How to make packing for international move fun for kids

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    Moving overseas to Luxembourg from the USA with children is definitely a very challenging task for a family. On one hand, you are all excited about moving to Europe. You will change your way of living. Although stressful, as an adult you can adjust more easily. But what about your kids? They were born in the US and only have experience growing up there. Maybe you went on a trip to another country or continent. But that was just a short period. Now, this is something completely different from just a trip. It requires a lot of mental and physical preparation. Therefore, we suggest hiring an international moving expert. This way you will turn this moving experience into an adventure.  Whatsmore, your children will love it. In this article, you will learn how to make packing for international move fun for kids.

    the areal view of Luxembourg
    When moving to Luxembourg hire experts

    International moving to Luxembourg

    Luxembourg is a great European country and many people decide to move there every year. So did you and your family. Although this is a great choice of country, moving there is definitely not easy. Especially for the youngest. You can make packing for international move fun for kids. However, when moving to Luxembourg from US, consider hiring expert movers. You already have a lot on your mind. When moving with children, you may need some special requests. Therefore, first, check if the moving company can meet all the necessary needs that you have. Do not hesitate to ask professionals all the questions. You should have transparent communication from the start. It is also useful to check the reviews from other customers who moved with kids. You are going to another continent. The safety of your family is a top priority. So you need experienced and reliable movers.

    How to actually make packing for international move fun for kids

    The first thing: do not exclude your children from the process of packing. Treat them as if they are adults. They will be happy and feel important at the same time. First, go and gather all packing materials together. Contact international moving services to provide you with packing supplies.  If your kids are still very young, it would be fun to pack toys together.

    packing for international move fun for kids
    Make packing an enjoyable experience for kids

    Show them how to put toys into boxes. Tell them that you are preparing toys for an interesting adventure. They will travel on a big boat to a new home. In addition, sort out and pack children’s books. Give your kids a task to wipe off the dust from books. This way you will release the stress for everybody. Also, your kids will feel that they are doing something great for the whole family.

    Moving to Luxembourg with teenagers

    If you are moving to Europe with teenagers that can also be tricky. They already got used to the school they go to. They made lots of friendships. And it is certainly not easy for them to just leave everything and start all over. Keep an honest communication. Tell them that it will not be easy. But that they will have lots of new opportunities. Also, include them actively in this overseas relocation. Help them declutter, and pack. Let them decide which things they want to bring to their new home. This way they will bring their memories into a new home. Also, give them packing materials. Teach them how to pack safely their possessions by using boxes, separators, bubble wraps, etc. This way you will reduce unpleasant thoughts. Also, you will make packing for international move fun for kids.

    Prepare your entire family-make international move fun for kids

    Communication is the keyword. Start talking with your family about relocation from the moment you make this decision. It is really important for everyone to be included from the start. Honestly, it will not be easy. Prepare for nagging and tears. Sit down and talk to your family to prepare them for moving. This definitely should not be a one-sided decision. Your kids should be equal participants. Together you will decide what things you wish to bring to Europe. And what you no longer need. Make sure to do everything on time.

    a family searching online for moving
    Open communication with your family is crucial when moving

    Leave your family enough time to say goodbye to their friends and colleagues. You can also plan together how will you spend this at least 12-hour long plane trip. The kids may bring their favorite toys, play games, read books or watch movies. When you see your family occupied it will make you at ease.

    Show your family that Luxembourg is a great choice

    Why is Luxembourg a great choice? First of all, it is a beautiful country.  Kids will be happy to hear that there are lots of new things to do. Give them complete information on what can be done in Luxembourg. There are so many castles and romantic spots to visit around. Encourage them to meet new people and have lots of new experiences. Look forward together to all the mutual activities you will have there. If you have relatives, you will pay a visit to them. New friends can discover the possibilities that Luxembourg has. They will show you good traditional restaurants where you can meet for family dinners.

    The best is yet to come

    When moving to Luxembourg from the US, you probably already have a new job there. This place has a very high standard of living. That means that your family can look forward to a fruitful life there. And everything is certainly easier with nice surroundings. There are so many places to visit. European culture is different from the US one. Meeting new culture will enrich your life. In addition, your kids may share with their new friends American living experience. To make packing for international move fun for kids, tell them it looks like a fairy tale. But to get there safely, let professional movers help you. You should not go through these stressful procedures alone. As discussed from the beginning, we want this to be a stress-free experience.

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