How to reduce supply chain costs when moving internationally

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Moving to a new country, whether it’s a commercial or a residential move, comes with a lot of planning and preparation. Of course, a huge part of an international relocation is the shipping of goods. Depending on your experience, the distance of your move, and the type of your goods, the prices and the ways of shipping vary. If you own a company that uses a supply chain, you probably already know that those costs can be a bit steep. International moving, in general, isn’t really an affordable venture, so it’s good to try and save some money where you can. We urge you to contact your international moving expert and get their professional opinion on the best practices when it comes to moving internationally. But today, we’re here to tell you how to reduce supply chain costs when moving internationally and save some coins.

Invest in 3PL supply chain management – reap the benefits of outsourcing

If you’re a business owner, it can be hard to keep track of all the different sides of your business. One of the biggest challenges is often the logistics aspect of running a company. This includes warehousing, transportation, packaging, etc. To sum up – it includes supply chain management. Well, in order to make handling all these processes easier, it’s best to turn to outsource. This means hiring a third-party logistics company that will handle all your logistics operations.

Finding good international moving companies that offer import & export services, warehousing and logistics is definitely worthwhile. Their experts know how to efficiently handle all these processes and make sure you have a smooth, issue-free experience. This way, you’re lowering supply chain costs when moving internationally because you don’t have to pay for delays and other issues.

Man and woman shaking hands
Hiring a good 3PL company will make supply chain management cheaper and easier.

Supply chain management companies have the experience and expertise, as well as many partners and affiliates that make organizing these operations much easier. They might even be able to negotiate some deals and discounts for you! So, save your time, money, and energy and consider outsourcing.

Work with a reliable carrier

A big part of the supply chain is transportation, of course. Therefore, that is a big factor in supply chain costs. In order to make moving to France from US easier for your family or business, means you need to find a reliable shipping company. Working with an experienced and trustworthy carrier means that they will use the best routes and offer you reasonable and fair prices. Also, you won’t have to deal with any issues and costs that arise when working with a fraudulent or all-around bad carrier. So, make sure to vet the carriers before hiring them. Hire the ones that offer the best routes and prices – it will reduce your logistics costs when moving internationally.

You can, of course, work with different carriers for different shipments and locations. But don’t get too many carriers. Namely, if you only work with a few reliable carriers, it will probably cost you less. The more work you have for a single carrier, the higher the chances of them giving you a lower rate or a discount. So, it’s best to either work with a single carrier, or a small number of them. Either way, it’s important to know you can trust them – it will cost you less. Make sure they’re transparent and open about their prices up-front and aren’t hiding any additional costs.

Two hands holding dollar notes
Make sure the carrier you’re paying is reliable and has your best interest at heart – that will reduce supply chain costs when moving internationally.

Downsize before shipping your goods to reduce supply chain costs when moving internationally

No matter whether you’re shipping office equipment, household belongings, or even your business products, you should do it mindfully. When it comes to relocating your home or office, the main thing we suggest doing is to downsize before packing and shipping the goods. This means not packing any unnecessary items and getting rid of them instead. Whether you want to sell them, donate them or throw them out is up to you. The important thing is that you’re not shipping things you don’t need. This way you’ll need to use fewer shipping containers, thereby reducing supply chain costs on your international move.

Consider consolidated shipments

When it comes to the actual shipment of your belongings, there are different routes you can take. Here are your two main options:

  1. FCL – full container load
  2. LCL – less than a container load

Now, in most cases, FCL is the preferable option for your budget. It means you’re making the most of the containers, not sharing the space with other vendors and you’re getting the most cost-effective solution. However, if you’re shipping a relatively small amount of goods, you might not be able to fill up the entire container. And because it’s nonsensical to pay for the whole container if you’re not using it, it’s best to consolidate your shipment. This means that multiple suppliers’ small shipments meant for the same destination are shipped together. You might be able to get a discount because of the size of the consolidated shipment! So, look into this option and remember that it’s a way to lower supply chain costs when relocating internationally.

cargo containers
Consolidating your shipment is a great way to reduce supply chain expenses when moving internationally.

Don’t forget about cargo insurance

When you’re moving to a new country and shipping your goods, one of the most important things is the safety of your shipment, right? Well, even once you implement all the tips for reducing supply chain costs when moving internationally, you still have to think about protecting your things. So, you should truly consider getting some insurance. Check if the company that’s providing you with international services also offers insurance. If not, look for an insurance provider elsewhere. Make sure the insurance covers the full value of your freight. This way, if something goes wrong, you’ll be reimbursed and you won’t waste your money.

Plan ahead and prepare a budget

For your budget, it is super important that you figure out a way to reduce supply chain costs when moving internationally. But it’s not all about the strategy. There are two additional steps we advise you to take. Firstly, start preparing your international shipment well in advance. Don’t leave it for the last moment. Other than that, come up with a realistic moving budget and figure out how much you need to lower your moving costs. Give yourself time and prepare yourself mentally for this venture. Good luck!

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