How to postpone an international relocation

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Every move is unique, but all of them have some things in common. They often come with a lot of stress and a lot of emotions. That all can be overwhelming and it is for the majority of people. On top of that, many unexpected things can happen during this period. And if anything like that occurs, you may be asking: can you postpone an international relocation? This is just the question you can ask overseas removalists you decide to hire to help you with your relocation.

Movers for international relocation

Hiring a moving company is always a good idea, but this is especially true for moving overseas. So try as soon as possible to get yourself international movers to Australia, if that is the continent you are moving to. When you are looking for the right company, check how long they are on the market and how experienced they are. Because you want someone who can take it all during this transitional period.

moving company
Find movers for international relocation.

Also, ask them for all services that you could benefit from during your international relocation. Some of them will be charged extra and maybe they are not the thing that you want. So let them be clear to you with all they propose. They will be more helpful if they know as many specifics of your move as possible. So keep them well informed.

Can you postpone an international relocation?

Don’t sign up for a deal with your movers before you get at least three different international moving quotes. Compare them and then make your decision. Also, ask them what will happen if you need to postpone an international relocation. We will now give you some tips on that matter. Whatever the reason for postponing is, if your upcoming move has to be postponed, you maybe ask yourself what to do next. This is especially true if you have already given notice to your landlord or already closed the sale on your house. So these are the steps you can take.

You can reschedule or cancel your move

Since you probably already booked your movers, the first thing on your list should be to contact them and to let them know what is happening. You will most probably want to postpone their services to a later date if they can accept it. Also, you will maybe have to ask them if they can move your belongings to the storage space until the moving date. Whatever the situation is, you should be honest with them and provide as much information as possible.

postpone an international relocation
If you need, you can postpone an international relocation.

If you are not sure what will your next moving date be, cancel their services for now and let them know that you will call them back as soon as you find out the next timing of your move? They will maybe be able to make some alternative arrangements, so ask them what is possible at that moment.

If the situation is that you didn’t book movers at this point, because your relocation is just in an early stage, you should cancel it all until you get more information. This is especially true if you have plans to move long distances. This will save you a lot of trouble and complication and will save your relationship with your movers. You won’t have to change contracts and secure finance, to repack your items.

Figure out where you will stay

When moving gets postponed, you have to figure out many things, unless you are in really early stages. If it is possible, you will stay at your place. And sometimes that won’t be possible. But if your home is already sold out or your rental lease is over, you will need to find some other option. You could ask your friends or family to stay with them if your move is postponed for a short period of time. This could be complicated if you have kids or elder people who need to continue with their pace. And also will be hard if you have to continue working from home. This option is convenient for a shorter period, but not if you have a long-term postponed relocation.

Figure out where you will stay.

So the thing you can do is to look for some hotels or motels that have extended stay options. You may need to use the kitchen and laundry services, so inform well before you change your home for now. Have in mind that you could also find it helpful to use short-term rentals. They almost always have necessities that could support all your needs in this period. In this situation, you can take your belongings with you or decide to put them in a storage unit.

An additional burden in this situation can be that you have pets. So you will have to secure lodging your furry friends. They will maybe be able to join you in a hotel or short-term rental. But not every facility will accept them. SO you may ask your friends to take care of them, and if you can’t find a place for them, you always have a kennel to use temporarily.

Unpack necessities

Labeling boxes will come in handy even in this situation. If you know where is the thing you need immediately after moving, kudos to you. You will use them during the postponed period. This will make it all easier until you reschedule your move. Just unpack the right boxes and use some moving day kits that you made before. Bring those items to your temporary home.

It is possible for you to postpone an international relocation

We do hope now that you realize that it is possible for you to postpone an international relocation. And think of it as getting some extra time. During that time you could prepare some more, you can get some more information on Australia if that is the place where you are moving to. Or you can just think of this time as a gift to be more with people who you love and care for. Remember that everything will work out just fine. Just stay patient.

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