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Everyone has a dream location they want to move to someday. For many Americans, that place is located somewhere in Europe. If you are one of them, why not start planning your move to Europe already? After all, moving is the most exciting part of life, especially if you move with an international moving company New York. Europe is a beautiful continent with many amazing cities to move to, so you may not be sure which one to choose. That’s why we are here to tell you something about most moved to European cities and make it easier for you to decide.

Berlin, Germany

There are many outdoor areas in Berlin where you may enjoy the sun in the summer, and there are also several museums and Christmas markets to explore in the winter. The locals are friendly and would greatly appreciate it if you tried to speak a little German. Despite this, many expatriates find it simpler to settle in Berlin because English is a commonly spoken language there. Even so, international relocation services providers suggest that learning the local vocabulary will make adjusting to your new life easier.

a photo of the brandenburg gate in berlin which is one of the most moved to european cities
Berlin is one of the most moved to European cities

Public transport in Berlin

Berlin has one of the most reliable public transport networks in entire Europe. If you are someone who doesn’t have a license or just doesn’t like driving in general – this will come in handy after moving from USA to Germany. You won’t have to worry about your bus being late because Germans are very punctual. There are more public transport options in Berling like:

  • U-Bahn
  • S-Bahn
  • Trains
  • Trams

The amazing job market

Berlin’s unemployment rate was slashed in half between 2005 and 2018, and it presently stands at 8%. There are 2,500 start-ups in Berlin, and 500 new businesses are founded there every year, according to Business Location Center, a website that provides information about launching a business in Germany. Berlin is a hub for creativity and innovation, so you can easily find a place to fit in there. Together with 700 businesses, the manufacturing sector employs more than 100,000 people. In addition, these businesses collaborate with the city’s start-ups to keep them up to date with technology.

It is very affordable to live in

Berlin has a lower cost of living than most other cities in Europe. It was ranked as the 81st most expensive city to live in by the Mercer Cost of Living Study. There are around 209 different cities around the world on this list. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that living there is more than affordable.  For example, according to the report, Frankfurt and Munich are the cities that are way more expensive to live in than Berlin itself. In addition, housing is considerably less expensive than in most large cities in Europe. In Berlin, a one-bedroom apartment will typically cost you around $607.

a man counting banknotes
Unlike Munich or Frankfurt, Berlin is surprisingly affordable to live in

London, United Kingdom

Everyone is familiar with London. The UK center is renowned for its lush gardens, double-decker buses, and stunning architecture. With about London’s 8.8 million residents having been born overseas, it is also one of the most diverse cities in terms of culture. It’s hardly surprising that many people decide on moving to the UK from USA. There are many career prospects, delicious food, and endless entertainment options. Undoubtedly, London has a spirit that is challenging to ignore.

Variety of cultures

As we’ve mentioned before, London is pretty diverse when it comes to other cultures. In fact, there are over 300 different languages spoken by people in London who come from different parts of the world. Why is this such a big advantage that makes London one of the most moved to European cities? Learning about different cultures is always fun and helps you understand how they work. The people you meet and become friends with will teach you a lot – small bits of their language, how to make different food from their culture, and much more. 

Beautiful neighborhoods

You’re likely to find a location to live in London that you’ll adore and that fits your needs and lifestyle, from Camden to Croydon. Whatever your everyday routine is and what you like to do, you’ll be able to find any neighborhood in London.  In addition, you can basically visit other countries without ever leaving the city. For example, you can go to Little Venice if you want to feel like you’re in Italy. It might not be as sunny, but there are still plenty of real Italian eateries there. 

a dog on a concrete road in Lodon which is among the most moved to european cities
You can easily fit into London’s neighborhoods because there is something for everyone

Barcelona, Spain

One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, Barcelona will make you feel right at home. The so-called Ciudad Condal has established a cosmopolitan setting in recent years where innovation and tradition coexist together. The streets of this city also exhibit its integrative mindset making it one of the most moved to European cities.

A good place for start-ups and those in the tech industry 

There are many multinational businesses in Barcelona as a result of the city’s multiculturalism. Particularly, a lot of tech businesses have established offices in Barcelona due to the city’s strategic location, reliable public transportation, low startup costs, and excellent talent. Moreover, Barcelona’s attractions draw start-up businesses as well as large corporations which is why many people decide on moving from USA to Spain. In fact, Barcelona is swiftly becoming the startup capital of Europe. This city has a high density of startups, therefore to accommodate them, the 22@ project has turned Pobleneu, a formerly industrial district, into a cutting-edge digital and innovation hub. 

Ideal for both beaches and mountains fans

Barcelona’s stunning beaches are always just a short distance away thanks to its ideal seaside location. Barcelona is home to a huge number of wonderfully unique beaches, including Barceloneta Beach, along its 100 miles of breathtaking coastline. This beach, which has a stretch of seafood restaurants and tapas diners, may be Barcelona’s most well-known and active beach.

Would you like a beach with a mountain view? Barcelona makes it simple to achieve that! Visit the nearby Montserrat national park by hiking there or using the train to see the stunning multi-peak mountain range. A beautiful option for hiking is Montseny mountain, and Park del Garraf offers breathtaking scenery for long walks or bike rides.

