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    Relocation is a difficult task on many different levels. It is hard both physically and mentally. Moving over the ocean to a different country can be particularly challenging. Somehow you will manage to pack your clothes, shoes or books. But what about packing furniture? Packing and shipping furniture across the globe is definitely one of the most challenging tasks for every moving company. Luckily, there are some general rules that shippers follow to make this work easier a bit. If you are in need of transporting furniture internationally, do not try to do it yourself. Instead, hire reliable international movers to do this for you. This is definitely not a good time to try to practice your packing and moving skills. In addition, it will cost you more time and money. Therefore, in this article, learn how to ship furniture across the globe in the most reliable way.

    creating to-do list
    Create an inventory list of your furniture

    Shipe furniture across the globe to Switzerland

    This European country is one of the richest and most beautiful for living. You may need to move here to start a new business or simply change your lifestyle. Whatever the reason is, you will need to bring some furniture. When moving long-distance it is now a good time to go through the items you have and create an inventory list. It may happen that you will already get some furniture in your new home. In addition, inform yourself about the size of your new home when moving from USA to Switzerland. This would be a good time to downsize the amount of furniture you wish to pack. Consult with your movers and ask them what would be the best solution regarding the packing of your possessions. Also, ask your movers which shipping methods they plan to use for this move. This way you can trust them completely.

    Why choose a professional packing service?

    Have you ever tried to disassemble large closets or to pack your fridge for relocation? Even if the answer is yes, remember that things are now different. You probably have several friends who would like to help you with this. But think about the risk that you will take if you try to do it on your own. These big items are first of all heavy. You do not have enough skills and strength to do this. In addition, what kind of packing material do you need to pack all this. Hiring international moving crates is a wise decision in this case. Your international movers certainly have the necessary set of skills to disassemble your furniture. In addition, as professionals, they have a great variety of different packing materials they can use to pack large beds,  closets, fridges,s or stoves. You will save time and energy.

    two persons writing down
    Let professional packers do the packing for you

    How to ship furniture across the globe to Australia

    For centuries people use ocean freight shipping to transport goods to different continents. That is the old and the most rentable way of transportation. People of course use shipping by air, but that is more expensive. In addition, you cannot ship furniture across the globe by air due to its size. Therefore, can you only imagine what a large network of people and machinery there is to make this way of shipping work? Your movers may use third-party shippers on the sea when moving to Australia from USA. They will send a large container or containers to your home. In addition, you can ask your freight forwarder to share a container with somebody if you do not have enough things to pack. This way you will save quite a lot on shipping. Also, you can arrange a drop-off and pick-up from the shipper’s depot.

    The importance of moving quotes

    As you already know, it is not a cheap process to ship furniture across the globe. It can reflect a lot on your moving budget. Therefore, it is very important to inform yourself of the shipping quotes. Check on the Internet what are the average costs to ship furniture internationally. Not all companies charge the same for their shipping services. When hiring a shipping company, consider additional insurance that you will pay to protect your possessions. This will of course raise international moving quotes. However, by getting this insurance you will provide additional security for your items. You can arrange with a shipping company the type of compensation you can get in case of any damage. It can either be a full refund, replacement, or partial refund. Whatever you choose do not forget that moving quotes should be free!

    many containers on a ship
    Use ocean freight to transport your goods long-distance

    Additional useful information on international shipping

    When asking for binding quotes and when you agree upon this, you should get a final document that should guarantee the final shipping price. Be aware that some companies might charge you for some hidden costs. That is what binding quotes serve for to protect you from paying more than necessary. There are many terms that you should include in your shipping contract. There are some general terms that both sides should include in the contract. Some of these are inspection and furniture assembly. Then packing and unpacking. Customs clearance and contact with authorities, and final cleaning. If you possess, then they also handle the antique and additional insurance in case of any damage. Finally, you can make an arrangement with a shipping company on potential removing and of some damaged furniture as well as potential recycling. If you need any further help, you can seek legal advice as well.

    It is definitely not an easy task to ship furniture across the globe. However, shipping companies have developed a lot through years of experience. The first thing to do is to be open and clear on the type of service you request. Following that, you can request moving quotes so you can plan your moving budget on time. If you book packing crates, there will be more time to spend on your family and doing business. Finally, let the professionals handle everything properly for you. In the end, you will end this relocation with a smile on your face.

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