly that, we made this article on how to deal with living on two continents at the same time!

Commuting on a whole other level

When you are moving to Australia from USA and back all the time, you will be “enjoying” the wonders of modern technology in the form of air travel. Airplanes help us get pretty much anywhere on the planet in a matter of hours. However, airplane tickets are not cheap. Furthermore, it is not exactly easy to go around flying every few weeks or more. Flying is not simple and it takes a lot of time and preparation.

people on a airplane
There will be a lot of air travel!

Therefore, if you are to deal with living on two continents you should prepare to deal with a lot of commuting on a whole other scale!

Tax liability and visa

Even when you are regularly using international relocation companies, there are no escaping taxes. No matter where you are in this world, taxes are certain. However, it is not always clear to whom you are to actually pay your taxes. Are you paying to your nation of origin, or in one you are making your money in. Both? Are there any discounts or benefits to bona fide relocation? Well, that is all, unfortunately, very much on a case-to-case basis, meaning we are not really in a position to provide you with certain answers. The only thing we can say is that most of the time, financial ministries have spreadsheets to help you figure your way through the whole ordeal.

And speaking of governments, you are also to look up the way to actually work in other countries. If you are dealing with living on two continents, you must have a working or even living visas for a foreign country. Or well, you must have it most of the time. Some countries have special agreements between them that remove most if not all barriers, like the EU for example.

One of the issues you might have to deal with when living on two continents are legal issues

Having a family and social life

When you are looking up international moving quotes every now and then it can really take up a lot of your attention. However, you shouldn’t put your social life on hold in order to be with living on two continents. Make sure that you are keeping in touch and giving people you love enough time. Don’t let your social life suffer, as that will increase the stress of living on two continents to untenable levels.

Plan everything

In order to utilize overseas relocation services for living on two continents, you should stay organized. Plan everything. Have a good timetable that will be honest about your goals. Make sure that you find discounts for the flights you use most often. Organize your spare time for rest, exercise, and social activities, and always check the new legal requirements that might pop up. In order to deal with living on two continents, you must be forward-looking and live your life like you are playing chess. Always with the plan for the future, few steps ahead!

To deal with living on two continents is to deal with a lot of stress

One of the things that is pretty much universal for all people that are trying to figure out how to live and prosper on two continents at the same time is the amount of stress all that traveling and juggling around can bring. And we are not only talking about physical exhaustion, like the kind jet lag will cause you, but also of sheer mental pressure to keep track of everything. Humans are made for a lot of things, but moving around so much is not one of them. You really have to be prepared to handle all of that stress and deal with it in a healthy manner while staying active and productive.

deal with living on two continents - a man stressed out
You need to take some time for yourself
  • Take time for yourself – First and foremost, know when it is time to take a break and relax. It might look like you never have time for relaxing, but if you don’t take a break once in a while you will burn out!
  • Excercise -To exercise is to keep your fitness high and your self-discipline strong. Excercise brings rather obvious physical benefits, but it also helps you deal with living on two continents by giving you mental time in which you will process all of your daily plans. Furthermore, it is a strong tool in helping you deal with all of that traveling and disruptions to your sleep schedule.
  • Eat healthily – Furthermore, you should try to eat regularly and healthy. When it hurry, it is all too easy to fall into the pattern of eating way too much fast food. Resist the desire!

In summary

It is not a common thing, to find yourself having to deal with living on two continents. That is exactly why these kinds of articles find it hard to be of use. Living on two continents is so rare that every single situation is somewhat unique and therefore resistant to any kind of blanket statement and advice. However, we still hope that we helped you somewhat with this advice. They come from the experience of those who lived through such circumstances and through their findings. We hope that these devices will find good ground with you and that you will find them helpful. Best of luck and bon voyage!


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