Most common packing mistakes to avoid when moving to Spain

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If you decided to move to Spain, consider yourself to be a lucky person. This is a beautiful European country with great living opportunities. This country has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a huge art legacy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more US citizens choose Spain for their new homeland. Studies show that around 7% of the US population moves to Spain. Although the idea of moving here is great, it is certainly not easy to organize a move here. Long-distance moves are always complicated. For this reason, hiring international movers New York is crucial for this action. Especially if this is your first time moving abroad. The chances that you will make many packing mistakes are great. Luckily, there are some tips that you can apply and learn which packing mistakes to avoid.  In this article, learn some packing advice for a successful move.

a car in front of a house
Packing a car for a long-distance move is a pretty hard task

Packing mistakes to avoid when transporting your car

One of the most expensive items that you possess is your car. Therefore, it is very important to prepare and pack this item for international relocation. We recommend that you do not try to transport the car on your own. It can cost you a lot of time and money if you choose this option. Why? The answer is very simple. International car transportation is the job of professional packers and movers. First of all, you do not have the necessary packing materials for the safe packing of your car. If not properly packed for this long transportation, your car may undergo severe damages on the way to your new home. With years of transporting experience, they will make sure to transport your vehicle safely. In addition, you can book car insurance as a part of your moving contract if any damage occurs.

Get the right packing material

Another very important task regarding packing mistakes to avoid is obtaining the right packing materials. Since this is long-distance travel, try to get wise and environment-friendly packing crates. This is important for several different reasons.

First of all, you need sustainable packing materials. These materials can last longer and sustain the weight of the items you plan to relocate. In addition, when moving boxes overseas, they need to sustain different weather conditions. Humidity, coldness, or great heat if moving during summer can damage your possessions. In addition, you can also book packing services with your movers. Especially when it comes to packing large furniture or home appliances. Your movers will safely wrap your items and prepare them for transportation. Some of the ‘green packing materials’ to use are the following:

  • bioplastic tubes for storing the items
  • biodegradable moving boxes
  • peanuts wrapping material
  • metal containers
a couple packing boxes
Obtain the right packing materials

Other packing mistakes to avoid such as overpacking

People easily fall into a trap to pack too many things when moving abroad. This can cause more moving stress and it can affect your moving budget. The first thing to consider is the size of your new Spanish home. Aks the previous owner or a real-state agent to send you a video of the new space. This way you will have a clear image of the rooms and the available space in your new home. Moving from USA to Spain would be much easier if you know exactly what to pack for the move. Try to apply a one-year rule when packing. That means going through each and every room and start checking all of the items. If you did not use some items for a year, there is no point in packing that. You will not use it in Spain either. This is waste of time and money.

Packing order

After decluttering your old home, try to separate those items from those you plan to pack first. Now you will have several piles of unwanted possessions which you need to take care of. In addition, it may happen that for some items which are still good and can be used in the future, you can have a temporary storage solution. Some of these items could be your piano or a pool table. Ask your movers to pack and transport those items to a storage unit. Now you can have more space and less to worry about and you can start packing your home. Before this activity starts, get enough moving boxes, packing tape, different kinds of wraps, scissors, and labels. Put the packing material in every room. Then start wrapping your possessions and put them in boxes. Use labels for all the boxes to know exactly where your items are.

a mum and daughter packing
One of the packing mistakes to avoid is not labeling the moving boxes

Junk removal

When packing is finally over, there will be loads of unwanted items left behind. And you will need to somehow dispose of them. It would be a huge mistake to pack those items and transport them to Spain hoping to get rid of them there. Some of these somebody else can still use. In that case, consider donating them to either your friends or to certain organizations for the people in need. For the damaged, broken pieces consider alternative ways of disposal. First, try to separate wooden items from plastic, glass, or paper. This will take a bit more of your time. Then tag the piles and take them to the local recycling company. In addition, ask if they can come to pick up your waste. This way you will safely dispose of the items and recycling them is a great way of downsizing the trash on our planet.

When trying to organize a long-distance move, there are many common mistakes people make while packing. Luckily, there are some general rules to follow and apply and packing mistakes to avoid. It is necessary to give yourself enough time to separate the items you want to pack. On the other hand, there will be an unnecessary load that you need to dispose of. Obtain smart packing materials to ensure safe transportation of your goods. Alternatively, let the professionals handle packing for you, while you can dedicate yourself to other moving preparations. This way you will make moving easier and even fun!

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