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The last two years have been pretty challenging for all of us living in the pandemic of Covid 19. Many businesses have suffered from a lot of changes. People had to adjust the way of doing their business a great deal and some of them had to even shut it down. When it comes to sea freight, we rely on about 80% of the trade to go by sea. Items like food, medicines, raw materials and others need transportation all around the world. This Covid crisis has certainly affected them as well. Transparent International NYC is a shipping company that had to fight with Covid. Naturally, due to many restrictions, many of them stuck either on the ships, or ports unable to travel. In addition, it manages to overcome pandemic difficulties by following all the precaution measures, still, delivering. In this text read about shipping and Covid 19.

a boat sailing off
Shipping to different continents can be very challenging during pandemics

Shipping to Australia and Covid 19

Moving to another continent can be overwhelming especially at times of the pandemic worldwide. No matter how much experience a shipping company has, due to shipping restrictions, doing the job has become hard. Seafarers had to react as they are the key workers in this situation. The hard times they face when moving to Australia from USA had a great impact on the shipping industry. In addition, this has become a top priority issue. Also, the UN Secretary-General had to react and mark the seafarers as one of the most important ones. Any changeovers in this industry could safely take place. At the moment Australia is experiencing an outbreak of the Delta-variant of COVID. In addition, there are changes in the shipping crew but luckily there are ways to still make everything work. People in the industry are carefully planning and still managing to make things work.

Security measures for sea workers

No matter how hard the situation is worldwide, there are things that people working in this industry are doing to make things work. When it comes to sea transportation, luckily water does not transmit Covid.

But people can easily spread it when getting in contact with each other. For this reason, sea workers must take these safety measures like everybody else on the planet to protect themselves and their coworkers. To make international services work, the key point is crew changes. Now the maximum time a seafarer can spend on the ship is 11 months. It may happen that in some cases this period can extend a bit for various different reasons. Other measures that sea workers can take are the following:

  • face masks and shields
  • using hand-washers
  • social distancing
  • cleaning surfaces
  • self-isolation
  • eating healthy food and having a healthy lifestyle(exercising when possible, running, sound sleeping )
a mask and covid
People must take measures to protect from Covid when working

Packing and shipping and Covid 19

When it comes to working with clients who need sea transportation, there are additional measures that sea workers can take. Due to Covid, it has become difficult to meet clients face to face.

Normally, people who are moving like to be around on the moving spot as much as possible. In addition, customers pack their possessions and prepare them for the movers to come and pick things up. But with Covid breathing at our necks, many clients decide to use packing services for moving boxes overseas. Yes, this service is more expensive. But when you think about paying a little more and staying healthy, it is actually priceless. Nowadays, people decide to go for full packing services. Packers would arrive yo the home, office, or storage of a client. There they will bring all the packing materials, wrap things up with little or no contact at all.

The importance of designation of seafarers

First of all, the designation of a key worker is important as it can save by these Covid 19 restrictions. These changes of the sea workers can ensure that commercial ships can keep to carry on goods safely. Also, this can stop some interruptions during traveling. On 9 July 2020, 13 countries signed the agreement to use these sea changes. Among these countries is New Zealand as well. This county also marked seafarers as key workers. Therefore, moving to New Zealand from US reduced the risk of getting Coronavirus. Shipping and Covid 19 became bearable for those working in the industry. There are many protocols advice on joining as well as leaving a ship safely. These include requirements for shipping companies such as temperature taking, testing, keeping hygiene at a high level, etc. These rules must apply to all the people working in this field.

ocean freight
Packing and transportation over the ocean can be challenging

Protection of sea workers

Creating priority lists of workers that need immediate protection from Covid is very important for Governments all around the world. Although they are not in the health industry, seafarers are essential workers.  When they are packing large containers it cannot do just a single person. It needs two or more people to deal with loading containers on the ships. In addition, on cruisers, there are much more people, both customers, and personnel. It is important for a person to learn how to protect themself from Covid. Also, they should receive priority vaccination. This can keep the ongoing supply chains. Also changing the staff would be less dramatic. The economic crisis affects every industry. So dies it with the seafarers. But most importantly, they are a group of workers who cannot carry out their work remotely. They have to be there.

In today’s economy transport, especially the sea one plays a central role as the primary enabler of the flow of freight. Maritime transport with a volume of 80% of the flow has great importance in transportation. In addition, the maritime industry and tourism were among the first ones who suffered from Covid. Cases of COVID-19 among cruise ships passengers and crew members were constantly growing. However, seafarers managed to make shipping and Covid 19 work somehow. The safety measures both workers and passengers respected through time. They somehow managed to fight against the pandemic. In addition, people are giving their best to fight all the time and make things work.


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