How to pack holiday ornaments safely before moving to Austria

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Moving during holidays can be overwhelming, especially when moving overseas. You are a lucky person if you plan to move to Europe this Christmas season. We congratulate you on that. Europe is a beautiful continent, especially during holiday times. Also, take a look at how Austrians celebrate and decorate their country during Christmas. You will be probably bringing your holiday ornaments. It is important to transport them safely. For that activity, you will need help from professionals.  Therefore, check online for international movers New York and book them in advance. You will need reliable movers to help you get your possessions safely to Austria. In addition, you will need to properly pack them. You can either do this on your own or with the help of movers. You will need to go the extra mile to do this right. In this text, learn how to pack holiday ornaments for moving.

Get the right packing materials to pack holiday ornaments

In this case, it will not be just enough to put your holiday ornaments in the moving boxes. As these items are sensitive, they will need extra care. Also, it depends on what type of Christmas tree you have. Whether it is natural or artificial, the packing will be different. If you are moving from USA to Austria before Christmas, you should pack the decoration first. To do this you will need special containers. This is the perfect time to remove some of the ornaments that might be chipped or broken. There is no need to bring them into your new home. There are many different wreath packing containers. They are usually made of plastic and some other material. In addition, get the following:

boxes to pack holiday ornaments
Use some special moving boxes to pack holiday ornaments
  • plastic bags
  • tree storage bag
  • egg cartons and ornament boxes
  • plastic containers and cardboard boxes
  • different cushioning

Start packing your holiday decoration

Do not underestimate the time you will need to pack your holiday decoration. As the items are sensitive, you may need more time. In addition, organize your whole family to help you with packing this.

If you have children, packing holiday decorations can be even fun. If you have small kids, let them help you only with soft toys such as Santa or reindeers. Of course, you will pack more sensitive items. Regarding crystal or glass balls, wrap them up in bubble wrap and put them in plastic bags. In addition, store paper decor in plastic bags as well. Out these in a separate box and label it FRAGILE so your international household movers will take additional care. To prevent wrinkles, try to put them in special folders before placing them in the boxes. Separate each plastic bag with some sort of cushioning.

a girl playing with toys
Let your children help you pack holiday ornaments

How to pack Christmas lights

This can be pretty overwhelming to pack Christmas lights. If you are a person who likes to put a lot of lights both inside and outside of the house, then it can be even harder. Be very careful to untangle them properly.

Once you start untangling, use a piece of cardboard and start gently wrapping each string around it. Make sure to prepare enough of the cardboard pieces so you can wrap them up more easily. In addition, when moving furniture overseas keep the decoration boxes on the opposite side of the house. Once you wrap up all the indoor and outdoor light strings, put them in bubble wrap to protect them. Also, do not put the lights with some other items in the box as it can squeeze them and damage them. Make sure that the box is waterproof as well.

Pack other holiday ornaments such as your Christmas tree

Luckily, a Christmas tree is not the most sensitive part of your Christmas decoration. But it does not mean that you should not pay attention to it. First of all, save yourself the trouble and do not pack a real tree. As this is a long trip overseas, the chances are little that the tree will survive. Instead, take an artificial tree, carefully fold the branches, and put it in a storage bag. There is a special kind of duffel bag. These bags are durable and can protect your tree from moisture. You may have trouble with packing a tree for moving for any reason. For example, you have an artificial tree but it is too big. In that case, consider professional packing help from movers. They certainly have the proper packing boxes and experience to pack your tree and save it from damage.

multicolor lights
Pack your Christmas lights in a separate box

More tips for packing holiday decor

For sensitive ornaments, you can use egg cartons to store them there. This proved to be a very useful packing tool. Carefully put the round ornaments inside the egg carton, wrap them up with rubber bands and some tape.  In addition, pack holiday ornaments in separate boxes and keep them away from the rest. If you will pack your Christmas tree, you can find a cheap duffel bag on the U-Haul website. All your ornament boxes should be full to the top. If you do not have that many ornaments, fill them with lots of cushioning and packing paper. For other bulky items such as skeletons, different scenes, or candy canes use blankets to cover them up. In addition, wrap them with some tape to secure them from damage. Once the truck is full, these should go on top of the boxes.

Moving during the holiday season is not easy for many reasons. However, there is a way to properly pack holiday ornaments and transport them safely to your new Austrian home. In addition, if there are some very sensitive ones that you are not sure how to pack, ask your movers to do so. You can still pack ll the lights, wreaths, and garlands together with your kids. Do not forget to use a lot of protective materials for packing. While wrapping the ornaments, tell your kids that next year you will be decorating your new home and together look forward to that.


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