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If you are relocating to a different part of the country or even overseas, and you have a motorbike, you should plan its transportation thoroughly. It is a heavy and delicate vehicle, which is why you should pay special attention to it. Your preparation should include several important steps. In order for you to do this properly, we are going to let you know what to do and how to do it. Follow our pieces of advice and you will prepare a motorbike for transport in no time!

Hire a reliable moving company to help you

The very first task that should be on your to-do list is finding a reputable mover. This is probably the key to successfully transporting your motorbike to your new home. Namely, what you do first is to check whether the mover in question has a license and whether they can provide you with insurance. This is certainly the case with our team of international movers in New York City. Should you choose them to be your moving partners, you can be sure that you are not going to make a mistake. They are going to do everything by the book and your vehicle will arrive in perfect condition. The only thing you should do in order to hire them is simply to give them a call.

Cleaning your motorbike is vital when preparing it for transport

If you want to do everything properly, clean your motorbike first. This has more than one purpose. First of all, it will help you identify dents, paint chips, and scratches. You will have a chance to complete a visual inspection and see if some repairs should be done.

A motorbike
By cleaning your motorbike, you will have a chance to see whether there is something that should be repaired

In case there is some more serious damage done to it, it is advisable to deal with it before transport. By doing this, you will lessen the chance of having the motorbike even more damaged. In addition to this, your motorbike will be ready for riding the moment it reaches its destination.

The second step should be completing a thorough inspection

This is something that will help you check whether there are any mechanical problems with your motorbike. If there is something suspicious, take it to the mechanic. Tell them that you want to prepare a motorbike for transport, and they will surely inspect it more thoroughly. In addition to this, you should also check whether there are any leaks. In case there are, you should get them fixed on time.

When the whole process is over, you should take pictures of the bike from several angles as well as the mileage. By doing this, you will have a chance to compare its condition after transport. With the help of door-to-door international movers, you will have nothing to worry about. With this type of service, a team of professionals will document the condition of your bike before the transportation process even begins.

Make sure you secure the loose parts

Another task that should be on your to-do list is securing the loose parts. If this seems risky to you, feel free to remove them instead. For example, this should be the case with saddlebags. The main reason why you should do this is safety. This means that you will prevent damage to the motorbike during transport.

A motorbike with saddlebags
In order to prepare a motorbike for transport, it is advisable to remove the saddlebags

Bear in mind that your movers are not going to be responsible if items like these are lost on the way to your new home. This is why you should hire a moving company with the best international car transportation services. They are going to take great care of your bike and you will have a chance to avoid stressing yourself.

Leave some gas and remove personal items

When you prepare a motorbike for transport, it is important that you leave approximately a 1/4 tank of gas. The reason for this is that you should have enough gas to move the vehicle on and off the moving truck. On the other hand, the tank should not be full because this will add extra weight to transport.

In addition to this, you should also remove all the personal items. Make sure you check under the seats and inside the saddlebags. Remove everything you find because the items can easily get misplaced. If you lose your driver’s license, for example, it will be a problem but you will still be able to solve it. However, if you lose something of emotional value to you, you will not have a chance to get it back or to get a new item.

Check the tires and add special instructions

As you already probably know, the motorbike’s tires should contain the appropriate amount of air in them. So, what you should do is to check the tire pressure before transport. This will be of great help since you will know that, once your motorbike arrives at your new home, it will be ready for riding.

Make sure you check the tires before having your motorbike transported

Another thing you should pay attention to is giving special instructions. Basically, if there is something your movers should know about the bike, make a note to them. In case something unexpected happens, they will know what to do.

When you need to prepare a motorbike for transport, you have to go through several steps. Of course, the preparation for the whole process is the most important. Once you know what is in front of you and what you should focus on, everything will be much easier. Include all of these pieces of advice, and you will certainly finish this process on time. Also feel free to ask your movers to give you a helping hand.

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