How to emotionally prepare for moving with kids

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Moving internationally is often a complex affair, full of emotional complications. The challenges amplify when you’re not just planning for yourself, but also for your children. Balancing the details of an overseas move with the emotional well-being of your kids is no small feat. It involves multiple layers of planning, from hiring a reliable moving service like Transparent International NYC to ensuring your children are emotionally prepared for the transition. Navigating this delicate balance successfully is critical. Knowing how to emotionally prepare for moving with kids can be the base that transforms a potentially stressful situation into a smooth, manageable experience for the entire family.

Don’t delay talking with your kids

Delaying conversations about an impending international move can foster feelings of exclusion and heightened stress among your children. The absence of timely information may make them feel like they are not part of this significant family decision. For example, moving to Portugal from US can completely change your life. However, for kids, it will be an even bigger change. Providing this information in a timely manner enables them to mentally and emotionally process the change, ask questions that are on their minds, and feel more in control. This proactive communication reduces anxiety and cultivates a sense of involvement in the upcoming transition.

A woman talking with her daughter on a bed
You want to take action as soon as possible to emotionally prepare for moving with kids

Keep an open communication

Maintaining open and honest communication is an indispensable aspect of preparing for an international move with children. Take the time to sit down with your kids to discuss the reasons behind the family’s decision to relocate. Similar to how you need to communicate with professionals in international removals, you also need to talk with your kids to ensure a smooth transition. Offer a realistic picture of what they can expect in their new environment, from schools to social norms. This straightforward approach serves to minimize misunderstandings and preemptively address potential fears. It also gives your children a secure platform to express their own feelings, concerns, or even excitement, helping to alleviate emotional tension and making the transition smoother for everyone involved. You want to keep an open communication with kids as it comes with benefits, such as:

  • Reduces anxiety by addressing uncertainties
  • Helps children feel involved in the decision-making process
  • Provides a safe space for kids to voice their concerns or questions
  • Aids in setting realistic expectations about the new environment

Involve kids in your relocation

Navigating the intricate world of family businesses can sometimes mean considering opportunities in different corners of the globe. As the business landscape becomes increasingly international, many family enterprises find themselves contemplating moves overseas to capitalize on new markets or production efficiencies. This is where international corporate relocation services come into play. While they can handle the logistical challenges of such a move, the emotional dimensions, especially when children are involved, can be far more complex. When relocating a family business with children in tow, it’s not just about the company’s assets or operations. Parents need to ensure that their children are emotionally prepared for the change, from leaving friends behind to adapting to new educational systems. Thus, while professional services can assist with the technicalities, a holistic approach that also addresses the emotional well-being of the family can make all the difference.

Maintain your standard routines

Maintaining familiar routines is incredibly important, especially during the disorienting process of an international move. Routines offer a comforting sense of normalcy and stability that can be a lifeline for children in times of change. Whether it’s continuing your customary bedtime story, your family’s pizza night, or weekly visits to a park, these activities serve as emotional anchors. They can help organize the chaos and stress that come with relocating to a different country.

Even keeping the same time to brush teeth can help you emotionally prepare for moving with kids
Keep as many routines as possible

Familiarize your kids with the new location

Before your family embarks on the international move, take some time to introduce your children to their new home through various mediums. Show them photos, watch videos, or read books about the culture, landmarks, and lifestyle of the new location. Do all of that even before you get a number of international moving quotes to find quality and affordable assistance. If circumstances permit, plan a preliminary visit to explore the area together, maybe even checking out potential schools or neighborhoods. This introductory phase serves to demystify the unknown, making it less intimidating. Such preparation can significantly lower anxiety levels and ease some of the emotional apprehensions your children might have regarding the move.

Plan to say goodbye and how to begin anew

As you prepare to leave, consider organizing a farewell party or setting up a playdate for your children and their close friends. Saying proper goodbyes offers emotional closure and a chance to celebrate existing friendships. After you’ve relocated, make an active effort to help your children forge new connections. Engage in community events, participate in local activities, or set up playdates with kids in the neighborhood. These steps facilitate the process of making the unfamiliar environment feel more like home. The more quickly they form new friendships, the easier the emotional transition will be for them.

Ensure to remain patient and positive

Children are remarkably perceptive and often mirror their parents’ emotions, particularly during stressful events like international moves. While maintaining a positive outlook is essential, it’s equally important to prepare for a range of emotional responses from your kids. Whether they exhibit excitement or homesickness, be patient and understanding in your interactions. Reassure them that experiencing a mix of emotions is perfectly normal during major life changes. Your calm and supportive demeanor will provide them with the emotional resilience they need to adapt to their new surroundings more easily.

Parents having fun with their child during their move
Always stay positive during relocation with kids

Hire experts for the move while you emotionally prepare for moving with kids

An international move is a complicated endeavor that comes with its own set of logistical challenges. Hiring reputable international movers is an invaluable step that allows you to delegate the physical aspects of the move. However, it’s important to look for them using the Better Business Bureau and other reputable websites. This decision frees up your time and mental energy, enabling you to focus on how to emotionally prepare for relocating with kids. Instead of getting bogged down with shipping details or customs paperwork, you can direct your attention towards ensuring that your children are emotionally ready and resilient for the upcoming transition to a new country.

Keep kids happy during the relocation

Preparing for an international move is indeed a monumental task, made all the more complex when children are in the equation. The key to a successful transition lies not just in logistical planning but also in knowing how to emotionally prepare for moving with kids. Open and honest communication, involving them in the moving process, maintaining comforting routines, and hiring reliable international movers can make all the difference. By balancing these aspects, you set the stage for a smoother, more manageable move to your new international home.

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