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In this day and age, it’s sometimes really hard to live the way you want. This is usually the case because most of us have a limited budget that keeps us from fulfilling plans. Especially now that most countries are experiencing an economic crisis. This certainly doesn’t mean that you need to give up on all your dreams and plans for the future. If one of them is moving to a new country – you need to know that it’s not impossible. Especially if you decide to hire international removal companies to help you with it. What you need to know is where to move. It should be a place where you won’t have to try to make ends meet every month. Therefore, we are going to talk about some of the most affordable places for a global relocation.

1. Australia

You might be surprised to hear that Australia is on this list of the most affordable places for global relocation. While it’s true that living in Australia is not considered cheap, what matter is your point of view. How so? The average cost of living with or without rent is not much different than those in the US or the UK for example. However, what makes it affordable is the high standard of living which provides high salaries for their residents. When discussing a matter like this, people often forget about this factor – which is actually crucial the more you think about it. 

flag of australia which is one of the most affordable places for a global relocation
Living in Australia is affordable because of its high standard of living and high salaries

Depending on what kind of lifestyle you’re aiming for, you’ll be spending about $600 – $2,200 on weekly basis. Obviously enough, spending $600 a week is the most affordable option. So how would you be able to live in Australia with that sum of money? One thing you need to pay attention to that might be a little bit different is that rent is quoted by the week. Therefore, the $600 includes your weekly rent as well.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to get a shared flat somewhere outside of Sydney and Melbourne, and pay for utilities, public transport, food, and entertainment. Last but not least, this sum of money also includes the cost of the broadband internet connection. More or less, this is everything you need for starting a new life in a new country, so why not look up some moving companies to Australia and see if their offers work for you?

You’re probably wondering what are the most affordable places in Australia to live in? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cairns
  • Sunshine Coast 
  • Perth 
  • Adelaide 

2. Austria is one of the most affordable places for a global relocation

Similar to Australia, living in Austria is only expensive if you make it so. Therefore, let’s see what affordable living in this country includes. 

Probably something that will gobble up your monthly earnings is the rent, but then again, it’s the biggest living expense no matter where you live. However, it all depends on what part of Austria you want to move to. It’s not necessary to pay high rent prices in Vienna and Innsbruck when you can move to some beautiful smaller cities like Graz and Klagenfurt, just take a look at these overseas moving services and decide what works best for you. Obviously enough, rent is not the only living expense, so let’s take a look at how much the residents of Austria pay for their utilities, education, healthcare, etc.

a group of houses near a mountain in belgium which is an affordable place for a global relocation
If you want to live comfortably in Austria, moving to cities like Graz Klagenfurt and is a great option


In Austria, the size of the home is used to determine utility costs rather than the number of resources used. For instance, electricity costs Austrian households on average of 20 EUR (21 USD) every month. Prices for the internet depend on the provider and speed but typically range from 9 to 83 EUR (10 to 91 USD). Generally speaking, internet costs increase with speed.

In Austria, the majority of homes pay an average of 19 EUR (20 USD) per GJ for natural gas. Households typically use 20 to 200 GJ of natural gas annually. Usually, they pay water bills along with those for sewage, land tax, and waste removal. This charge will also include fees for building insurance, management, and repairs. Residents usually pay about 1.80 and 3.50 EUR (2 to 3.90 USD) every month on average. 


Nearly 90% of Austrian kids attend public schools, which are all completely free. This is probably the best part of moving from USA to Austria with your family. Whether you already have a family or plan on starting one someday, it’s great news. On the other hand, tuition for private secondary schools can range from about 35,000 EUR (38,550 USD) for schools that require attendance from Monday to Friday, to as much as 55,000 EUR (60,600 USD) for boarding schools. 


About 45% of Austria’s overall healthcare expenses are covered by social security. 18.12% of your salary is deducted from your income if you work a full- or part-time job and make at least 438 EUR/488 USD every month. The other half will be paid for by your company. Nearly all Austrians (99%) are covered by public health insurance.

3. Belgium

While living in Belgium is not the cheapest option, keep in mind that greater living expenses also mean higher living standards. According to the OECD, Belgium is actually among the top 15 nations in the world when it comes to the standard of living. Due to Belgium’s extensive social security system, income disparity is far less of a problem than it is in several other countries, which is another reason why you should consider moving from USA to Belgium. And what about groceries and transportation in Belgium? Let’s take a look. 

landscape photography of a high rise building
Belgium is one of the rare affordable places with a high standard of living


The cheapest choice when it comes to food is to shop at the grocery store and prepare meals at home. You would typically spend roughly 300 EUR(311USD) each month on groceries. Lidl, Aldi, and Colruyt are a few of Belgium’s most affordable supermarkets where you can find anything you need.


Another thing that makes Belgium one of the most affordable places for a global relocation is affordable public transport. For example, if you are a student moving to Belgium for your studies, a monthly public transportation pass will cost you about EUR 50(51 USD). On some days when you don’t feel like waiting for the bus or being on an overcrowded train, you can rent a bicycle. It’s a good alternative transportation option that can also improve your overall health. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise, take in some fresh air, and get familiar with the new environment. 

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