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Whether it’s about a local or a long-distance move, packing can be complicated. In order to secure your belongings and prepare them for transportation, it’s useful to learn how to pack economically. When planning an international move, saving money and time while packing can be a big convenience. If you decide to hire relocation experts for moving to Luxembourg from US, take a look at our short packing guide. The following tips will help you organize your packing process and handle it like a pro.

Step one – make a packing plan

The first step in every relocation is making a good plan. When it comes to packing, the rule is pretty much the same. Whether you decide to hire professional packers or not, the packing will be much simpler if you know how you plan to handle it.

man packing
In order to pack economically, you will need to make a plan and get the right packing supplies.

What you want to do is to assess your inventory and decide which items you want to move. This will help you get a bigger picture of how many packing supplies you’ll need. Furthermore, assessing your inventory will also help you set the moving budget. Once you pack economically, you will save money and space inside your moving boxes.

The next step in your packing plan will be a timeline. Keep in mind that you might need to use some essential items until the last day, so make a list of items you should pack last. Before hiring overseas relocation services, you should know how you plan to manage your packing process. When your movers arrive, you will avoid any delays if all of your belongings are safely packed.

Downsizing can help you pack economically

One of the easiest ways to pack economically is to pack only items you will use in your new home. For example, you should try to leave behind old pieces of furniture, clothes, or unnecessary paperwork. If you downsize your home, you will have an easier time planning your packing process. Further, you will save money on packing supplies and pack in less time.

The process of downsizing can be time-consuming, but essentially – it’s simple. All you need to do is to sort out your belongings into categories. The first category should be for packing, the second for giving away, and the third – for getting rid of. Downsizing will help you minimize unnecessary items in your new home, so you can unpack your boxes with ease. 

Pack similar items together

Once you start to pack, consider organizing your belongings into categories. For example, you can pack books with paperwork, or clothes with bed linen. Here are some examples of items you can pack economically:

  • Books, documents, and paperwork
  • Clothes, towels, and bedsheets
  • Kitchen gadget and small electronics
  • Cleaning products and cosmetics
  • Toys, pillows, and blankets
  • Memorabilia, decorations, and other non-sensitive items

    woman sorting clothes
    If you want to save space inside your moving boxes, the best thing you could do is to downsize.

Get extra packing supplies for fragile items

Although some items can be packed together and help you pack economically, sensitive inventory will require different packing techniques. Saving space while packing is convenient, but some items will require additional packing supplies. You will need to pack breakable and fragile items separately. Things like glasses, lamps, sharp and pointy items can easily damage during transportation. This is why you should pack them in original packaging and get additional cushioning materials.

Save space in your moving boxes

When people say ‘pack economically’, they usually refer to two things. Basically, it’s always good to save money while packing, while also saving space. And what better way to do that than to pack tightly in each and every moving box? One of the best ways to do so is to pack smaller boxes inside bigger ones. Of course, this tip refers only to those items which are not easy to damage. 

Another thing you should avoid is overpacking. No matter how much you want to pack economically, you should never overcrowd the boxes. Cardboard boxes can’t bear too much weight unless you want them to break or tear apart. Make sure to get enough moving boxes so you have plenty of space for packing your belongings.

Consider hiring professional packers

It’s easy to talk about efficient packing, but in some cases, it is easier said than done. For example, moving last minute can be complicated, which is why hiring professional packers might be the best solution. If you don’t have time to plan and pack economically, you should look for moving companies like Transparent International NYC. Most reliable international movers provide affordable packing services you should consider. No matter the size and distance of your move, professional packers will save you a lot of time and energy for sure.

cardboard boxes
Saving money while packing is easy! All you need to do is look for some cheap or free moving boxes.

How to save money on packing supplies?

In order to pack economically, you will have to get the right amount of packing supplies. The good news is – there are many places you can look for cheap (and even free) packing supplies. Places like bookstores, offices, and local grocery stores are perfect for getting cardboard boxes of any size. If you have time to check those places out, you will save money and avoid buying new packing supplies for your move.

In order to pack economically, all you need is some free time and a good plan. Packing for the move is not easy, but there is always a way to save money and pack your belongings efficiently. Whether you are moving your home or your business, make sure to start packing on time and decide which items to pack first. The better you plan this process, the easier it will be to secure your inventory and avoid any loss or damage to it.

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