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We’re sure you’ve dreamed about visiting France at least once in your lifetime. French culture has somewhat been romanticized in the media, but truth is, there’s a good reason for it. We’re about to uncover all of the amazing places in France where you can have the time of your life. There is no better way to enjoy France as an expat than to get out and see what this beautiful country has to offer. Discover the best family outings in France as well as some of the biggest culture shocks you may encounter with our expat guide to French culture and mindset. Don’t worry about your move either, we’ve got you covered. With Transparent International NYC on your side, you’ll have no troubles crossing the borders and moving your household.

Fun facts about living in France

Let’s start with some of the most interesting facts about France. If you’re moving to France from USA, you’ll find that the French are quite peculiar. Some find them strange, some weird and quirky, and honestly, we’re kind of loving it.

Paris, France
France is one of the most popular destinations for expats.
  • France actually has the most time zones in the world. That’s 12 total. You wouldn’t think that when you first look at it. Since France is not really a massive country. Well, there’s an explanation. This is mostly due to France’s overseas territories like French Guiana, French Polynesia, Mayotte, and a slew of other places around the world.
  • Think the United States attracts a lot of visitors? International tourists flock to France, making it the world’s most popular tourist destination. In 2017, the country welcomed 86.9 million foreign visitors. With 76.9 million tourists, the United States comes in third place on the list of most popular tourist destinations.
  • France has the most Nobel Prize winners in Literature. If you’ve identified with Belle from Beauty and the Beast since childhood and you’re now a writer, France will be a true haven for you. Your work will be very much appreciated here. French people really do have a soft spot for the arts.
  • Paris was the very first city to have a public transportation system. As early as the 1660s, horse-drawn carriages were in widespread use on public streets. The city now has a comprehensive rail, tram, and bus network to get around on. With the help of international car transportation, you’ll also be able to move your car to France.
  • In terms of land area, France is the EU’s largest member state. The total land area is 551,000 square kilometers.
  • Mont Blanc in the French Alps is Europe’s tallest mountain. If you’re looking for a mountain that’s taller than any in the continental United States, get ready to hike this one.

Fun things to do in France

As the French value their free time a lot, we are sure that you will take on their perspective as well. There are countless opportunities for entertainment here. France has a lot more Holidays than we do in America. And a lot more time off work. So if you’re looking for fun things to do on the weekends, we have a few suggestions.

Go on a Segway tour in Paris

Take a guided Segway tour to explore the French capital at a quicker speed while using less energy. At the start of each Fat Tire Tour, a detailed Segway introduction is provided. For safety concerns, little children are not allowed on the trip, and older youngsters aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Regardless, it’s the most interesting way to experience Paris.

enjoy France as an expat on a hot air balloon
Enjoy France as an expat on a hot air balloon ride.

Hop on a hot air balloon

Exploring a city from the ground up is always enjoyable, but there are even greater viewpoints to be explored. One of the greatest ways to explore Paris is from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Isn’t it great that you’re able to enjoy the city from a new perspective? You will absolutely love your journey in a hot-air balloon. The Paris Ballon de Paris provides a Montgolfier for visitors to the Park André Citroen. But of course, before flying over the city, remember to check the weather!

Explore the wine capital

An excursion to France’s wine capital should be at the top of your travel priorities if you’re a wine enthusiast. Stylish boutiques, world-class wineries, and world-class cuisine are all part of the appeal of France’s chic and sophisticated city, Bordeaux. Additionally, there are numerous historical sites that are best explored on foot. It’s a must-see to visit the Place de la Bourse plaza, with its ‘Miroir d’Eau’ and the historic Cathédrale Saint-André cathedral.

The biggest culture shocks you may experience once you move to France

  • It is legal to marry a deceased person around here. But only if you can prove that they intended to do so while they were still alive. The last time this option was used was in 2017.
  • In France, it is illegal for grocery stores to discard unsold food. Instead, food that would otherwise go to waste must be given to those in need. Honestly, why isn’t like this in every country?
  • French toast is not actually a French dish. Nor French fries. Fries and fresh toast are both products of the Roman Empire. And they actually originated in today’s Belgium.
  • Beauty pageants are very popular in some parts of the United States. However, the French do not share the excitement when it comes to beauty pageants. In fact, due to the way they “hypersexualize” young girls, beauty pageants for girls are outlawed in the country. And we think it’s for the best.
  • If you go for a picnic in France with your French friends and you bring “champagne” that isn’t made in France, you’ll be getting a lot of stares. Champagne must be produced in the Champagne region of France in order to be considered authentic.
French champagne
Be careful when you choose Champagne in France.
  • The average night’s sleep for a French person is nearly nine hours, the most of any other country’s population. Plus, the French prioritize spending time with their family and friends rather than chasing dreams and improving their professional careers. They’re really not about the hassle and they work much less than the average American. You’ll truly be able to enjoy France as an expat and enjoy your life a whole lot more. Now wouldn’t you want to move there? If the answer is yes, waste no time and head on to our international services page to book your move!

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