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    Transporting cargo via ocean freight is one of the oldest methods of shipping in the world. Ocean freight forwarding in short is the transportation of goods to a certain point through multiple carriers overseas. This does not simply mean putting stuff onto a ship and transporting them to a destination. This is a very complex process that needs a good network of associates. An ocean freight forwarder can simplify the shipping process greatly. Transparent International NYC is a shipping company that has a lot of experience in this field of transportation. In addition, freight forwarding companies act on the behalf of shippers to arrange different services. For example, export documents, customs clearance procedures, etc. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find a reliable company. You should do a lot of research. In this text learn how to find a good ocean freight company in NYC.

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    Finding a good ocean freight company in NYC is crucial

    Find a good ocean freight company in NYC to transport goods to Denmark

    It takes a lot of effort and preparation to take goods all the way to Denmark. To ship products safely there are so many important processes to deliver cargo to the customers. Because of this freight companies have a big network of logistic providers. It is a huge supply chain. When moving to Denmark from US make sure to find a reliable company that can take goods over the ocean. This should be a partner that you can lean on. Therefore, the first step is to contact a forwarder company and present them with your plan. Try to be as precise as possible so that they can have a clear image of the type of service that you need. Only this way can they provide a level of service that will work for you.

    Evaluate their services

    One of the most important things when choosing an ocean freight forwarder is to evaluate their services. Bear in mind that you will need to trust your forwarder to take care of your goods from origin to destination. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to start short-listing a few forwarders that seem fine. You will of course create a list of your requirements. First of all, check what kind of international relocation services they provide. There will be some important points to check such as the trade lane your shipments will move through. Secondly, what kind of transportation and storage of your goods they offer. Finally, check upon the range of services your ocean freight forwarder will cover. While doing your research discard any freight forwarder that lacks experience with the types of goods you will ship. Or if the entire portfolio is not compatible with your needs.

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    Evaluate the service a moving company offers

    Find a good ocean freight company in NYC that can take care of packing

    Another very important point on the list when choosing the right freight forwarder is the way they pack the goods. When you need to ship goods overseas of curse it matters what packing and crating materials companies use. If they pack everything properly, the chances that goods can suffer damage are very little. No matter how much experience a freight forwarding company has, something can always go wrong. Therefore, international moving crates matter. Packing materials that these companies use must meet international shipping standards. In addition, ask for a loading service they offer. The most popular one is a door to door shipping. This option means that a shipping company will pack and load your items and deliver them to your destination. This way you will do minimal work to complete the move.


    Be aware of the shipping frauds

    Unfortunately, it is possible to face international shipping fraud. No matter how well you prepare something like this may still happen. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this. First of all, how to recognize that you are facing fraud?  A freight forwarder may hold your Bill of lading, may steal your cargo, or may add hidden costs to your quotes. In addition, always ensure your goods to avoid international shipping fraud. In case your cargo suffers damages or gets stolen, the insurance will cover the costs. Depending on the type of insurance you have, it can cover the loss either partially or completely. Always ask a shipping company to measure your goods before loading them. This way you will know precisely the value of your shipment and the costs that you should pay for the transportation. Also, knowing these measures means no additional costs to pay for shipping.

    packing materials
    Check and evaluate packing material a freight forwarder uses

    Rules and regulations when shipping to Denmark

    As we mentioned earlier,  when you try to find a good ocean freight company in NYC, make sure they know the rules and regulations of the customs. Every country in the world has its own import and customs clearance rules. It is very important to follow these rules when trying to import goods into a certain country. Failing to do so may cause severe delays and paying additional fines and charges. Therefore, when choosing a reliable ocean freight forwarder, make sure they know Denmark’s import regulations. In addition, if you wish to transport o possess certain items that are prohibited, the entire cargo will be stuck at the customs. Whatsmore, the customs officers may not allow the goods to enter Denmark and may return them from the borders. Such an action can cost you an arm and a leg, so try to avoid this.

    Transporting cargo from one continent to another is a very complicated process that can give you lots of headaches. That is why it is very important to find a good ocean freight company in NYC. This way you will ensure to safely transport the items. International freight forwarding companies offer full door-to-door service. In addition, consult them about packing and loading the goods on the transportation vehicle. This is the only way to ensure that everything will arrive safely and on time. Safety, a standard deposit, and following all the customs rules is key to successful cargo ocean transportation.


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