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Whether it is about an item necessary for living or an expensive item in your collection, inadequate storage could lead to losing it. Purchasing valuables is not wise without knowing how to treat and store them. But when the time for moving comes, people often forget about essential tips on storing their expensive possession. For this reason, many damages happen and this is what you need to prevent. Whether you plan to place some of your possession in a storage unit, inside of your home storage, or prepare it for transport, it’s vital to take all the proper steps at the time. To help you cope with this difficult task, our international household movers who offer outstanding moving services will remind you of ways how to store luxury items. Learn the right ways to protect your expensive possession and store it properly. Let’s see what to keep in mind!

Most common concerns related to the question of how to store luxury items

Although luxury items are not necessary to live, those objects are highly desirable within a culture or society. Losing your luxury items is one of the worst things that could happen during the move. Since a person’s most valuable items come in many sizes and shapes, it can be extremely challenging to keep them safe. In case you have large and heavy luxury items or there is a huge amount of expensive items you should pack, often happens that you lose a few items during the move. So, according to our specialist and international moving crates providers, you will need to think about each group of luxury items and the proper ways to prepare them for transport. Therefore, it is crucial to divide your luxury items by category.

Man holding analog watch while thinking about how to store luxury items properly
To store luxury items properly, you will need adequate packing supplies.

The next step is to gather all the needed packing materials to wrap and protect your expensive items. Besides, you’ll need to stick to the proper handling technique to prevent any harm to each of your luxury items. Overall, if you store your luxury items right, it’ll positively affect the overall success of your move.

But even if you don’t need to move, it can be difficult to store expensive items. How awful a person feels when forgetting about how to treat personal luxury items right? Whether you keep them in a rented apartment or your own home, we can help. Our global international movers will share with you tips on storing your valuables generally. Whether you’re relocating or not, keep your items safely placed in storage. Also, keep in mind all options when it comes to the places where you can place and store your luxury possession.

Steps you should take to store luxury items

The way you will store your expensive items depends on the type of items you own. For instance, using a high-security safe deposit box is a proper solution for items such as jewelry and expensive watches. The next difference is in the place where you should store valuable items. Some of your valuables should be kept in your home storage while luxury furniture can be placed in your safe storage unit. Anyway, you should keep in mind the required conditions you have to provide. This way you will keep your expensive items safe from temperature and moisture changes.

Blue sofa in the luxury apartment
Take all precautionary measures to keep your luxury furniture safe.

To maintain your luxury items in a good condition, take advice from our experts from one of the finest moving overseas companies and skip common mistakes. Here are some of the useful tips you might need:

  • Store your luxury items in a bank and pick a high-security safe deposit box;
  • Store items such as sculptures and paintings off the ground;
  • Use a safety deposit box to store jewelry and heirlooms;
  • Keep other luxury items easily available but out of sight;
  • Keep some of your luxury items in the attic or basement;
  • Place your valuables in a storage unit;
  • Set up an alarm system at home to ensure your luxury items are safe from thieves;
  • Keep an inventory list of stored luxury items;
  • Transport your valuable items on your own.

Always keep an inventory list of stored valuables

Even if you don’t plan to move, it is vital to know where your valuables are at every moment. In case you have many of them, we highly recommend you keep an inventory list. Also, having a few luxury items is reason enough to write down where have you stored them. Although you will probably remember it, when you make an inventory list, you will not have any doubts. For instance, this list will enable you to track are your luxury items still there where you have placed them. Unluckily, there are many burglaries and robberies in some places of the state where you live. And this list will help you identify if your home was the target of thieves recently.

Opt for a high-security safe deposit in the bank

This is an inevitable step for all those who own expensive items such as jewelry, valuable watches, and family heirlooms. The best way to maintain mentioned items is to keep them in the bank, in one of the security safes. Once you store luxury items in a bank, you will keep them out of site. Yet, your valuables remain easily accessible – ideal when you need to get something from them quickly. Before you leave your luxury items in a security safe, ensure the bank is insured against fire or theft. Even if something goes wrong, you are covered in therm of the material value of your items.

Grey safe deposit boxes in the bank
Keep the most valuable possession in the bank safe.

Nevertheless, once you get international moving quotes and determine your moving date afterward, consider when you will take your luxury items out of the current bank. Before the day of your departure comes, make sure to know how to store luxury items safely in your current home. After your arrival to another country, get information about the high-security safe deposit terms at your new destination. Follow the listed advice and you will keep your valuables safely stored all the time!

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