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Changing your life habits and your living space can be a stressful situation. When you need to move somewhere new, you must think in advance and make a great plan. No one wants to waste their precious time on technicalities when they already have the stress because they change their life. The simpler you plan all the moving process the easier will be to adjust to the change. Every assistance you can get while planning will make moving more efficient. Hiring an international moving expert help all the time, whether is a local move or an international. Simplify packing for international shipping and you will move relaxed.

How to simplify packing for international shipping

Moving from an old home to your new one could be an intense experience in life. Especially if you moving internationally, like moving to Luxembourg from US. That is a long journey for you and your belongings that needs to be relocated. So, simplifying the method for packing for the move will help you to go through all of it with lesser stress.

simplify packing for international shipping in the shipping boat on water
Shipping your belongings in the most simple way!

Take a good look around you – see what you need and make a plan

  • Declutter your home before moving – it will be a lot easier to pack if you have fewer items that you have to pack. It will be less heavy for all the processes of packing for an international move. It is more economical for you if you have lighter packages.
  • Make the inventory – but find the most suitable way for you to do it and do it after the decluttering. Taking inventory should take less time from all the packing process itself. Keep the strength for the packing also. This will be useful in the end if you need to compare the condition of your furniture or to check faster if anything is missing.
  • Plan the order in which you will pack – plan before the process of packing. This way you will avoid losing time. It simplifies things if you know why and how are you going to do something.

Pack like you do that every day

Make a list of moving supplies that you need – before you start to pack, make sure that you have everything you require. If you want to make for yourself packing easier, having all supplies, that can be handy, in one place is the first step.

The basic list of moving supplies:

  • Boxes (all shapes and sizes that can be useful for your stuff)
  • Labeling materials (duct tapes, markers)
  • Cushioning supplies (a list that can be useful while you choose what you want: bubble pack in rolls and sheets, air pillows, Styrofoam sheets, foam in place, foam loose-fill, foam blocks and sheets, kraft and newsprint paper, packing tissue, and poly-sheeting.)
  • Furniture pads
  • Furniture covers
  • Stretch wrap
  • Toolset

You can always add on the list and make it a definite list of moving supplies.

bubble pack, scissors and tape
Prepare all the moving supplies that you need.

A simpler way of the packing process

After you declutter, make the inventory and plan the order – start packing. If you are not sure in which order are you going to pack, you should go either:

  • the room-by-room method or
  • packing by type
  • or maybe the best one is mixed type – Pack one type of items – room by room. For example: when you have finished all the clothes from every room, start with all the books from every room, then everything just from the kitchen, etc.

If you are tired from the process, take a break from packing, eat and drink plenty of fluids. When you are rested and not hungry, life is simpler.

How planning is making packing for international shipping more simple?

Wanting to simplify packing is not difficult, understanding and knowing how to do it can be sometimes confusing, especially if you have to move in a rush. The balance in life is the most important thing! Every day, in every step in your life, you need to stay focused and calm. If you are panicking or if you are feeling blocked, everyday tasks can be complicated and not simply at all. Sometimes the big change in life is the reason because people panic. Of course, if you are the type of person that does best under the pressure, that is a different thing. Yet again, everyone is supposed to avoid stress and panic even if they are like doing their best under a pressure. Planning on time, making sure you don’t need to undo the mistakes, taking a big breath whenever you can actually make everything simpler in life.

laptop, beside are hands writing on paper
Simplify packing for international shipping by good planning!

You don’t have to do everything by yourself

Don’t forget that there are always ways to find some great and trustworthy people that can assist you in the moving process. There are international services that you can choose from. People pack and move people every day and that is their job. Therefore, maybe the easier way is to call your moving company and let them handle everything, including the packing process. If you prefer to do it yourself, then at least you can combine your friends and family that can assist you.

Don’t forget the other details

Besides thinking about how to simplify packing for international shipping, have on your mind the rest of the important details one should not forget then moving to a new location overseas:

  • Find out if the laws and rules are any different in the new place where you are going to live.
  • Make sure you have all the documents you need for the moving process. Do you need something different from the documents because of the laws and rules in the new place? Don’t forget that part also.
  • If you already have the new home at the new location, make sure that all the utilities are managed in advance. You don’t want to unpack without electricity or water, even if it for few hours.

If you can, you should make it simpler not just packing, but the unpacking also!

Plan everything on time and you won’t have too many issues through the moving and packing. Start earlier than you think you should start with the process. When everything is finished, you will be glad that you managed to go through everything in the most stress-free way. You will be able to move on with your new life easier and filing better because you have done the relocation job in the best possible way.

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