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For the majority of newlyweds, the honeymoon trip is something special that no other kind of trip can replace. This is because your honeymoon is supposed to be something you’ll remember with a smile on your face later on in your life. Therefore, it’s something that you need to put a lot of thought into. But just because you have to plan it in detail, it doesn’t mean it won’t be a fun thing to do. The most important decision in your plan is the destination itself. That’s why the international moving expert is here to show you some ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon.

When is the best time for your honeymoon?

The most common answer you’ll get to this question is – immediately after the wedding. While this is a tradition in most of the world, there are two more possibilities worth considering. You can take things slow and choose what’s best for you. Therefore, we’ll talk about some benefits of all three options:

  • Right after the wedding
  • Several days after the wedding
  • After months or a year
    a couple walking on seashore
    Most people choose to visit some exotic location for their honeymoon right after the wedding

Honeymoon trip right after your wedding

As we’ve mentioned before, this has been the most popular option for a very long time. It will feel amazing to enjoy your honeymoon trip while the wedding euphoria is still in the air! Since you’ll be quite tired from all the planning, welcoming guests, and keeping everyone entertained – you deserve to rest for a bit. You will have this unique opportunity to enjoy the very first moments of being married in some amazing, exotic location. 

However, while this may be an amazing idea for some, not everyone will like it. All the excitement about the wedding day that has been building up for months can also be very tiring. Therefore, not every couple will be willing to ride that wave of excitement. Some couples find the time right after the wedding very valuable because they can sum up all the great moments from the wedding with their family. 

Honeymoon trip several days after the wedding

This option might be the most balanced one out of all three. It’s because you have enough time to enjoy the post-wedding atmosphere before the honeymoon. It gives you the opportunity to properly separate the two events and enjoy them in their full glory without any rush. If you choose to wait for a few days, you’ll get enough time to relax, reflect, and plan the packing for your honeymoon. Not only that, but you’ll also have the chance to finish all the tasks you need to handle after the wedding, like opening your gifts, cleaning, or planning your overseas relocation. Going on vacation knowing all that work is done will make you feel at peace.

On the other hand, some couples agree that those days between your wedding and honeymoon can turn into seemingly endless waiting. It’s also understandable that not many people want to spend their first days as a husband and a wife completing exhausting tasks, such as moving boxes overseas. Another thing is that you might not be able to afford these few extra days off depending on your work schedule.

Honeymoon trip after months or a year

Life often does get in the way when it comes to honeymoon planning. It might stop you from going on your honeymoon early, but it can actually be an advantage for you. This means that you get the chance to plan your dream trip with your spouse. It will also bring back all the memories from your wedding day, making the whole trip a lot more beautiful.

However, this might not be for all couples. While you’re still going to be a happily married couple, the euphoria from your wedding day will be long-gone. This is something that may make your honeymoon lack that special feeling of enjoying your trip as a freshly married couple.

a bride and the groom kissing
If you are busy, there is nothing wrong with going on your honeymoon even a year after the wedding

All in all, whatever option you choose, your honeymoon is going to be magical if you’re with someone you truly love.

The best destinations for your honeymoon

Now that you know when you want your honeymoon to take place, all that is left is to choose the location. While it’s not the easiest decision to make, it surely is way easier than wedding planning. Here are some of the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon:

The United Kingdom is one of the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon

United Kingdom’s popularity as a honeymoon destination has been rising recently. It is full of hotels with great service, lovely cottages, and something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend your honeymoon tanning on a beautiful beach or in mountains with lots of snow. As for the expenses, couples usually spend around $5,600 on their honeymoon in the UK. 


The Cotswolds were simply made for your honeymoon trip! Beautiful villages, breathtaking hills, and mouthwatering food are only some of the things you’ll like about this place. People call it the areas of outstanding natural beauty, and you are going to enjoy it so much as newlyweds. There are plenty of outdoor activities for you and your spouse here, hiking, biking, or you can just make a simple picnic and enjoy the view. Is there anything better than exploring the small magical villages with the love of your life? What’s more, it may even spark the idea of moving to the UK from USA.

people walking near a body of water in cotswolds which is one of the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon
People call the Cotswolds areas of remarkable outside beauty


If you love beaches and are looking for a place with the best beaches in the UK – Devon is the right place for you. You won’t be limited on things to do with five designated areas of outstanding natural beauty, two national parks, and two breathtaking coasts. Discover the many tiny hidden settlements along the coast, then unwind with some delectable food and a pint of regional beer in a country bar. Book a room at Millbrook Estate’s incredibly romantic Tree Top Escape. Your inner child will absolutely love this!


