Is raising your kids in Luxembourg a good idea?

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    When we decide to move, especially long-distance, there are many things we need to think about. Why is this place good for living, what are the living costs? In addition, are there good job opportunities? Finally, if moving with children, we must consider additional points. For example, we need to learn if the place is safe for living, if the school system is good, etc. Certainly, it takes a lot of time that you need to spend on the research. As you are thinking about moving to Luxembourg, take your time to learn about this small European country. If you make a decision to relocate there, you will need to use international removals New York services. According to recent studies, Luxembourg is the 2nd European country to raise children. Sweden is still the first on the list. Therefore, in this article, read about raising your kids in Luxembourg.

     Luxembourg is generous to foreigners

    Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe. It has borders with Belgium, Germany, and France. This is a small but multicultural country. There are several languages that people speak here, but Luxembourgish is the official language of the country. In addition, French and German are used for different purposes. The country has a stable and high-income economy. This means that many people decide to move here with children and raise them. There is a good balance between working hours and the time you can spend with your family. Moving to Luxembourg from US is definitely a good choice on several different levels. In January 2019, the national population consisted of 602,005 individuals, 47,9 % were foreigners. There are Intercultural Mediators that can help families adjust after moving to Luxembourg. They can guide you through cultural integration. In addition, they can help you choose a good school for your children.

    buildings and Luxembourg letters
    Luxembourg has almost 50%, foreign residents

    Raising your kids in Luxembourg by good daycare and schooling

    One of the most important facts that will make a person move into a certain country is having good daycare and schools for your children. One interesting study says “Luxembourg shines as a great place for children to grow up healthy and safe”.

    Luxembourg has a big network of daycare centers and day nurseries. In addition, some of them offer even services in English. It is very important for working parents to know that somebody can take good care of their children. If this is already enough to convince you, hire international moving services to get you here. All children must go to school starting from the age of 4 to 16. In public schools children get a great education and learning French and German is a must. There is also an option for private schooling with teaching in English.

    Luxembourg is child-friendly

    Studies say that Luxembourg is very child-friendly and that here people ensure that children have a good time either living here or just visiting. All around the country you will find many activities and places that will make children happy.

    As this is a small country people usually stay in their towns and start their own families. To be devoted to your family is a top priority in Luxembourg. Still, as a foreigner, your children will need some time to adjust to the new environment and the way of living. Therefore, try to keep the same or similar routine you had in the US. In addition, take them to have some fun for example in the Luxembourg science center. Hiking is particularly popular here, so your whole family can go hiking. This way you will cope with the moving stress together. You will finally start enjoying life here.

    a woman raising kids in Luxembourg
    It is important to know that there is good schooling when raising your kids in Luxembourg

    Raising your kids in Luxembourg safely

    This is the smallest European country with around 560,000 inhabitants. There is also a great number of people living outside the country, but traveling to work every day. As almost half of the population are foreigners, coming from 170 different nations, one would think that the place is not so safe for living. On the contrary, this is one of the safest countries to raise a family in Europe. In addition, it is the 6th safest place according to the World Economic Forum. These facts can really reduce the stress of raising your kids in Luxembourg. It is important to mention that there is The School Reception Unit for Newly Arrived Children. This program helps children to adjust to the new school system. If some of the children already speak French or German they are ready for regular classes. For those who are not fluent, special classes are organized.

    What is there to do and see in Luxembourg?

    The Old City of Luxembourg is under UNESCO cultural heritage since 1994. This is a great destination for both tourists and residents. There are famous medieval castles and beautiful valleys, that produce some of the greatest wines in the world. There are numbers of activities to do with children here. Apart from visiting different castles such as Vianden castle, there is also a nice walk from the city center to Point Adolphe. For art lovers, you can visit the National Museum of Art and History. Also, there are numerous playgrounds where children can play after school or during weekends. In Jardin Des Papillons kids have had a lot of fun seeing different kinds of butterflies and other small animals. In the Family Fun Center, you can play together some bowling. There is also an aqua park in Beaufort that your children will definitely love.

    the city of Luxembourg
    You can have a lot of fun in Luxembourg with your children

    According to the all above information raising your kids in Luxembourg seems like a great idea. In a country with great economic stability, there are many opportunities to earn enough money and offer your children a great education. Then, your children will also have great chances to find jobs quickly in the field they like. In addition, they can also start their own families here. Also, your children can have the opportunity to speak at least four languages after they finish school. Luxembourg is the European historic heart and has many great places to visit. With all the above said, consider yourself a lucky person to live and raise your children here.

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