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Ah, Australia! A country of kangaroos and koalas and the sixth-largest country in the world. Medieval geographers called this continent an unknown southern country, hence the name Australia. The first Europeans to reach Australia were the Portuguese and the Spaniards in the late 16th century. So if you are moving to Australia from USA, today we give you the most Instagrammable places in Australia! Let’s start.

Here are the most Instagrammable places in Australia

When we talk about the most Instagrammable places in Australia, this is just our personal preference. As we give international moving services we try not to have one favorite place in Australia. So here is our choice in no particular order.

Surfing - Most Instagrammable Places in Australia
Looking for most Instagrammable places in Australia? Lets us help.


People who search for international removal companies usually move to Sydney. As the largest and oldest city in Australia, it has many great Instagram spots. One of them is its beautiful port where you can see and visit the famous Sydney Opera House. Or the Sydney Harbor Bridge which is located close to the opera. The Sydney Opera House is one of the busiest concert halls in the world and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia with more than seven million visitors a year. The best time to visit this beautiful city is New Year’s Eve. Then you can enjoy the spectacular fireworks, and one of the largest and most beautiful New Year’s celebrations in the world.


If you’re planning a household move to Melbourne, you’re in luck. Aside from its beauty, Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and a major industrial and commercial center. The most beautiful Instagram sights of this city include the Parliament, the State Library, the City Assembly, and many others. A modern attraction is also street art, which was created by drawing graffiti during the seventies.

The Great Ocean Road

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Australia. This road is 250 km long and stretches along the southern coast of Australia. If you are searching for the perfect Instagram spot, on this road you can see some of the stone formations of Port Campbell’s National Park. And here you can find the formation of the “Twelve Apostles”. The best time for this type of tour is spring or the beginning of autumn when the landscape is at its most beautiful.

a man standing in nature after moving to New Zealand
The beautiful scenery of Australia will attract anyone who wants to take Instagram photos.

Fraser Island

This island, 200 kilometers north of Brisbane, is the largest sandy island in the world. Sand has accumulated here for about 750,000 years on a volcanic substrate. Unlike many sand dunes, this island is rich in diverse vegetation. This island was included in the world heritage in 1992 so you can basically take photos anywhere.

Kakadu National Park

This is the largest national park in Australia. It was named after the mispronunciation of the name for the Aboriginal language Gagadju, which is spoken by the natives in the northern part of the park. Besides being super Instagramable, a park is an ideal place for those who want to learn more about Aboriginal culture. Here are some of the oldest and largest collections of petroglyphs in the world. Kakadu National Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Australia and Oceania in 1981 due to its unique flora, fauna, and cultural values.


The hill and the largest stone monolith in the world are located 450 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs. Uluru is a massif formed by the accumulation of sand and the movement of tectonic plates of the earth. It is located in the Uluru National Park area and it’s a perfect Instagram spot. For Aboriginal people, this ancient red rock has always been a sacred and mystical place. They believe that the space below Uluru is hollow and that in that void are the spirits of their ancestors. Today, this massif has become a national symbol of all Australians.


Barossa is one of the main regions for wine production in Australia. It has a very interesting history, reflected in the story of three cities in this area: Tanunda, Angaston, and Nuriutpi. Tanunda was a town created by the arrival of German immigrants in 1840. Angaston, on the other hand, is a typically English town. The creation of the third city, Nuriotpe, was influenced equally by the Germans and the English, and as such is considered the most picturesque. So if you want your feed to be full of Australian vineyards, this is the place to go. Viticulture is the main occupation and means of income here. If you come in April, you can join a wine festival here, which includes: carnival, band performances, dancing and a lot of food and drinks.

Sheep going around the field
Barossa is one of the main regions for wine production in Australia.

Purnululu National Park

National Park is located on the Kimberley Plateau. It has 24,000 square kilometers and an average altitude of up to 578 meters. It is also home to the Bangl Bangl Mountains, which consist of quartz sedimentary rocks from Devon that the natives of Kia called Purnululu (“sand rock”). Again, the perfect spot for your photos.


An island in the extreme south of Australia. It got its name after the “Island of Inspiration” because of its natural, untouched beauty. You can see many natural wonders on this island. Some of them include the pillars known as the ‘Organ Pipes’ on Wellington Hill, as well as many rare quartz rocks. Tasmania is a predominantly mountainous region, and its highest mountain is Mont Osa. The rest of Tasmania is wood, and you can find the Tasmanian devil in its forests. But be careful, this fast animal can bite.

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