How to pack a mirror for an international move?

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Mirrors have carried certain importance for people through the centuries. From the time when we could only look at the surface of some water, until now, where the mirror is a daily thing. Sometimes we are not aware of how normal it is to have a mirror in the house. In the bathroom, in the living room, or inside a woman’s purse – mirrors are everywhere. We have mirrors that we took as memories from our grandmother or that we got as a gift from a friend. When we move to a new home, we must find an international moving expert that can assist in the process. Whether we believe it or not in 7 years of misfortune when the mirror breaks, we all want to avoid it. One of the ways is to trust a moving expert and knowing how to pack a mirror for an international move?

Mirror and flowers reflected in the mirror
“Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile”

“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?”

Ever had a situation that you need a mirror and you desperately turn around yourself and there isn’t one. We sometimes can’t get out of the house without at least one look at the mirror. One thing is certain we realize the benefit of a mirror when we really need it but don’t have it on hand. What can we do to keep our mirrors from breaking when we need for example to do some overseas relocation? If you are moving to Luxembourg from US, you will need a good plan for packing. You have all your belongings to pack, all of them need to reach your new destination safe from breaking. One thing is sure, mirrors or paintings, framed pictures, and other things made from glass are the most delicate to pack and secure from damage in the shipping.

Several ways to secure our mirrors when moving

There are few ways to make sure that your mirrors, paintings, and photographs are well managed and prepared for moving. There are supplies to buy for this kind of thing. The best is to make a checklist before going to purchase, that way you will not forget what you need. You can also research online before buying. See what is best for packing a mirror for a move to overseas relocation.

Pay attention to the little things also – don’t forget anything!

When we move to overseas relocation, like one we mentioned – moving to Luxemburg from US the stress is even more present than we know it. If you move just two streets further, at least you know the environment. You know people, it isn’t far away. It is easier to find a solution when some problem occurs. But when it comes to overseas, it is a lot scarier and much more difficult to think of everything you need to provide for a move that is so far away. There are things that people usually forget when planning an international move. Avoid stress the best you can! Make sure you thought of everything!

Pack mirror for international move happy like dancing guy and girl in front a mirror surrounded with boxes
Reflect positive energy and avoid stress while moving!

List of supplies for packing your mirror

We can divide some of the types of supplies that you need for all the processes of packing and then you can pack mirror for an international move like a professional.

  • Boxes – boxes that you can use are also called mirror carton
  • Cushioning supplies – loose fill packing peanuts, bubble wraps, moving blanket, think what also you can get for mirror situation
  • Tapes – there are all sort of tapes, like packing tape, painters’ tape, or masking tape
  • Markers – use permanent markers and visible colors

Let’s see into some of these things more detailed!

Tips on how to pack a mirror for an international move!

The smaller mirror the easier is to pack. What if you have big mirrors in the house? What about mirrors that are heavy or extra fragile? In which order you can pack? First thing first:

  1. Prepare the mirror carton that is a little larger than the mirror itself, so you can wrap up the mirror with cushioning supplies before you put it in the box.
  2. Find the appropriate surface to pack. The floor (with carpet if you have, or you can use the moving blanket) or the big table in the house can help with the process.

We will arrange the packing process in few steps:

  1. Put the moving blanket, if you have one on the, selected surface. That way you will avoid damage while packing.
  2. Put the bubble wrap onto the moving blanket or some other cushioning supplier that you choose.
  3. Lay down the mirror on the bubble wrap.
  4. Use the painter’s tape and make an X pattern and maybe few more horizontal stripes onto the mirror surface. This way you can avoid possible glass breakage and scattering if damage occurs.
  5. Wrap up the mirror in bubble wrap, tape it up with some packing tape.
  6. Put the wrapped mirror in the mirror carton. Take the box, gently move the box to see if the packed mirror inside is moving.
  7. If it is moving you can use some more cushioning supplies like loose fill packing peanuts and secure even more the inside of the box around the mirror.

    bubble wrap close up picture
    Pack mirror for an international move and later you will have bubble wrap to pop!

Pretty please, with the cherry on top – wrap up the finishing touch!

After you go through all the packing steps, finish it with the labeling!

  • Label “Fragile” on the box or/and “Handle with care”
  • And you can label “Front” of the mirror, so you can know then unpacking where is front facing in the box

You choose from some great international services. Don’t worry, now you can be sure that you did everything to pack a mirror for an international move and that there is almost no chance of breaking or damaging the mirror you packed. Of course, all similar items like mirrors can be packed in the same way. 

When you arrive at your destination and your new home, you can put all the old memories on the wall. Assemble all the furniture that speaks the story of your life. You will do everything to make your home the coziest that can be. You will start the new era of your life by looking at the mirrors like the fairest of them all!

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