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The art of negotiation exists for a large portion of our time on this planet. Throughout history, people have been using negotiation to get better deals or to end up paying less for a service or product. Did you know that you can negotiate with moving companies? That is right. When moving, you want to ensure you get the best deal possible and make the most out of it. Luckily, many moving companies can help you achieve that, you just have to know how to make it happen. Lucky for you, that is what we will teach you today. More importantly, you should know that the longer the distance you are moving to is, the better the chances you have in negotiating a better deal. So, before you contact Transparent International NYC, allow us to guide you through the negotiation process one step at a time.

How to prepare before you negotiate with moving companies

If you want to make the best out of your deal you need to know exactly what you want. This is one of the main things to master when negotiating anything. If you know what you want to get out of the deal upfront, you will have an easier time communicating that need with the other party. Now, if you are going for an international relocation, but lack experience in moving, we advise you do a little research beforehand. That is, you should get to know the company, you want to negotiate with, more than just the basics.

a person doing research on a laptop before they negotiate with moving companies
The more you know about the relocation process and what you want from it the easier the negotiation process will be

Why is that important? Stay with us and find out. Now, what should you know prior to contacting a moving company and arranging a relocation process? This guide will help you understand how to approach the negotiation and how to get the results you want.

Know the details of your relocation process

The first step you should take is to know exactly what you need from your relocation process. Some of the basic information is:

  • What type of transportation will you need?
  • The overall weight and size of the items you are moving
  • How much help in terms of manpower will you need
  • Whether or not the movers will require equipment to safely handle your items
  • If you need a storage unit or not
  • The types of services you will require from the moving company

Now, this information is basically the core of every relocation. However, if you are going to aim for striking a better deal with the company, you need to know all of them. Furthermore, obtaining quotes, like international moving quotes, is an important factor as well. The estimate the moving company will provide to you should contain basic expenses for all services you need.

Know who you are working with

The next obvious step is getting to know the company you are looking to negotiate with. This means that you should do the research about their company information, licenses, visit their website, read the customer reviews, etc. Furthermore, you should also see if the company offers any form of special deals to people. If so, make sure you write that down and mention it to them later. More importantly, you should know that a professional moving company will never try to “lowball” you or scam you.

a woman writing information down in her notebook after researching on the laptop
If you are going to engage in business with a certain company, you need to know at least the basic information about them

However, you should also know that there are scam companies out there. Luckily, by learning more about the companies, you will be able to differentiate between fraudulent and professional ones. So, if you are to negotiate with moving companies, we advise contacting them directly and picking up all the information you require, aside from the official website.

How to negotiate with moving companies

Always ask for a discount

Many moving companies will have special offers or deals somewhere on their website. However, even if you did not see any offers, make sure you ask for a discount. If you are, for example, moving from USA to Belgium, you want to work your way into paying the lowest amount possible. Because international relocations are an expense on their own, lowering the price by a margin will surely be of great use. So, do not be shy – ask for a discount! You have nothing to lose.

Be flexible

Determine your moving date carefully. If you want to have lower moving expenses avoid moving during the peak season. The peak season usually starts in April and ends in August. During this period the moving companies have a lot of work and the prices will be higher. More importantly, you will have a hard time arranging a relocation with a moving company. So, understand the process and be flexible. Reschedule your relocation or even move the date to a month where you know you will get a discount.

Negotiate with moving companies by mentioning the competition

Every company wants to be the best company, regardless of the industry they are in. Therefore, if you want to negotiate with a certain company, make sure you mention their competitors.

two women discussing something at the table
By mentioning the competition you are letting the current company know that you are willing to take a better offer from someone else if they do not present it to you

For instance, mention that the competitors offered you a deal that is slightly better than this one and that you have no other choice but to accept the offer. At that moment, the company you are in negotiations with will most likely bend the rules and offer you a better deal than their competitors. After all, all of the companies are working towards gaining new customers and you are one of them.

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