Is relocating to Denmark for you?

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Visiting Danmark with a US passport is easy. You just need to get a plane ticket and go visit this interesting EU country. However, if you intend to move in, the US passport will not grant you a stay permit. The thing is that not being an EU member, Americans are legally in the same position as any other non-EU citizen. So, in order to move and live in Denmark, you will need to get a work visa. Or to find some other modalities to remain in the country. You can also talk to international moving companies. They can help you with some of the paperwork that you need to move in. And, they can, of course, help you to easily relocate to your new country. But, before all, let’s see is relocating to Denmark for you?

Is relocating to Denmark for you?

There are many reasons to move to Denmark. Living in it, you can count on world-class healthcare services. Also, education is free and excellent. And nature is staggeringly beautiful. Besides, you will enjoy an excellent work-life balance. Danes are very strict with their working hours. Work begins at 8 and ends at 4 sharp. Besides, at most jobs, you will be granted six weeks of vacation a year. One more thing is usual. When you are off duty, you are not expected to be on call. Or answer emails. That is your time to rest, and you can’t be disturbed.

The Statue of the Little Mermaid on a Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark - Is moving to Denmark for you?
Try to find Is relocating to Denmark for you before moving in.

However, there is also another side to the medal. The process of getting a stay and work permit can be daunting. The other thing is paying very high taxes.  For example, Danes are paying about 45% income tax. And, the sales takes are about 25%. So, living in Denmark is not very cheap.

How you can move to live in Danmark?

There are basically three ways for US citizens to move to Denmark. They are:

  1. moving as a worker
  2. move in to study
  3. marrying a Dane

Moving to Denmark to get a job

Any Danish company intending to employ a non-EU citizen has to get permits from the Foreigners Directorate. Companies are usually willing to file a visa application for engineers, IT specialists, or medical workers. Or for anyone from the “deficit jobs list.”

To obtain a work visa, you will be asked to attach several documents, such as.

  • A written offer for work issued by a Danish company (not older than 30 days)
  • Diploma (or a qualification,  to prove your eligibility for the post)
  • A copy of the  valid US passport

With visa application, you will also have to submit your biometrics. So, you will have to submit your picture and fingerprints. But, to be accepted, they must be recorded by a Danish diplomatic mission abroad. So, moving to Denmark from US is not so easy. But, with some persistence and patience, you will succeed. And, here is one more piece of info to cheer you up. English is commonly spoken at work. Although, knowing Danish, at least some phrases, would be nice.


Old church facade near the square with people riding bicycles
A Lot of Danes are using bikes.

Moving to Danmark to study

Moving to study in Denmark can be a good start if you intend to remain in the country. Namely, getting a student visa is much easier. And, staying in the country for a semester or two will help you to decide if this is the right country for you. Besides, you will be able to get friends. And, to make connections that will later on help you with job hunting. You will also have an excellent opportunity to learn some language basics.

Mary a Dane as a reason to move

Well, here are some good and some not-so-good news. Namely, if you intend to marry a Dane, both of you must be older than 24 years. Also, the Dane partner must have its own accommodation, large enough for both of you. Also, the Dane partner must deposit about US$8000 with the government to prove that she or he is able to support you. One more thing is that, after you move your possessions with international relocation services, you will have six months to pass a Danish language test.

The good news is that Denmark is a child-friendly society. And, the Danish rules are color-blind and gender-blind. So, you won’t have a problem falling for the “wrong person.” However, keep in mind that Danish custody laws are very strict. In case of divorce, the child stays with a Dane parent.

Lifestyle and costs of living

We have already mentioned very high income and sales taxes. Let us now give a bit more info about taxes. In case you are living in your country and working in Denmark from time to time, you will qualify for limited tax liability. Once you moved to Danmark, you’d qualify for the full tax liability. Luckily, the high income is compensating for such high-income taxes. But, bear in mind that you will have a quite modest life. The average Danish family is dining in a restaurant once a month. Eating outside is simply too expensive.

Also, in case you have a bike, arrange with international moving crates to bring it safely to Danmark. In this flat country, most people are using bikes.


Man Having Dental Check-up
Denmark is known for its excellent healthcare system.

Danish Healthcare System

Living in Denmark, you will enjoy excellent healthcare. Like the rest of the Danes, you will have to get the health insurance card, known also as ‘the yellow health card’. Danish healthcare is also available to ex-pats.

The climate that you should expect in Denmark

Simply said, expect the cold winters and mild summers. Being surrounded by water, Danmark is known for its humidity. The rain and winds are very usual. Also, during the wintertime, the temperatures can easily drop, reaching 4°F. So, moving to Denmark, be ready to face cold, especially if you are coming from US southern states.

Living in Danmark

Knowing now the basic things, you will be able to answer the question – Is relocating to Denmark for you? So, you already know how, and under which conditions you can move to this interesting EU country. However, we are here to give information about living in Denmark. The more you know about your new country, the easier you will get adjusted to it.


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