Impacts and changes to the moving industry during the pandemic

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As we all know, in 2020 a lot of things have changed. Going outside, shopping, going to work, and other basic things are now very different from a year before. Unfortunately, the same thing goes for the moving industry that has suffered a lot during 2020. Luckily, it seems like moving companies learned to adapt to the new situation even though the moving process itself looks pretty risky when we look at it through a coronavirus lens. Avoiding close contact with people outside of your home and maintaining physical distance is very difficult to comply with during a relocation process. Still, movers have found a way to adapt. In this article Transparent International NYC will try to reveal what are the impacts and changes to the moving industry during the pandemic and how we adapted to the whole situation.

How moving process changed because of the pandemic

The main changes that happened in the moving industry because of a pandemic are related to the moving process itself.  So regardless of whether you are moving locally or doing international car transportation, you will have to comply with health regulations that you are implementing in other processes in your life. And that is what you will see your movers do as well. Here are the things that you will see and experience during a pandemic move:

  • Avoiding in-home estimates and turning to their virtual equivalents
  • Maintaining physical distancing
  • Wearing face masks
  • Maintaining hygiene
planet earth and coronavorus
Everything changed because of the pandemic

Moving estimates have moved from the physical world to the virtual space

An in-home estimate is one of the inseparable parts of the moving process. In order to learn the cost of your international services in advance a moving company’s representative needs to visit your home in days before the move and take a good look at your moving inventory. Naturally, you can see what is the biggest problem in this approach. Someone needs to enter your home and go through every corner of it in order to do the job. Unfortunately, nowadays this is not something that is recommendable. Of course, in some situations, it can be done. However, in most cases, movers are trying to avoid in-home estimates.

Luckily in this day and age of the internet, organizing a virtual estimate is not a complicated thing. In fact, it is almost as good as the traditional option. So now it looks strange how this was not implemented before, regardless of the pandemic. Nevertheless, this is one of the positive changes to the moving industry that happened because of the pandemic.

Maintaining physical distance during packing and unpacking is one of the biggest changes to the moving industry during the pandemic

One of the biggest things that we faced during this situation is maintaining physical distance from others, especially people outside your home. This virus is supposedly airborne spreading, so keeping away from others seems like a good way to avoid being infected. You will see, however, that people are talking about social distancing. However, that term is not precise. We do not have to stop socializing, we just need to keep a physical distance so that the virus cannot reach us when it leaves the body of an infected person.  And that is what you will see your movers do as well.

masks and a sign depicting physical distance
Help your movers maintain physical distance

What you will have to do before your movers arrive? Well, your movers will ask you not to participate in the moving process at all. You will be asked to leave your home during a packing process or at least to isolate yourself in a separate room in your home. If you will be staying outside, make sure that you have your mobile phone by your side so your movers can reach you at any time. Also, how the situation will unfold during delivery depends on your destination. If you are moving within the US, things will be the same. If you are moving to Luxembourg from US, for example, how everything will look, depends on Luxembourg regulations.

Your movers will wear a face mask during the whole process

As you will not be participating in the moving process and you will be maintaining a physical distance, wearing a mask is not something that will affect you directly. However, when it comes to movers, they will have to wear a face mask. And they are doing so throughout the moving process. Naturally, it is difficult to work while covering your nose and mouth. That way you are decreasing oxygen intake so physical work is becoming way more difficult. Not to mention that these masks need to be maintained clean and changed regularly, which can be pretty difficult during a complex and often dirty move. Yes, doing physical work while covering your nose and mouth is difficult. But that is something that movers do in order to protect you and themselves. Keep that in mind when you are calculating your tips.

face masks
It is hard to do physical work while wearing a mask, still, your movers will do it

Maintaining hygiene is something that movers regularly do, still, they started doing it more thoroughly during the pandemic

We all know that maintaining hygiene is important. We knew that before the pandemic. Still, it looks like this pandemic reminded us to do it more thoroughly. And that is what your movers are implementing as well. They are using disinfection products, cleaning all surfaces, and sanitizing their trucks and equipment. Naturally, you are not responsible for providing your movers with sanitizing products. However, you will need to provide them with access to running water. Keep that in mind before they arrive at your home.

The main goal is to keep everyone safe

As you can see there are many changes to the moving industry that happened during the pandemic. Yes, it is making movers’ job more difficult. Still, the main thing is to keep you and themselves safe and covid-free.

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