How to save money on an international move from NYC to Germany

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    If you are a person who decided to move from NYC to Germany consider yourself a lucky one. Germany is one of the best countries to move to in Europe. Together with its developed economy and the beautiful places to visit, it is at the top of the list for many NYC citizens. Therefore, it is not strange at all that you wished to move to this European country. Since this would be an international move, it usually costs a lot. Hopefully, there are several things that you can do to avoid paying too much for the move. International moving companies NYC can help you during the relocation process. As reliable moving experts, they should be able to inform you about every single detail you need to know. If you wish to save money on an international move from NYC to Germany this is the place for you.

    sea freight to save money on an international move from NYC to Germany
    Choose a reliable shipping company to transport the goods

    International move from NYC to Germany

    So all of your possessions need to travel across the ocean all the way to Germany. That would not be an easy process. And certainly not a cheap one. There would be many decisions to make on the way. If you had the idea of doing this on your own, please forget it this time. Since if going this way it can only cost you more money and nerves. When moving from NYC to Germany, it would be necessary to hire a reliable moving company. Please remember that you will not be moving only your clothes and household. Your life is just about to change completely. ANd to fulfill this, you will need a helping hand from a reliable company. You need to stay focused at all times and to save your energy for the actual moving day.

    Save money on an international move from NYC to Germany with a reliable company

    Maybe this actually sounds like a waste of money, but it certainly is not. There is a large network of moving companies, their partners, and freight forwarders.

    These teams work together for years and have gathered a lot of moving experience along the way. Since you will be in doubt about how to act and where to start, rely on international moving services. Request from a certified assessor to visit your home and measure everything up. By weighing your items, you will get a precise estimate of your moving costs. Also, ask a moving company will there be any additional hidden costs. With all this information, you should now create a moving budget and stick to it. Always remember to have a certain amount of money on the side just in case. You never know when you will need it.

    coins in a glass
    By hiring a reliable moving company you can save a lot

    Choose between the sea and air freight

    The two most common ways of transportation are air and ocean freight. The first one is faster and more reliable. Your items will reach your new home country quicker by air.

    Also, with this kind of transportation, you can ship goods up to 100 kg, and it is definitely more expensive. If you wish to save money on an international move from NYC to Germany, compare the air and sea freight. Although ocean freight is slowlier than air one, it is cheaper and you can ship a lot more than by air. The key to this is to prepare on time. Therefore, set up a moving date with a moving company that way that your goods can reach your destination country on time. Also, allow additional few days if any delay occurs during transportation, either at the borders or anywhere else.

    Rent storage to save money on an international move

    When moving abroad, especially with a short deadline, there will be some things that you don’t know what to do with. It may happen that you would like to still keep these items. Of course, there is a solution for that as well. Particular items cannot be shipped abroad due to customs regulations. In this case, you may rent storage before you decide what to do further with the goods. This decision will reduce the stress you are going through. In addition, you will have more energy to focus on the move. Another very important fact is that you will save some money by renting the storage units. If you do so, there will be no need to pack unnecessary items and pay additional costs for more shipping boxes. After the move, you may decide if you wish to keep the items, sell, donate, and so on.

    a ship transporting cargo
    Ocean freight can help you save during international relocation

    Decluttering means saving

    And it definitely is. You will be traveling with your entire household to Germany. There would be hundreds and hundreds of articles that you will need to pack and transport. To reduce the shipping costs, you will need to dispose of some items you actually do not need, due to the size and shape of your new home, some items may be too big to fit it. Therefore, learn how to declutter efficiently. Literally, start going room by room, check each and every item that you have. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things you no longer need. On the list, you may separate what you wish to put in the storage, recycle, sell or, throw away. This may take more time than you may have planned. However, by reducing the size of your cargo, you will cut the costs of shipping.

    Germany on the horizon

    Although moving is an expensive and long-running process, there is always something you can do to reduce the costs. We know how hard is to do all the preparation, collect necessary documentation and still stay positive. If you hire a reliable moving company, you can turn this into a stress-free experience. Since skilled movers will help you how to pack and ship the goods in the most efficient way. This action will significantly save money on an international move from NYC to Germany. Please just relax. Very soon you will be enjoying your new German home.


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