How to pack liquids and perishables when moving internationally

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    Relocations require preparation. Whether it is a matter of moving two blocks further or to another state. It is especially important to know how to pack liquids and perishables when moving internationally.

    If you only carry a suitcase with you, then no worries. But, if you move your whole life, that is, everything from the home where you lived, you have to pack well and in an organized way! Any good international moving expert will explain to you how to pack food and perishables and why it is important.

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    It is not a big thing to know how to pack for an international move. But when you carry perishable and liquids with you, it can mean the help of an expert. Consult with people who provide overseas relocation services and learn how to do it effortlessly!

    How to pack liquids properly?

    The biggest problem with liquids is that there is a possibility of spillage. Spilling liquid will not only wet everything around you, but it can also damage the things it touches. For example, if medical alcohol is spilled, the materials around it may fade. International household movers usually take over this exclusively. The reason is that liquids are very difficult to pack. But, if you still pack yourself, here are some tips.

    Firstly, a flammable liquid that people usually transport:

    • gasoline, motor oil, and similar flammable chemicals;
    • flammable household cleaners;
    • children’s chemical kits
    • edible liquids such as milk, yogurt, juice, etc.

    Take care to leave everything that is not necessary first. Recycle or use before departure. If you have a little vinegar, make a salad before departure and avoid carrying it with you. When it comes to flammable liquids, such as oil or alcohol, make sure they are in the original bottles. It is important that the cap fits the bottle and seals well.  To further secure the bottles, tape the caps. You can put all the bottles in bottle baskets or if you don’t have one, you can use solid plastic boxes. Avoid cardboard, it can be damaged due to spillage and thus tear. Always wrap glass bottles in bubble wrap!

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    Be careful with packing liquids and perishables when moving internationally

    How to pack perishable when moving internationally?

    If you are moving to Luxembourg from US, you have to think about packing perishables adequately. There are many tips about packing food you are taking with you. First of all, perishables are items that have an expiration date on them. These include foods as well as organic items.

    All perishable items last longer if they are not open. This means everything is in the original enclosure the packaging should not break until you arrive at the new location. The most important thing is temperature control. If you carry food that normally stands in the refrigerator, it would not be bad to pack it in portable refrigerators. They are small, easy to transport, and will keep you cool while traveling!

    It is easy to learn how to pack liquids and perishables when moving internationally. The only principle you should follow is safety. Always have some rags to pick up if you spill when moving liquids and perishable. Also, due to perishable goods, use air-conditioned vehicles. The most important thing is not to endanger anyone during the packaging or during the trip. Everything else is easy with our tips!

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