How to prevent package theft when moving to Spain from US

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    International relocation is a very serious process that includes many tasks and many people. From the moment the packing process starts, by the time the goods reach their destination, many things can happen. That is why it is necessary to prepare yourself and have a decent plan. But before all that you need to learn everything about the moving process. International moves differ a lot from local moves. More issues may come up on the way than when moving locally. One thing is definitely the most important. That means finding responsible international movers New York. They are the most important in the international moving chain. Movers with enough working experience have their own connections with different freight forwarders. Also, they will handle your goods properly. And prevent package theft that might happen during transportation. In this text, learn how to prevent this situation to take place during your move.

    Important signals to pay attention to

    No matter we do not like it, we must admit that thefts happen during long-distance moves. However, you should not worry too much as there are ways to recognize some signs of theft. In addition, you will learn how to prevent it. There are many transportation companies on the market. It is important to figure out on time which are reliable and which are not so reliable. Therefore, learn to read these signs when moving from USA to Spain. Also, you need to learn when and where you can expect the theft to happen. For example, when waiting for the moving trucks to arrive. You need to make sure that people who present as your movers are actually those guys. Secondly, you should know the route and time your possession needs to reach the port and wait for further processing.

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    Get to know your movers in order to prevent a package theft

    Learn tips to prevent package theft

    The thefts may also happen in warehouses where there is not enough video monitoring. Every reliable warehouse should have cameras all around in case anything disappears.

    So where to look up for traits of reliable movers? First of all, check their website and social networks. What is more important is to read the reviews other people posted about the shipping company. In this digital era, this is the main resource we have. You must pay greater attention if you will be shipping some expensive goods such as your car. During international car transportation, thefts may happen as well. Therefore, consider buying an insurance policy. Not only for your car but for other goods as well. Getting any kind of insurance may not prevent the theft from happening. However, if something like this occurs, you will have some kind of compensation for your loss.

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    It is necessary to buy car insurance for international car transportation

    Be careful with labeling the boxes

    You need to be aware of the fact that even if you use your own boxes and labels, things can still disappear. But if you want to prevent this from happening, be careful how you label the moving boxes.

    You should use your own system of labeling the boxes. For example, you may use different colors of labels for each room. Label all the boxes green from your bedroom. In addition, you may use some numbers as well. These numbers may represent the number of items you have in the box. Also, in case you plan to use your movers’ moving boxes overseas, you can insist to label them yourself. Of course, make sure that nobody has an idea how you labeled the boxes in order to prevent package theft. Movers that you can trust will also inform you about the exact location of your goods.

    Keep your valuables with you in order to prevent package theft

    Some small but very important or valuable goods, you should keep with you at all times. For example, jewelry, money, small art pieces, or antiques, you should keep in a separate box or boxes. Ocean freight is cheaper and more convenient to use to transport goods to Spain. However, when it comes to transporting your valuable possessions, consider air freight as a transporting solution. Airfreight is more expensive. However, the goods are more secure in this means of transportation. Reputable movers will give you the best piece of advice on how to handle everything properly. Airfreight will give you more advantages. For example, if any delay happens on the way, your goods will be safer on the plane than on the ship. It is definitely better to pay more, and not feel sorry later.

    people packing boxes
    You need to label the boxes in your own way

    Other tips to handle stealing of your goods

    Another very useful thing that you can apply is to take photos of your possessions. This way you will have a clear image of what you have put in those moving boxes. In addition, you can put some non-transparent paper over your goods so nobody can see what is inside. If you are still not sure about your movers, check their reputability further by visiting FMCSA website. There you will find out if the company has the right registration number and a working license. Finally, try to include your own people in the move. For this reason, make an arrangement with your friends or neighbors to be there on the moving date. They can monitor what is happening during loading items on the truck. They will control movers, but also other people who happen to be there. Do not leave the goods unattended.

    As you can see, thefts can happen during relocation. For this reason, you should learn how to prevent package theft and save all your items during relocation. It is important to be able to trust your movers at all times so you can feel comfortable. Luckily there are ways to keep an eye on the whole situation so everything can go well. Your movers should have reliable freight forwarders both on the sea and in the air. In addition, they should inform you about every step of the moving process. By following all the above, you will be able to move safely and have all your goods in one place.


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