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You should think about security before you rent a warehouse. But if you already using a storage space that does not have high-security standards, and you do not wish to move to another facility, there are things that you can do to upgrade warehouse security. No matter whether you are an international car transportation company or just using a warehouse to keep your private belongings, security is one of the most important things to think about, especially if you keep valuable items inside.

To help you keep your things safe, we at Transparent International NYC have prepared this article to help you in your mission.

Upgrade warehouse security if you keep items of greater value

There are many reasons why someone would need a warehouse. Maybe you are moving to the UK from the USA and you need a place to store your excess items. Alternatively, you may own a manufacturing or import/export company, and you need a place to keep your goods. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that your items are safe, especially if your items are of great value.

A padlock and a chain
Warehouse security is very important. If you want to keep your items safe you need to be sure that you have taken all possible measures.

Think about warehouse security before you rent storage space

Security is one of the most important things that you need to think about when renting a warehouse or a storage unit. And the best time to think about this is when you are searching for storage to rent. Some facilities will have poor security. Others will offer 24-hour surveillance, security guards, special locks, alarms, and more.

Of course, the choice of your warehouse doesn’t depend only on security matters. Location and price are also important factors. If you do not want to pay for high-security storage space, or there is no other option in your vicinity, you can raise security in your warehouse on your own.

Changing the lock is the easiest way to upgrade warehouse security

Changing the lock on your warehouse door is the first measure in increasing your warehouse security. Of course, you will not do this if you are moving to Norway from the USA and you need a warehouse short-term. But if you are a company, you should definitely start with the lock.  The type of lock, of course, depends on the door. Nevertheless, there is a solution for every door variation. You can buy a warehouse safety padlock, or you can even install a rolling gate or door. Of course, there are numerous other options that you can find on the market. But taking care of the entrance door is one of the first safety measures that you should take.

Make sure that you seal all possible entrances

Beside the entrance door, you should also take care of other places through an unauthorized person could gain entrance. Of course, we are talking about windows, ventilation openings, and similar. Make sure that you know all the weak points of your warehouse.   Once you identify all possible entrances, you need to do things to secure them. You can install bars or find other ways to seal your warehouse shut.

Window bars
Install bars on your windows, seal ventilation shafts, and other possible entrances.

Upgrade warehouse security with cameras

Installing camera surveillance is another great way to upgrade warehouse safety.  Of course, this is not suitable for someone who is moving to Denmark from the USA, for example. But it is a good solution for companies. And because it can be an invasive installation, you need to make sure that you get approval from facility management. But you should not have trouble with getting camera installation approved. Once they allow you to install CCTV, you need to think about camera options and systems that are going to suit your needs and space.

You also need to think about surveillance system monitoring

But be aware that installing cameras is not everything. You also have to think about the monitoring and recording system that you will implement. In some cases, you might need to employ a security guard that will be present and monitor live recording.  Be aware that installing cameras and a security officer to moving them is not cheap. So make sure that you can handle the investment.

Hire security guards to raise your warehouse security

Hiring security officers is probably the most efficient want to upgrade your storage security. Naturally, the number of guards, their working time, and assignments depend on the configuration of your storage. But if you hire a nightguard, you can be sure that your items will be safe. Of course, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reliable workforce. So, make sure that you do a background check before you hire someone to keep your valuable merchandise safe.

Security guard
Hiring security guards is the best way to upgrade warehouse security. But they will cost you a lot.

Install an alarm system to keep intruders out

An alarm system is also a good way to upgrade your storage space security.  Of course, you will need warehouse management’s approval to do this. But most facilities have nothing against raising security on their grounds. If you get approval, you have to pick the best type of system. Naturally, there are many different kinds of alarms, so make sure that you research this well before you make a purchase.

Motion sensor security lights are the cheapest and lightest security measures

Security lights are a fairly affordable way to increase warehouse security. In fact, this is probably the cheapest solution that can be ineffective sometimes. But if you do not want to invest too much, motion sensor security lights can be a good way to keep away small time intruders. ON top of that, motion sensors are relatively easy to install.

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