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Moving to another country is exciting, but it’s also difficult. Then there is the question of when to move if you can even control that. Summer is the peak moving season. Most people move sometime between April and September. Perhaps they’re right. Or perhaps they haven’t thought about the benefits of moving in December. It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to carry a box filled with valuable crystal heirlooms down a slippery sidewalk in a freezing wind. However, moving in winter doesn’t have to be a storm of frustration. Our experts at Transparent International NYC have come up with a list of pros and cons of international moving in December.

International Moving in December

Sometimes you don’t have any control over when you will be moving. For example, if you’re starting a new job, and your new employer wants you in the office right after Christmas. Other times the moving date is up to you. Whatever the case with your upcoming relocation, consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving during the holidays. In case you can choose when to move, you’ll be able to decide if December is the right time for you. In case the date is set, it will help you prepare better for it and book an experienced and reliable moving company that offers international services.

Couple high-fiving and packing for international moving in December
International moving in December might be the best option for you.

Pros of Moving in December

Cheaper Housing and Storage

There may be fewer homes for sale or rent in winter, but the ones that can be found are usually less expensive. Of course, this applies to countries where the weather is cold in December. In such countries the demand is lower in winter, making landlords more willing to negotiate. Homes also sell for less once the busy buying season ends in September. Prices proceed to stay low through January and February.

In addition to low rent and affordable prices, storage units are cheaper to rent in December. Storage rental rates are cheaper in the winter months due to less occupancy.

Greater Availability

In winter, especially during the holiday season, moving companies’ schedules are usually wide open. Fewer people decide to move in December, so it is a great time to book a desirable slot. Moving companies’ rates decrease from late September to April. You will also have a wider selection of choices during the holiday season. Their schedules are lighter, so there’s often a possibility they can even fit you in on short notice.

Lower Moving Costs

As a consequence of greater availability, moving companies are more willing to drop their rates during the winter off-peak season. This could be the most convenient time for those moving to New Zealand from US, for example. If you are one of these people, you could probably book movers at a lower rate due to winter, but arrive at your destination in summer. That way, you can enjoy the nice weather while you unpack and settle in.

Fewer Distractions

The last thing you want to do is waste a month packing up your home during summer. Therefore, winter is a good time to get it over with so you can enjoy the benefits of nice weather when it counts.

Couple packing for a move
There are no distractions when it comes to packing in winter, it’s too cold outside.

Cons of International Moving in December

Bad Weather

This is by far the most notable impediment for most people. Snow, ice, extremely cold temperatures, and even a storm are the dangers of moving in the winter. You or your movers could slip and fall on ice and break some of your precious items. The freezing temperature can damage some of your belongings, as well as be uncomfortable for you. Roads could be closed because of ice or snow. There’s a higher risk for an accident in general.

Properly taking care of items in transport during winter means insulating them and not allowing the freezing air to get to them. Moving boxes overseas is best left to experienced international movers who know how to protect your belongings.

Fewer Options

Yes, movers rates are lower and they are more available in the winter, but there are also a lot fewer companies willing to move during this time. International moving in December presents quite a few challenges, even for professionals. Only the best of the best are capable to handle it without a hitch.

Missing the Holidays

Moving in December will take time away from your holidays. There’s even a risk that you miss them altogether. However, with very precise planning and professional assistance, you may be able to take the stress out of a holiday move.

Changing Schools

If your children go to school, relocating in December means interrupting their school year. They would have to change schools anyway since you are moving not just far away but to a new country. All of that will be hard on your children. Interrupting their school year may be taking it too far. Then again, children are resilient. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any choice and simply have to move at the end of the year. Just make sure you talk to your children, prepare them for moving abroad, and give them extra attention and love during the move, and after.

Children in a classroom
Moving with your child in the middle of the school year can be problematic.

How to Choose the Right Movers for International Moving in December

Moving overseas in the middle of winter is somewhat challenging, as you have probably gathered by now. You need to have a moving company you can trust and rely on during the entire process. Here’s what to consider when researching companies.

  1. Recommendations and reviews. Reach out to people who have used moving companies to inquire about their experience. If you don’t know anyone who can recommend movers, check online reviews.
  2. Experience with international moving in December. Don’t risk it and go with a newbie. Moving overseas takes time, you need your peace of mind.
  3. Customer care and excellent communication. Dependable movers care about their clients.
  4. Transparent prices. Be sure to ask about what is considered an additional fee. Vague answers are a red flag. Move on from companies that are completely transparent with their rates.

As we mentioned before, not every moving company can handle international moving in December. Therefore, it’s crucial that you hire one that has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to handle such a difficult task. With a company like that by your side, moving to another country will be a pleasant experience.

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