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    The modern world we all living in allows us to feel free about shopping options. Whether you are just a consumer or you are running your business, today you have endless options. But when it comes to shipments you send and receive, there is always something new you should learn. To start, if you planning to send your shipments across the country or the world, you should know how to properly pack, seal and label them. Even if this seems like a simple job, mistakes constantly happen. And as a result, consumers could get damaged products. Since this is the last thing that you want, our international movers New York will help you prevent this. With our help, you will be prepared to pack, seal and label shipments without trouble and wasting time. So, let’s see want to keep in mind before you sent your shipment to customers.

    Reasons why you need to properly pack, seal and label shipments

    Just like any other task, sending shipments has its rules and inevitable steps. But if you are new to the world of online shopping and shipping your products, you could easily overlook important steps you should take. Since our experts for moving from USA to Spain don’t want you to regret the damage that could happen, we will remind you of common situations you will want to avoid.

    A person thinking about the way to label shipments while receiving a shipment
    You will prevent many issues if you label shipments right.

    For instance, you have decided to start sending your product to customers. That means your products will be available for customers without visiting your retail store. Although this is great news for them, here is what could happen if you don’t pack, seal and label shipments properly:

    • your customers could receive a package that is damaged. Unluckily, this can be an awful experience your customers will get through. This could keep them away from the attention to order some of your products once again. This can even be the reason why you did lose a customer. Since you don’t want this to happen to you, give your best to stop this from happening to your loyal customers;
    • in case you forget to check did you properly pack, seal and label shipments, they could get misplaced or even lost. This is something that could result in bad emotions for people who expect to receive the shipment.
    • if you do all the needed steps, it will help against scams you definitely want to prevent.

    Regardless of the size of your business, our international car transportation specialists are sure you want to learn all steps that will enable you to run your business properly. Since you want to keep your customers and give them the products they order, just keep reading.

    Firstly properly pack your shipment

    One of the first things you should complete when sending a shipment is choosing the right container or box. If you did receive any shipment ever before, you will start thinking about sturdy cardboard boxes. In case you need to ship regular items, sturdy cardboard boxes will be an ideal solution for you according to the experience of our moving boxes overseas experts. These boxes are easy to find, and purchase and they are affordable. Besides, sturdy cardboard boxes come in multiple sizes and shapes so you can pick the according to the characteristics of your products.

    A man prepares package for shipment
    Use proper packing materials for your shipments.

    If you need top-quality boxes for many purposes, you can be free to get in touch with us. After you contact us we will be glad to provide you with the different boxes that you need. There is no doubt that cardboard sturdy boxes are very useful and suitable for dozen of different products you wish to send internationally. It is pretty easy to seal and label shipments once they are packed in mentioned cardboard boxes. But the important this you should remember, make sure to measure the products before you order your boxes. In addition, keep in mind that you need to avoid empty space inside the box. With too much empty space, your product could bounce abound during the transport. Unluckily this will cause unwanted damage. Fortunately, you can prevent empty space by using bubble wrap, packing paper, and moving blankets.

    Check did you do everything right before you seal and label shipments

    Once you seal your shipment, there will be nothing else you can do to protect your shipment. So, before you take this step make sure that you choose the right cardboard box according to the size, shape, and weight of your product. When the time comes for selling your shipment, make sure to use the right sealing tape. Opt for plastic or reinforced tape for packages and try to avoid cellophane or masking tape. If you did label shipments already, make sure you don’t put any tape over the label. A mistake like this could lead to returning your shipment. Whether you want your package to be delivered in New York or overseas, don’t cover labels with the tape.

    A woman carrying labeled boxes
    Once you check everything, your shipment is ready.

    Labeling shipments is all about one simple rule- you should put a label on the largest surface of the package. Double-check the recipient’s information on the package. Make sure to fill in all information clearly.

    Get help when you need to pack, seal and label shipments

    There is no doubt, many types of products you can send to your customers without any help. But this mostly depends on the characteristics of the products you are working with. For instance, if you need to send some delicate items, use the proper box you need for it. Also, be careful when you seal and label your shipments for shipping containers. But if you need to import or export a large shipment, get help from our experts for import and export solutions. Experts will help you keep your goods safe and your customers satisfied. They know how to properly pack, seal, label shipments, and transport even specific products you want to deliver to your customers.


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