How to properly prepare air cargo for transport?

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Whether you are moving on an international level, or want to ship your merchandise to customers, you will have to properly prepare air cargo for transport. Doing this will help your items arrive untouched and safe. If moving, you can contact Transparent International movers to help you relocate your items safely and ensure that you are fully ready for the process. However, in both cases, the way you protect your items before transporting them will be highly important. As you approach the process, you must understand that the quality of the packaging is of utmost importance. The better you pack and protect your items, the higher the chance that the longevity of those items will remain intact. Shipping items via air freight is one of the safest and quickest ways to transport items from one place to another. However, this does not mean you should neglect the items you move.

How can you properly prepare air cargo for transport?

Before you decide to contact international services and move your merchandise or items abroad, make sure you get to know the requirements. Airfreight requirements are different from ship freights, for instance. You should do the research prior to opting to ship those items abroad and see what you have to do to avoid major issues. If you want to ensure that your items arrive safely, and on time, make sure that you:

  • Do not reuse packing containers, like corrugated cardboard
  • Obtain proper packing supplies to ensure the safety of your items
  • The size and the weight of the items you are transporting will matter
  • Acquire the needed documentation
  • Do not forget to label the boxes
a woman placing a label on a cardboard box as something one should do to properly prepare air cargo for transport
The best way to be fully ready for this process is to make inquiries with the transportation company

There is much more than simply putting your items in a box and sending them on airfreight. Learn what you should expect and how to prevent having issues during the process.

Do not reuse packing containers

Firstly, we should talk about something you should always avoid when moving items or shipping merchandise in this fashion. Namely, corrugated cardboard, as well as regular cardboard, is often the most used packaging container during transport. However, not every time will they provide your items with adequate protection. Because these types of boxes provide good protection and can sustain bigger weight, they are often not a good choice for reusing. Yes, they can be recycled, but you should rarely reuse them. Secondly, like most cardboard items, they are quite susceptible to moisture and humidity. If one were to expose them to these conditions, they would likely weaken and lose functionality. So, try to avoid reusing certain packing materials.

Obtain proper packing supplies to ensure the safety of your items

As with any process of transportation, the better you protect your items, the safer they are. Now, as we were saying above, airfreight is one of the quickest and safest ways to relocate your items. However, this does not guarantee the full safety of the items you move. For instance, if you are moving to France from USA, you want to ensure your items arrive safely, without any damage.

a man and a woman packing an item together
Although airfreight is one of the fastest and safest ways to transport items, your items can suffer damage on their way to the plane

Bear in mind that in most cases, your items will not get damaged while on the airplane itself. If they do suffer damage, that will be during the transportation phase to the airfreight. They can suffer damage while in the truck, on the way to the airfreight, for example. So, obtain adequate materials to properly prepare air cargo for transport. However, try not to overdo the process, as it can raise suspicion with customs.

Knowing the size and weight of the items you move will help you properly prepare air cargo for transport

You have to learn about the maximum weight a package can weigh. Because you are opting for air cargo transportation, instead of a ship one, you will most likely have a weight limit on the packaging. Contact your agent and discuss the maximum amount you can accommodate on the plane. Once you learn about the weight limits, you will be able to approach the packing process properly. If you simply pack and send your items on airfreight, they might be restricted and held in the customs office. This can create serious issues whether you are moving from Portugal to US, for example, or simply want to deliver merchandise to your customers and clients.

Acquire the documentation you will need

Logically, sending items from one country to another will require documentation that will follow the cargo. Not having proper documentation, like commercial invoices when shipping merchandise, can severely slow down the transportation process. Not only can the items you sent get held at the border. They can also impose both financial and legal burdens you might not be ready for.

two people working on various documents in an office
Acquire all the documentation your items need to ensure they arrive on time and you avoiding any headaches

To avoid this, simply do the research and check to see what documentation you will require to ensure this goes smoothly. Having delays because of bad preparation will surely stress you out and, if shipping merchandise, make you lose a customer and money. When wanting to send an item on airfreight, you want to do it quickly and as efficiently as you can.

Do not forget to label the boxes

Labeling, in general, is something you should always do when moving or shipping items. Firstly, because you want the handler to be aware of the items inside. That way, they can know the proper way to carry and handle the boxes once they are off your hands. Secondly, if you want to properly prepare air cargo for transport, you need to provide adequate information about the items inside the packaging. That way, customs, and other institutions will be aware of the items inside. Moreover, not labeling your items can have them misrouted, left behind, or included in another shipping process. The label should contain the name, address, and other related information about both the sender and the receiver of the items.

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