How to successfully relocate your startup from USA to Spain

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When you’re a business owner, you’re faced with plenty of hard decisions on a daily basis. But being the boss doesn’t only come with hard choices, it also comes with great opportunities. A situation that can be a difficult decision and a prosperous opportunity at the same time is relocating your business. If you’ve launched your startup in the US and you’re looking to expand, open a new branch or introduce your product to a new market, then relocation is in the cards for you. And if you’re a risk-taker, you might even consider an international business move. If so, you’re in the right place because today we’re telling you how to relocate your startup from USA to Spain. We’re here to help you make the relocation go smoothly without harming your business. So, let’s dive in and see if you should make Spain your new HQ.

Do your research before moving your startup to Spain from USA

As you’ve probably guessed, relocating your startup from the USA to Spain isn’t exactly an easy ordeal. There’s a lot that goes into organizing a successful business relocation overseas. So, what you need to do first once you decide on moving from USA to Spain is to do your research. There are a few questions you should answer before calling the movers.

A woman using books and laptop for research before relocating her startup from USA to Spain
Before hiring a moving company to relocate your startup from USA to Spain, you should do some research and learn what the move entails.
  • Why are you relocating your startup to Spain? Is there a bigger, better market for your product? Will you have more clients and customers in Spain?
  • Are you moving or expanding your business? Figure out if you want to open a new branch in Spain or if you want to relocate your entire business overseas.
  • What will happen with your employees? Are you expecting them to relocate to Spain or will you be hiring new staff for the new office?
  • Will you be moving to Spain as well? If so, it’s probably time to apply for a visa.
  • Do you know the laws and regulations? If you want to relocate your business to Spain from the States, you should get familiar with the rules and see how you can do that legally.

Work with a business analyst

We know, it might seem a little scary and overwhelming figuring out the logistics of a business move. This can be especially hard on you if you have no experience with moving an office overseas. But there’s no need to worry, you can simply hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Namely, working with a business analyst is a great idea. This is a person who can assess whether this relocation is the best move for your business, how you can successfully expand your business and improve your operations. If you find all the questions mentioned above a little too much to handle, turn to a business analyst, preferably one that specializes in the Spanish market. It will make moving your startup from USA to Spain much easier.

Figure out the costs of an international office move

Something that’s a crucial part of organizing an overseas office relocation is figuring out the expenses. Of course, moving isn’t the cheapest decision, but it’s often a worthy investment. So, before you hire an international moving expert to help you execute the relocation, you should do some budgeting.

Person counting money
The price of an international business move can be pretty steep, so do some budgeting before making an official decision.

Figure out if you want to ship your office equipment to Spain or if you’d rather buy new equipment for the new office. One thing that can help you figure out what the better option is is to look for moving quotes from corporate moving companies. This way, you’ll get an idea of how much you need to pay for shipping your equipment. Compare those expenses with the expenses of refurbishing the new office space – what seems like the better choice?

Other than these, calculate the costs of the necessary paperwork, your flights, accommodation, etc. Is moving your startup from the US to Spain the right decision for your budget?

Pick a Spanish city that’s best for your business

When you’ve decided to relocate your startup to Spain from the USA, you should think about the best place for your business. While you’re doing your research, we recommend looking up the different cities in Spain. Figure out which Spanish city has the best market for what your startup is selling or offering. Make a smart, educated decision by doing some market research and pick the best home for your business.

Hire an international commercial moving company to relocate your startup from USA to Spain

Once you’ve analyzed all the pros and cons of relocating your business from USA to Spain, it’s time to make it official. You can do that by doing some research on international moving companies and hiring the right one. Depending on your needs and the scope of the move, you should choose the movers accordingly. Make sure you hire a company that’s legitimate, but also one that offers all the services you’re looking for. Here are some of the moving services you should consider getting:

Man taping a box
Will you pack your office equipment alone or do you want your corporate movers to do it for you?

By hiring a moving crew you can trust and rely on, you’ll make your office move from USA to Spain much more efficient, less stressful, and easier. So, definitely consider it.

Be prepared for cultural differences when relocating your startup from USA to Spain

When it comes to any international relocation, a factor that needs to be considered is the cultural differences that await. If you want to relocate your startup from USA to Spain, you have to be prepared to face some differences with your new colleagues. That is why we suggest taking some time to learn a little bit about the Spanish culture if you’re planning on moving your business there. Among other things, this includes learning some Spanish so that you can at least have a simple conversation with the locals. You can use the Duolingo app, for example, to learn the basics. Other than that, have patience and understand that cultural shock and differences are a normal part of an international move. 

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