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    Moving is more often than not an arduous task, especially when moving overseas. Do this, take care of that, all the while being on a very tight schedule. No wonder moving has such a bad rep. One part of moving is notorious for being hard and tiresome – packing. That is unless you can afford to hire international movers New York residents love and recommend, who also offer packing services. But if that is something you can’t afford to do and you’ll be relying on yourself to do all the work you’ll likely be very frustrated and tired by the end. Unfortunately, packing is not over when you seal all of the boxes, you also have to label moving boxes. Of course, there are better ways to do that than wait until the end to label all of the boxes at once. So today we’ll give you some tips on how you can make box labeling super simple which will certainly result in packing being much quicker and easier.

    Your future self will thank you for labeling moving boxes properly

    You may think that labeling boxes is not important. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. A label usually gives a lot of information to whoever is handling the box. A label saying “fragile” will instantly make the person handling the box handle it with more care and attention. And on top of that, knowing where what is, is also kind of handy. So don’t be lazy and label all your moving boxes.

    A couple unpacking moving boxes.
    If you label moving boxes well the unpacking process will be much easier!

    How to label moving boxes like a pro

    When you’re planning to relocate boxes, especially if you’re moving boxes overseas, it’s very important to label them for all sorts of reasons. Any label is better than no label unless a box is marked incorrectly. However, some ways of labeling boxes are simply better. Plus, they make packing significantly faster and easier.

    Go shopping for labeling supplies before you start packing

    Your whole packing process will be over sooner if you make sure to go shopping before you start packing. Of course, you have to make an estimation of what supplies you’ll need and in what amount first. And when you do so, make sure to put high-quality, smudge-proof markers on your shopping list of moving supplies as well. You might also want to throw some self-adhesive moving labels on there as well. Also, don’t be cheap! Your moving supplies should be able to outlast all of the harsh conditions that are likely to occur when on the journey from the USA to Spain.

    Label as you pack

    When professionals pack, they always label as they go. They absolutely don’t want to risk forgetting where what is or even mixing up the boxes. Because if that happens, you have to open one or more boxes, check what’s inside, reseal them, and only then label them. That’s why it’s advisable to label as you go. As soon as you close a box, label it. Doing so will save you the trouble of having to do the same work more than once. Plus, it will significantly decrease the likelihood of making a mistake.

    A person packing clothes in a moving box.
    It’s advisable to label each box immediately after packing it!

    Don’t seal a box before you label it

    We all have those moments when we do something absentmindedly and then when we snap out of it, we’re not really sure what we did. That can happen when you’ve been packing for a while as well. To avoid having to open a box you just packed to check what’s inside, it’s advisable to first label said box and only then close it. Of course, this is not a must. However, it can be very helpful, especially if you’re already tired and have been at it for a while.

    It’s important to make sure that the top is always facing up

    Just like some rules are set in stone when it comes to international car transportation, so are there some important rules regarding packing and labeling. And one of those rules is that each box should always be placed top-side up. That is important because the contents of some boxes shouldn’t be places upsidedown or sideways since they can get easily damaged. That’s why it’s good practice to keep all boxes in their original orientation. Because of that, you should always label boxes if they’re facing the right way. That will let both you and your movers know which side is up.

    More info is better than not enough info, but too much info is also not good

    When labeling a moving box it’s often not enough to simply write “fragile” or “kitchen” on it. Yes, that’s a great start, however, it’s better to be a bit more specific than that. For example, writing down a list of things that are in the box is a great way to ensure easy and quick unpacking. And on top of that, should you need something before or during the move, it’d be much easier to locate it. That said, being too specific and overly thorough with descriptions could potentially make it harder to read the labels. That’s why it’s best to give enough information, but not too much.

    A couple labeling boxes for a move.

    It’s not that hard to label moving boxes if you organize yourself properly

    Getting ready for moving from USA to Spain is by no means easy. However, you can make it much easier by switching up a few simple things. Of course, hiring great movers to help you move is necessary for an enjoyable international relocation. However, there’s a lot you can do to help yourself have a great moving experience. Researching tips on how to label moving boxes properly, for example, is a great but easily overlooked way of making things easier for yourself. Of course, just researching is not enough, you also have to implement what you’ve learned. Whatever you do, always remember that there’s likely an easier way to do something when it comes to moving, and labeling is a great example of that. Good luck!


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