If you and your spouse love adventure, exploring new things and learning about new cultures, you may be interested in what Denmark has to offer. Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, which makes it an ideal overseas destination for your honeymoon.  This is mostly because its residents focus on being environmentally conscious, happy, and fighting for equality. Therefore, as you’re someone who’s about to start building a family, it’s an ideal destination for you. In fact, a lot of lovers decide on moving from USA to Europe after visiting Denmark.

top view of mountains and houses in denmark, which is one of the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon
Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, ideal for your honeymoon

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

If you want to spend a part of your honeymoon away from bustling cities and find some peace, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is waiting for you. It’s one of the most romantic places in Copenhagen because of its beautiful winter garden that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Something you’ll absolutely love about this place is the glass ceilings and beautiful palm trees. It’s a view that can leave anyone speechless, especially two people in love. This is an ideal opportunity for you and your partner to enjoy each other’s presence in a magical garden. 

Thorvaldsen’s Museum

Being a couple madly in love who just started their family journey – you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the cupid in Thorvaldsen’s Museum! Right in the heart of this building is where you can find cupid’s statue. Seeing the statue in this romantic setting will make you fall in love all over again. A fun fact about Thorvaldsen’s art is that the cupid can often be seen in many of his statues. This is because he controls the power that affects both humans and gods – the power of love. 


Those who are in love often promise that they will love each other forever. However, it’s not something you can say anywhere. Bryggebroen is the place made just for that! It’s a bridge with a breathtaking view where lovers from all around the world come to say the magical 3 words to each other again. The reason why this place is so special is that you can write your names on a padlock and lock them on the bridge – it means that your love will always last. If you ever come back here or decide on moving to Denmark from US, seeing your padlock on this bridge will surely take you down memory lane.


France is known to be the country of love, which is why many couples choose to spend their honeymoon there. You can enjoy the view from Eiffel Tower while drinking quality wine with your spouse. But that’s not all, of course.

a photography of a gray bridge in france, which is one of the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon
France is the country of love, which is why it’s ideal for newlyweds


Speaking of ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon, Lyon’s Old Town is the ideal romantic setting. To reach the summit of the Fourvière hill, use the spectacular funicular railway. There are stunning views of the city as well as the luxurious and grand Basilica of Notre Dame. From a classic bouchon, a style of restaurant where the cuisine is sure to be delicious, you can observe the world going by. You can explore the maze of tiny streets to find charming bakeries and unusual stores. Visit wonderful tiny galleries and museums, or simply unwind at a sidewalk café. That is what Lyon is all about: breathtaking architecture, delectable cuisine, and the joy of living. If you enjoy your time in Lyon, you may want to think about moving to France from USA as well.

Ile D’Aix

Located just off the coast of charming La Rochelle, this site is a true escape from the bustling city. It is a tiny, crescent-shaped island that is 3 km long and 700 m wide. Not only that, but it is also among the world’s most amazing natural wonders. There are no roads on the Island of Aix, thus getting there requires a ferry and transportation on foot or by bicycle.  This is a magnificent small spot with hidden coves, gorgeous, untouched beaches, fantastic restaurants with a Mediterranean vibe, and a few odd museums. A place where you can run away with your partner while enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty all around you.


Nothing compares to the magic of watching the sunset over the Etretat cliffs in Normandy. In an effort to capture its amazing attributes, writers and artists have always been drawn to this location. Claude Monet and Eugène Boudin, among many others, used to enjoy painting here. Guy de Maupassant spent a large portion of his boyhood in the region, where he later penned “The Englishman of Étretat” (L’Anglais d’Étretat). Since so many artists were in love with this place, we are sure you’ll fall in love with it too.

Portugal is among the ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon

Couples seeking a variety of experiences can consider a honeymoon in Portugal. The majority of the views have a waterfront because it is on the Atlantic coast. A trip to Portugal feels like something out of a dream because of the cobblestone alleys in charming cities like Lisbon and the medieval palaces in Sintra. Portugal, a well-known wine-producing region, has several chances for daytime wine cellar exploration. Additionally, there are numerous locations for elegant dinners and dancing after the sun sets in the nightlife scene. At this point, even moving to Portugal from US sounds great, right?

a white concrete structure with green and red plants in portugal, which is one of the ideal overseas locations for your honeymoon
A honeymoon in Portugal is like a dream come true


The Alentejo region, whose largest city is Évora, is already charming thanks to the olive and cork trees that dot the countryside. Cuisine is the definition of comfort food. Strolling around the lovely and ancient city center is like traveling back in time. If you want to spend lazy days together exploring historic buildings while sipping on reasonably priced wine and food, head to Évora. The incredibly exquisite five-star L’And Vineyards Resort in Montemor-o-Novo, which has been dubbed one of the best hotels in Europe with regard to vistas, is 24 miles away.


Speaking of views and ideal overseas destinations for your honeymoon, Sintra, Portugal, located less than an hour’s drive from Lisbon, has more breathtaking sights than any other city in the world. After all, this charming city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is covered in palaces and castles. Beautiful beaches and little communities like Azenhas do Mar are also close by and ideal for day trips. Explore the eateries along the cobblestone lanes, sample a local treat called travesseiro from the Casa Piriquita, and stroll through the verdant wonderland of the Sintra Mountains, which seem to have risen from the same fairy tale as the Pena Palace.


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