How to move a fish tank from USA to Spain

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All people are different. Everyone has their own moving stuff that they want to move. It can be different from something that you have and want to move. Relocating a fish tank is one of those things. It is a special kind of move because it is a very fragile item. So, in order to move a fish tank, you will have to do a lot of things to protect the tank. But, if we add an international move, like moving from USA to Spain, things become much harder. So, if this is the case, make sure you stay until the end and find out the best way to move a fish tank across the seas!

A long-distance move is something to have in mind all the time!

It is easy to forget the difficulty of your move. It is all because you have so many things that you have to do. But, the fact that you are having an international move is something that you should focus on. That means that you will have to be even more cautious than you would have been otherwise. Our recommendation if you want to be as careful as possible when moving a fish tank from USA to Spain is to always go with international movers New York. When you have people that know what they are doing by your side, you will feel safer. Everything will seem much easier and you will have the feeling that you can do it. So, pressure yourself a bit so that you could be able to handle the crucial parts of the move better.

books on the table - move a fish tank
Make sure you know regulations about moving a fish tank before relocating

Learn about Spain’s regulations

Every country in the world has its own regulations. That means that you are the only one that can do this. But, this can be much harder than it looks. How to get that information? The first way is to go online and find everything there. We live in the digital era and that is certainly something that you should use to your advantage. You can go to the official websites of Spain and find information there. Another way is to go official and send a letter or email to Spain’s regulation body about this. You should make sure that you write everything down and be as detailed as possible so that they could give you the best possible answer.

Prepare the tank for the move

Preparing an item for an international move is not just about packing. When it comes to the fish tank, there are many things that you have to consider. There are many actions that you have to do beforehand. What we mean is that you can’t just pack the whole thing together. First, you have to take fish out of the water. If you have fewer fish, this task is going to be easy. But, if you have a lot of fish, you need to do this carefully. You should get small containers where you will keep them until you are done with the move.  After that, you should remove the plants that you have in your tank. It is not a task that is going to give you headaches.

Make sure you use adequate supplies

Relocating a fish from USA to Spain can turn into a nightmare if you are not well equipped. Since most fish tanks are made of glass, you have to make sure it survives the trip. The vital element of packing is air-filled plastic wrap. It is a thing that will determine whether your tank will survive or not. Also, when we talk about the supplies, moving boxes overseas need to be durable. Since you are moving internationally, you will have to be more persistent than ever. Disasters can always occur and you need to prevent them at all costs.

plastic wrap
Air-filled plastic wrap is your best friend when moving fragile items

Move a fish tank by packing properly

In order to move a fish tank, you have to handle packing just right. Packing is the most important part here because if you make a mistake, you can say goodbye to your tank. In order to pack, you should do the following:

  • remove the lid and wrap it with air-filled plastic wrap
  • use the foam and put it on the bottom of the tank
  • fill the tank with soft items like towels or cushions
  • before placing it in the box, put something down to prevent blows
  • make sure that the tank does not have too much space during the transport

It may sound easy but there are many places where you can make a mistake. If you forget something here, it is as good as you did not pack at all. If you are not sure but you want to preserve the tank, make sure you get a professional moving company that will do that for you. Also, if you need, you can use many other services. If you are moving a car too, you can use the international car transportation service. If you want to move special items like pool tables, get special services from the movers of your choice. You will not have to lift a finger and you will get what you want!

What after the move ends?

Unpacking is easy. You can have to remove everything from the tank, clean it and use it again. It will take you some time but it should not be too hard. We know it can be stressful but you should think about after you finish. You should think about new things that Spain is going to give you.

chairs outside the building
Spain is a great place to move to!

You will have the chance to experience great weather all year around. It is certainly good for your hobby. Also, you are not going to spend too much on anything, even if you choose to live in the capital. Prices are well oriented and you should not have problems in this area. Finding a suitable place for you and your fish will not be a problem because real estate is easy to find. You will not have too many problems like in the US. So, all in all, there are plenty of things to think about. Make sure you think about this before you stress too much about the move!

Relocate your fish tank to Spain and continue your life!

Now that you have all the information about how to move a fish tank, you can start preparing. If you start now, you will have more time to prepare and make plans for after you are done with the move. Follow the instructions and you should be okay!

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