How to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe

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You have made a great decision to move to Europe. The old continent is famous for its rich history and beautiful places to see. But before you finally get there, there are many things to prepare and finalize. And moving overseas was never easy. So it will not be easy this time either. Especially if you have some expensive items such are rugs which are not easy for packing and transporting. There are many moving companies on the market. But not all of them know how to properly pack and transport rugs. Due to its shape and size, you will need a reliable company to do that for you. Transparent International NYC is a company with a lot of experience in moving overseas. In his guide learn how to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe. Follow the advice you will find here to make this move successful.

hiring movers to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe
Always hire professionals when moving expensive items

Find movers to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe

Packing and preparing rugs for the international move does not just include folding it and you are done.  You may have some exclusive handmade carpets. Or you have been collecting oriental carpets for many years. Whichever the case, these need special attention when packing and transporting. Since you will not be able to do it on your own, consider using overseas relocation services. Packing rugs may not seem so complicated. But think about packing books, clothes, and shoes as well. Although they seem like no-brainers, if you skip a  very important step in packing, you will end up with damaged items. The same works for packing rugs. Folding them and putting them in plastic bags won’t work. Therefore, consult with reliable movers on carpet preparation. They have enough packing materials to safely finalize everything.

Moving to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a great place to live in. Many people decide to move there from all over the world. Apart from the beautiful climate and architecture, it also has many opportunities for business growth.

the city of Luxembourg
Luxembourg is a great place to live in

Consider yourself the lucky one who decided to move to this great place. When moving there, it is possible that you will buy some new furniture for your new home in Luxembourg. In addition, you may need to transport some of your valuable possessions such as your expensive rugs. When moving to Luxembourg from US, you will need special tips regarding these precious items. When you start packing, we suggest that you pack the most expensive items first. Professional moving companies will provide you with the right packing materials and advice on how to do it properly. Or you can simply let all the job for the moving company to do.

Pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe-simple tips

Needless to say, smaller and low-cost rugs are always easier to pack and transport.

But when it comes to large and super expensive ones, the procedure is a bit different. Here you can find a few suggestions on how your expensive rugs can come from point A to point B intact. In addition, you should try to keep packing simple for an international move. This way you will ensure to prevent any damages during transportation. What to do first? Always clean your rugs before packing. Take them to professional cleaners to do this for you. They have all the necessary special cleaning materials to properly do it. Then, determine the direction of the nap. The fibers of an area rug have a specific direction. It should feel smooth under your hand when you are gliding your hand over it. Finally, turn it upside down.

Packing with professionals

Now that you have turned the rugs upside down with the help of movers you can start rolling it. But first, let’s mention why it is crucial to do this. If you roll your rug with the pile facing you, then you will put extra pressure on the backing of the rug. That may cause stretching and possible cracking. Now you can roll it and tie it up with the help of professionals. Please bear one thing in mind -when it comes to handling such valuable items, always do the research on movers. Choosing movers is not n easy thing to do when you need to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe.  It may take a little longer to find a moving company. This will actually save you from stress. And a fair amount of money of course. If handled properly, your item will suffer no damage.

two people packing a rug
Try to keep packing of your rugs simple

Additional tips on expensive rug preparation

Sometimes relocation overseas can be very expensive. Of course, you will create a moving budget prior to moving. However, sometimes even with additional costs budget, it will turn out that you simply do not have enough money. You need to pay for a pile of documents when moving to Luxembourg. Then you have to pay for packing and moving transportation. Finally, you need to spend on regular everyday life during relocation preparation. You may clean expensive rugs yourself, to save a little bit. With these tips, you can use some simple cleansers. Or to make some at home easily. What you can obtain for the process are the following:

  • Specialized rug shampoo
  • Soft-bristle brush or sponge
  • A bucket and water

Remove the old stains and hoover your rugs. Then mix the cleaner. Gently apply them to the rug. Wash and rinse the rug. And finally, remove the excess water. Now you can leave the rug to slowly dry.

Preparing for moving abroad is never an easy task. It can require months and months of planning and preparation. Especially when it comes to preparing valuable items such as oriental and other expensive rugs. The best is to contact reliable movers to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC to Europe. This way you will ensure safe wrapping and transportation of your precious possessions. Rugs will reach your new home in Luxembourg fresh, clean, and ready to use.



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