One of the safest cities in the world

Barcelona is one of the safest cities in the world! In fact, it is ranked 11th on this list. This is why it’s pretty easy to find a safe neighborhood in Barcelona. Therefore, if you’re moving there with your family, there is nothing to worry about. While there is mostly no major crime happening in Barcelona, something to watch out for is pickpocketing. Barcelona is a popular tourist destination, so it’s only logical. 

a man next to a woman holding a baby
Barcelona is one of the safest cities and one of the most moved to European cities

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is located near the southernmost point of Portugal’s Atlantic coastline. Apart from Reykjavik in Iceland, there are no other significant European cities this far west. Moving to Lisbon is a very popular decision among foreigners and Portuguese nationals due to the city’s prominence as the country’s (almost) unrivaled cultural and economic powerhouse, making it the region with the highest population density.

Warm and pleasant weather

One of the best things about living in Portugal is the climate, which is milder than most other European nations. We have excellent news if the chilly climate in Europe is one of your concerns and something that stops you from moving there. The majority of the Portuguese territory experiences wintertime temperatures far above 4°C, particularly in the southern part of the nation, where you can expect highs of 20°C. So whenever you plan on moving boxes overseas to Portugal, you’ll have ideal weather conditions.

Perfect balance between urban lifestyle and nature

Portugal is a country that offers the ideal balance between city life and nature, with a lot of natural attractions to offer! Living in urban areas like Lisbon and Porto has several benefits, including easier access to public transportation, the health system, and educational opportunities. But, nature is always nearby and offers stunning, unspoiled locations to explore. Moving to Portugal from US sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

a white boat near the coast in lisbon which is one of the most moved to european cities
Lisbon always offers the perfect balance between the business of a bustling city and a calm relaxing nature

Easy access to other cities in Portugal and the rest of the world

Access to the rest of the nation and the rest of the world is effortless when you live in Lisbon. In addition to its advantageous location in the heart of Portugal, this city offers some of the nation’s best highways and rail connections. You may go to any country on the globe thanks to its international airport. There is a substantial network of accessible and inexpensive urban transportation networks throughout the city and its metropolitan area.

Oslo, Norway 

Expats in Oslo enjoy a bustling metropolis thanks to the islands in the Oslofjord and the surrounding forests and mountains. Oslo serves as the cultural, commercial, and financial hub of Norway. Oslo does indeed have a lot to offer to both its inhabitants and its foreign residents. Yet, to properly enjoy your expat life in Oslo, you need more than just a stunning city and stunning fjords for moving to Norway from USA. And there is no doubt that this city can offer you everything that you need. 

Ideal for coffee lovers

The sophisticated coffee enthusiasts are drawn to Oslo. Locals are so fascinated with coffee alchemy that the city has emerged as the unofficial birthplace of the light roast, a method that creates flavors that are particularly complex and delicate. There are many interesting cafes you can visit in Oslo, like United Bakeries, Fragrance of the Heart, and Liebling. Every single place that serves coffee does so with much love and you’ll surely enjoy it!

Great working balance

In Norway, five weeks of vacation time per year are both required and the bare minimum. After hearing this, Oslo immediately seems like a relatively decent place to live and work. Especially when you consider the number of public holidays and the 7.5-hour workdays. Because of the strong emphasis on family values in Norway, companies are also generally understanding of absences caused by illness or childcare. Here in Oslo, you shouldn’t be expected to work on the weekends or late into the evenings because your spare time is just yours and you deserve to use it as you like. In this country, Sundays are incredibly peaceful days. You won’t find many stores, eateries, or even public transportation running on Sundays.

a group of colleagues sitting around the table and shaking hands
The ideal working system and balance in Oslo will make you enjoy your job even more

You’ll have no problem finding a job or scheduling appointments

Anything from finding a place to live to scheduling an appointment with a doctor will be quite simple and involve little paperwork. Due to the fact that there are still unmet needs in a wide range of industries and services, starting a small business or working freelance in Oslo is very simple. In other words, a lack of skilled locals has led to a very diversified workforce in the nation. Oil, shipping, technology, and education are all industries in Oslo that employ a sizable number of foreign workers.

Bern, Switzerland

The charming city of Bern, located in the heart of the country, is a well-liked destination for expats moving from USA to Switzerland and one of the most moved to European cities. Visitors and residents can’t help but fall in love with it since it skillfully combines the magnificence of a European metropolis with the warmth of a small city.

Rich culture and history

Bern offers culture enthusiasts a lot. Walking around the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is located by the river Aare, one may learn about the city’s lengthy, rich history, which dates back to 1191. Notable features include the centuries-old magnificent clock tower and miles and miles of arcaded walkways. The magnificent cathedral and its tower, which provides amazing views of the city, the Gurten Mountain, and the Bernese Mountains, stand out in the old town. The Botanical Garden, Bear Park, and Paul Klee Center are popular destinations outside of the city. The Paul Klee Center is a striking structure that houses the biggest collection of artists’ works as well as temporary exhibitions by modern artists.

Cost of living in Bern

Although it has a rural atmosphere, Bern is not likely to be the cheapest location you’ve ever lived in. This is because Switzerland is notorious for having a rather high cost of living. Yet, it is easily accessible from both Zurich and Geneva and is notably less expensive which makes it one of the most moved to European cities. A respectable selection of housing options is available in Bern as well as the surrounding metropolitan area. A good local public transportation system also makes it simple to get around, helping you take advantage of lower prices outside of town.

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