How to pack a sculpture for global shipping

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Moving overseas is a very complicated process. It requires a lot of time and preparation. You need to obtain a pile of documents for the move. Then you need to decide what you will bring to your new home-therefore to do a serious decluttering. And finally, you should leave enough time to say goodbye to your friends and family. But not only this. Sometimes there are certain items such as sculptures which need transport. Packing and transporting these items is a complex procedure. To handle all this you may need to engage international companies worldwide movers. You may need special packing materials. Also, sculptures are very heavy and can endanger your safety.  Professional movers will give you useful advice on how to handle packing. Or they can help you by doing packing completely for you. In this article learn how to pack a sculpture for global shipping.

Luxembourg letter
Planning ahead when moving overseas is crucial

Moving overseas from the USA to Luxembourg

Every time you need to relocate it is always stressful. Especially when you have some possessions which need special attention. Sculptures are one of those. Due to their size and weight, if you do not handle them properly, they can be easily damaged. In addition, you risk being hurt as well. Therefore we strongly advise contacting experts for this overseas relocation. Trusted experts will of course take additional care of your sculptures. Both big or small. They have the access to a number of packing materials, plus they have more experience. Another very important thing to settle is insurance.  A trusted moving company should offer insurance of your possessions during packing and transport. This way you will ensure that if any damage happens during transport, insurance will cover the costs. And you will not bear any loss.

Ideas to pack a sculpture for global shipping to Luxembourg

This is great news that you will be moving to this great European country. Luxembourg is a famous country for its very rich culture.

As you plan to move your sculptures overseas, you will make a nice new home. That will be your own cultural spot. But those heavy things need safe packing and transporting first. It is very important to get all the packing materials on time. If you realize you lack some, you may make some mistakes. That can lead to damaging your items. When moving to Luxembourg from US, make sure to he experts around. They will have proper ideas and suggestions on how to pack sculptures for relocation. They will provide special boxes, plenty of bubble wrap, and other separators. It is necessary to have packing foam as well. Obtain scissors, packing tape, and different labels.

customer is trying to pack a sculpture for global shipping
Take special care when packing sculptures

Check upon your inventory

No matter how many sculptures you plan to transfer, making a checklist is crucial. This way you will go through all of your sculptures.

Take a notebook and write down the state in which they are. This way you will keep the track of the number of them you possess. In addition, you will know the state of your inventory at all times. Why is this important when you wish to pack a sculpture for global shipping? Well, transportation of such fragile items can be very tricky. Many unpredicted things can happen on the way. Therefore, keep a record of your inventory. If something happens to your sculptures on the way, you will have proof of their original state. The insurance company will then cover all the consequential damages. Whatsmore, with a checklist you will know where the items are put. And you will have complete control over the situation.

How to pack a sculpture for global shipping simply

Moving your entire inventory to another continent can give you hard times. On the list of the greatest stress in life moving is in the 4th place. Especially for complicated moves such as going from the USA to Luxembourg. It is a long way from making a decision to actually setting foot on the new continent. Therefore, try to keep it as simple as possible. Make sure to have all you need in one place. try to act as if you are doing this often. This will reduce the stress of moving. It will also give you the sense that everything is in order. Here are some of the basics you should have:

  • Specialized cardboard boxes
  • Numerous cushioning supplies such as air pillows, bubble wrap, all kinds of foam
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture covers
  • Additional tools for packing and shipping

    a checklist
    Always make a checklist to make it easier

Additional preparation for an international move

One very important factor for an international move is time. It requires planning ahead, making checklists, cleaning, etc.  Professional movers should measure your sculptures. They should also make sure that the sculptures can actually pass through the doors.  If needed, maybe you should find other ways to take them out. Pack each sculpture separately. This way you will avoid possible damaged of bumping each other. Always clean your sculptures before packing them. If you don’t have those, you can look for special cleaning products for sculptures on Amazon. Maybe you will need extra advice from experts on how to clean them.  Your clean sculptures will be ready immediately after unpacking. then you can arrange them more easily. A reliable moving company should have movers skilled to provide you with all the help you need.

Think about how you have done a great job. First, you decide to move to the beautiful country of Luxembourg. Then, you have contacted professional movers to help you pack a sculpture for global shipping. This way the whole process of relocating to your new home is much simpler. And finally when you have all the packing materials packing can start. Always make sure that your sculptures are clean before wrapping them up. Imagine how your new hope will look like with all the valuable sculptures around. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to ensure that everything goes by the plan. Try to relax and enjoy as much as the situation allows.

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