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All moves are hard in some way. But, some are just more hard than others and you have to address them correctly. Moving with children is one of those moves. Even if you are moving local, you are in danger that something could go wrong. But if we add the international relocation to the equation, things get problematic. There are so many things that have to be done during this time. Obtaining certain documents is one of those things. There are many documents for children when moving abroad. You have to be careful and delicate in order to be successful. See the advice from an international moving expert and become an expert yourself!

Prepare documents for children when moving abroad!

International moves can get complicated in a matter of seconds and if you are not prepared, you are in a lot of trouble. The problem is that you are moving so far away and if you have forgotten something, that is too bad. It is very important for you to be responsible and handle this matter on time!

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Birth certificate
  • School records
  • Medical records


We are far away from traveling without passports around the globe. It is a nice goal but since it will take years to reach that point, we still have to use them. This is probably the most important document that you need to bring when moving abroad with your kids. It does not matter whether you are moving to France from USA or from Canada to Germany, the principle is the same. If your kids did not go abroad, you will have to get their passport and prepare it before the move. This is something that takes time. You must not wait until the last moment because you could end up delaying your entire move because of this mistake.

a passport - documents for children when moving abroad
Can’t move abroad without a passport!


This is a relative matter. What we mean is that it depends on the country are living in. Not all countries require a visa but everything depends on your own location. Also, it is very important where you are moving to. In order to handle this matter, you will have to inform yourself well about the laws and restrictions. Even if you are somewhat sure, it is still advisable to check again. You do not want to make a mistake here. If you make it, you can’t travel. Even if you have valid passports, you may stay at your country’s borders!

Birth certificate

When moving with kids abroad, you want to bring birth certificates too. It is extremely important because you are starting a new life in a new country. Every country has almost the same necessary information that you need to provide after the move. You probably already have this document in your possession but the problem is the many people place it somewhere and forget about it. Find it on time, before the moving day comes!

A birth certificate should always be with you!

School records

Among the documents for children when moving abroad are the school records. It is never easy to move in the middle of something. In this case, in the middle of your children’s school. It is a difficult time for them and you have to do everything to make the transitions as painless as possible. Of course, you should not expect that your child will adapt as soon as he or she starts going to the new school. You have to help your child adjust to the new environment. It is a hard job but it is necessary to do.

Medical records

Medical records should be a priority when moving abroad, even if your kids are completely healthy. It is even more important if your kids have or had any medical conditions. In order to get medical records of your children, you need to go to a doctor’s office and get them. It is just in case so that the doctors in the country you are moving to could know what was previously done, what medications were given etc. All of that is extremely important for handling a person’s health!

red cross
Medical records are very important when moving abroad

Get multiple copies of each document

It can easily happen that you lose a document. Even though the original ones are more important, it is still vital for you to have more than one so that you could present something if needed. You do not have always to use the originals. It would be wise to use copies where you can and protect your original ones. That is not always possible but it is still important that you make copies.

Be wise when moving abroad!

When moving with your children abroad, it is important for you to do everything just right. Besides obtaining all the documents that you need, you need to make sure that your relocation goes smoothly. It is important for you to check international moving companies NYC and pick the one that has the most experience. Reading moving reviews should help you to make this kind of decision. Everything depends on the moving company and you should know that before you try to do anything by yourself!

Besides picking the right company, you need to pick proper international services from them. It is not always easy to decide because you may think that you can do something on your own. Our advice is to let the movers take care of everything because only one little mistake can be enough for the entire move to go south!

Moving abroad with children is a delicate endeavor. It is something that you have to address right in order to be successful. That is why you need to take care of documents for children when moving abroad and make copies of them. Most of them are mandatory and you just can’t go without them. It would be a shame for the move to get complicated just because you did not pay enough attention to this matter. Be wise, look at the list and be sure to get all the documents before the moving day comes!

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